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Facebook Jails Aussie Student For WHAT!!

Heard of “Facebook Jail” ? I know my readers/listeners have, if the jail was real half of my facebook friends would be ex – cons. Well, things took a turn for the worst the other day when a conservative Australian campaign was banned and the owner was sent straight to the naughty corner…     […]

4 Year Old “Sexists” To Be Targeted By Vic Government!

Have you seen a headline like that before? No you haven’t, unless you went to school in the Soviet Union. Never have I seen such ridiculous proposals by a state government, and of course it had to be coming from Victoria, after all look at who’s in charge over there.    In a “crusade against […]

WikiLeaks Reveals Two – Faced Shorten!

Two – faced is an understatement. Bill Shorten, poster boy for the socialist movement we are seeing here in Australia. He has been a quiet contender for the last decade, staying out of the lime light, slowly plotting his climb to the top of the ladder, but do we truly know everything about Shorten? I […]

Facebook Jails Aussie Student For WHAT!!




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