The Truth Behind the Manchester Bomber

The Truth Behind the Manchester Bomber

British police have confirmed the name of the suicide bomber, that murdered 22 people on Monday night in Manchester. The pathetic grub was identified as 22-year-old Salman Abedi, born in Manchester to Libyan refugee parents.

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According to the New York Times Abedi’s family frequently flew a Libyan flag outside the window, while a school friend told The Daily Mail, Abedi had recently grown a beard and was “acting strange.” Reportedly also praying loudly in the streets. When investigating further South Manchester has a large Muslim population, often gathered in high density areas, segregated by habit and choice…furthermore exposing the risk lack of assimilation can bring.


And to add to this…


Fallowfield (the suburb in Manchester Abedi lived), according to the 2011 census data, has a 20% Muslim population. Nearby areas such as Rusholme and Longsight boast Muslim populations of 37.9% and 53.8% consecutively. What is going on in these communities, are they a hot spot for radicalisation…of course they are and although people are realising this, those in power are ignoring it!

This isn’t a Muslim hate piece, some of the first people to house the injured were Muslims, and their have been quite of few out there who have spoken out against these extremists (including the local imam who said he always questioned Abedi’s motives, judging by the 22 year olds reaction to his anti ISIS speech) BUT the first step to solving a problem is identifying the issue.

8 year old, Saffie Roussos, one of the younger children who died in the attack.


How are we letting these attacks happen over and over again and doing absolutely NOTHING to put a stop to it…the law of averages doesn’t allow for recurring mistakes unless;

  1. It’s left unsolved on purpose
  2. The people running the country are absolute idiots

I personally believe it’s a mixture of both…

This is where it get’s interesting, according to the Guardian family friend to Abedi claimed 24-year-old Abdalraouf Abdallah who was jailed for nine years after being convicted of funding terrorism and preparing acts of terrorism was an acquaintance of Abedi. Abdallah had helped numerous men travel to Syria to fight in the civil war. As shocking as it is that this was not picked up by agencies both within the UK and abroad, what’s even more shocking is that friends and those close to Abedi knew of this and did nothing to warn officials…this comes back to the point of assimilation issues.

The wacky leftie trendies despite all that’s going on still choose to turn a blind eye to the facts. Labour Party candidate Afzal Khan, hours before the Manchester bombing reportedly told reporters “I don’t think immigration is a problem…it has transferred Manchester into a world class city” …no Afzal it transferred Manchester into world wide news. What will it take for us to take a stand against these cowardly politicians and public figures…when will they realize the protection of their country is far more important that their social standings amongst the elite. Instead the brainwashed public still show more anger towards those that label the attackers for what they are, than to the attackers themselves.


Don’t believe me? Look at the reaction to presenter Katie Hopkins tweet…


Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 8.31.36 PM


This attack was the deadliest in Britain since the London transport bombings that killed 52 in 2005, carried out by four British Muslims. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this simply will not stop until something is done to solve the problem. As long as the left push their agenda, the elite ignore the people and those in power make no changes our children will never be safe. These children did not deserve to die, it was not their time to go…and right now there are parents burying their young, beautiful children because a pig decided he could play god for a night.



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