London is being Destroyed…When Will We Wake Up

London is being Destroyed…When Will We Wake Up

Another night another terrorist attack, the people hide in fear, screams can be heard from each corner of the city, citizens have been killed, numerous people in critical care. Once more one of the most civilised places on earth looks like a war zone.


The attacks so far have been, stabbings near the Borough Market (an area known for its restaurants and bars) where allegedly 20 people have been taken into hospital, a bystander who called into LBC said “I saw a girl being stabbed right through the chest.” Following this, scenes at the London Bridge saw a van driving at 50 miles per hour ramming to 5 – 6 civilians seriously injuring them all. At approximately 1 am the Metropolitan Police tweeted, “The incidents at #LondonBridge & #BoroughMarkets were declared as terrorist attacks.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 12.57.04 PM.png
Image of one of the attackers on the floor, at the Borough Markets…

A burning rage filed me instantly as soon as I heard news of this, how much longer will we simply do NOTHING about this situation. These are sick people that we are letting into our country, not all of them, but enough to worry about how and when we let them in. There NEEDS to be a full investigation into certain parts of these countries, and hot spots of terrorism, just a week ago I published an article outlining the hints the Manchester bomber gave before the horrific act he committed…I explained the areas that are most likely to radicalise these young men. Yet I hear no news of anything being done.


I have to say seeing Sam Dastyari (Who is in England at the moment helping with another labour politicians campaign) post this on twitter a few hours before the attack is irony in it’s greatest form;


Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 12.30.47 PM.png
When he’s not taking illegal donations, he’s sucking up to another globalist…


Standing next to the infamous Mayor of London Sadiq Khan who was quoted saying “Terrorist attacks are just a part of living in a major city.” Says who? The elite? Left – wing Loonies? People who do not value freedom and life? These attacks are NOT part of living in a major city, they are a part of the absolute bullshit you call the European Union, you want to see what globalisation can do? Just take a good look at what used to be some of the beautiful countries on earth, Paris and London.


I’m just going to go ahead and say it, if you truly believe our governments around the world think that the best solution to all this is tolerance and a candle – lit vigil a day after each attack, then you are truly an idiot. The politicians on the left (not all but those who are truly in control) get excited after these sort o attacks…why? An excuse to edge that bit closer to total control over the population.


Much in the same way 9/11 brought about some of the most intrusive laws western society had ever seen (NSA’s prism, counter – terrorist laws, USA PATRIOT Act, US Customs & Homeland Security Policy changes and of course the FISA amendments), continual attacks on our soil with no appropriate reforms on immigration policy WILL LEAD TO SOME OF THE BIGGEST ATTACKS ON OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES EVER KNOWN. In the near future we may even see martial law, a true destruction of our freedoms.


Martial Law, isn’t far away…stay vigilante


So what is the solution? We have two choices, a complete ban on all refugees from high risk countries, or extreme and prolonged vetting of refugees coming in. Is it too much to ask for refugees who share the same values of the country they are entering…to ensure these refugees aren’t radicalised extremists? It doesn’t stop here either, unfortunately the radicalised may be home – grown, as shown when exploring hot spots in a variety of major cities, hence why there needs to be a massive effort into enforcing/ensuring assimilation into Western culture. Gone are the days we can simply ignore that radical preacher, ignore supporters of radical Islam, ignore the growing threat our governments place on us through their lack of (purposeful or not) insight and planning.


We the people know exactly what is going on, we are waking up slowly but surely to your divide and conquer tactics that the elite have used…from the French revolution to the American Civil war. The globalists are worried now, their plans are going to hell, and you can be sure that more attacks like these will continue until they get what they want. Stay vigilante, stay awake, expose them at every hurdle.


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