Who Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich?

Who Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich?

In the early morning of July 10 2016, 27-year-old DNC staffer (Democratic National Committee) Seth Rich was murdered in cold blood, with two gunshots to the back. Found laying in the streets of Washington DC, Seth was taken to hospital where later that night he passed away. Nearly one year later the DC police concluded that Seth had fell victim to a “botched robbery” and dropped the case all together.

Something didn’t seem right…someone so close to the campaign, a renowned advocate for voter rights, a computer programmer, an employee of the committee (DNC) that were exposed in one of the biggest WikiLeaks email dumps in history had mysteriously died in an attempted “botched” robbery. As such I’ve decided to take an unbiased look into the facts surrounding the case and from these facts make an informed decision as to who I believe murdered Seth Rich. Each point I provide and argument I present will be backed by evidence and sourced material from credible outlets and information houses.




Let’s take it back to the beginning…what was Seth’s particular role within the DNC. Seth was the voter expansion data director for the democrats, this role as listed on the democrats.org/internship-departments website is explained as “Conducting research and writings about…election administration issues…and state compliance with federal election laws.” Now we all are familiar with the 2016 DNC email leak by WikiLeaks which exposed Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DNC Chairperson) as a corrupt politician who worked tirelessly at undermining the Bernie Sanders campaign in favour of Hillary Clinton despite her legal obligation of remaining neutral. Her crimes included that of;


  • Spreading rumours about the Bernie campaign,


  • Conspiring with DNC CEO and CFO to plot atheist questions for Bernie prior to the West Virginia Primary


  • And finally in another email Schultz is quoted saying “Bernie is not going to be president.”


All in all, planning to destroy the Sanders campaign…now back to Seth, someone who as Data Director would of been heavily involved in all these aspects of the campiagn surrounding the DNC leak. Too add fuel to fire in the picture below you can see the passion WikiLeaks has when wanting to find out more information surrounding the DNC staffers murder;



The theories grew more and with this so did the facts, in addition to the WikiLeaks information reward, Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman stated he would personally offer $100,000 (eventually grew to $175,000) to anyone that brought forward unannounced information. This was the highest ever reward offered for a Washington DC murder case ever.

Why were these men so interested in finding more information?

Let’s take a look into the DC investigation that took place, the DC police began investigating straight away, offering nothing more then the customary award of $25,000 for any information pertaining to the murder. It is also documented that the DC police have not and WILL NOT release any investigation findings about the weapon used, as well as the autopsy reports…Also in recent breaking news Detective Rod Wheeler (Fox News Presenter) on the Hannity Show, said the following;

“Here’s one other thing that is going to be startling […] I’m just gonna say this right now. I reached out to the police department way back in March when the family first hired me right… to get involved. I didn’t hear anything from the police department for 2-3 days. Guess what I learned yesterday from the family of Seth Rich? The police department did not call me back because someone, a high-ranking official at the DNC — check this out — a high-ranking official at the DNC — when I called the police department, they got that information and called the Rich family wanting to know, why was I snooping around?”


 Also according to Wheeler, a “very credible” federal investigator involved on the inside revealed to him that he had seen Rich’s computer and case file for himself and that Rich had, in fact, been emailing Wikileaks… 

Clintons campaign manager and suspected occultist/creep John Podesta is also linked to the murder in quite an indirect way, when analysing his leaked emails in the other WikiLeaks dump you may remember this particular email;



Who was he referring too, how was he going to make an “example” out of the leaker, and who in their right mind makes examples of anyone when they have no basis for doing so…

All these points are great, but the thing that really sticks out to me is the backlash of the MSM (Mainstream Media). If you search Seth Rich in Google, you will notice the top twenty results under news all relate to CNN, MSNBC, Media Matters, Huffington Post and other articles attempting to debunk any “right – wing conspiracy theories.” Let me tell you something these liberal leftie trendy freaks have been labelling the truth as conspiracy for over 100 years, in their attempts to be “sophisticated.”

But little do they understand that the more backlash garbage we see them spit, the more the people wake up…what are we to think when twitter starts locking news accounts based on what they write, don’t believe me? Look below;

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 8.22.13 PM

It’s all being seen you socialist sympathisers, we know the game you’re playing and we’re playing much better than you are. The reason we’re winning is because our cause of truth is a lot easier to fight for. But hey, we really appreciate how the democratic party mourned the loss of Seth, the DNC Chairperson wrote a tweet, Hillary used him in an anti gun speech and best of all they put up a plaque and a bike rack in his memory…classy.


The Loud Libertarian

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