Investigation Reveals China’s Communist Party…Is Controlling Australian Politics

Investigation Reveals China’s Communist Party…Is Controlling Australian Politics


Wow. Simply wow. I am angry at myself, I must admit, angry that I am so surprised at the level of corruption our two main political parties have been a part of. In a groundbreaking investigation led by ASIO, the heads of the ALP and Liberal party have been officially warned of the communist guided interests associated with their largest donors.


ASIO has reportedly briefed Prime Minister Turnbull, Tony Abbott and opposition leader Bill Shorten. This is where it gets worrying, the secret briefings were delivered by ASIO director Duncan Lewis back in 2015. Did the politicians change their ways? No. Both parties continued to take donations from these men and their associates, the Coalition taking $897,960 and Labor taking $200,000.


Two well – known Chinese businessmen, Huang Xiangamo and Chau Chak Wing, along with their associates have reportedly made around $6.7 million worth of Australian political donations. According to ABC News, sources have confirmed Huang and Chau have “deep but opaque ties with the Communist Party of China.”



Huang and Turnbull celebrate the new year together…

As such the Australian intelligence agency has affirmed their belief that these attempts from the Chinese Communist Party to exert its influence in Australia pose a direct threat to our nations sovereignty and citizens liberties. They are 100% correct in believing so, it is absolutely flabbergasting to think that the totalitarian one – party state in China is making waves in our political system. Internet censorship, restricted opinions, ban on anti – government talk, undying loyalty to the state, authoritarian surveillance, and a state – run press are just some of the many things that come with communist influence from China.


To make things simpler, here at the loud libertarian we have broken down just how the donations of Huang and Chau (plus associates) have made way into the offices of MP’s and PM’s alike, with assertions to the influence the funds had;


  • $200,000 donations to the W.A. Liberals (Office of Julie Bishop)


  • $100,000 to Andrew Robb (trade minister Libs) – Who cemented the free trade agreement between China and Australia.


  • $880,000 consultancy fee given too again…Andrew Robb by Chinese billionaire Ye Cheng. (Ye Cheng is a member of the national Chinese people’s political consultative committee, a body that President Xi Jinping himself ahs claimed “upholds the Communist Chinese Party’s leadership without wavering.”)


  • $700,000 to the liberals before the 2013 election that Tony Abbott won.


  • Legal fees paid for by Huang to Senator Sam Dastyari


  • $400,000 which was promised to the ALP but then withheld because of Senator Conroy’s decision to express his concern about Chinas militarization of the South Chinese Sea. The following day, like the good little boy Dastyari is, he stood with Huang at a press conference and stated that the South Chinas Sea was Chinas concern and no one else’s à One later since the $400,000 was still with held, the ALP invited Huang to a press conference where there it was announced Simon Zhou (Huang’s political ally) was on ALP’s senate ticket.



Going deeper into the investigations as shown by 4 Corners reporting, Huang is also the president of the Australian arm of a Chinese Communist Party – aligned lobbying organization…The Council for the Promotion of the Peaceful Reunification of China.


Huang claims that the ACPPRC was “an autonomous, non – government organization,” not affiliated with the Communist Part of China. 4 Corners also spoke with students of Chinese groups at Australian universities, during the interview the head of the society claimed that the group was always reporting to the Chinese Embassy for the “safety of the students.” What does that mean exactly? Your guess is as good as mine.


Speaking of students, Queensland university student Tony Chang (As shown on the 4 corners documentary) discussed the threatening procedures the Chinese Communist Party actioned noticing his anti – communist stance in Australia. According to Mr. Chang his parents were interrogated and questioned, and that he was detained for a number of hours upon entering back into Australia from China.

Tony Chang, anti – communist student…

On Monday it was reported by Fairfax that Australian – Chinese socialite Sheri Yan, was being probed by ASIO, over allegations she was involved in foreign interference and INFLUENCE operations on behalf of the Communist Party. The raids conducted came up with highly classified documents that were stored in her place of occupancy. Yan is currently serving a 20 – month prison sentence for bribing UN official Mr. Ashe, the funds which came from Dr. Chau Chak were used to get Ashe to speak at the businessman’s’ luxurious resort, irrespective of the illegality of paying UN officials speaking fees.


The resort has also hosted the likes of Kevin Rudd and John Howard, who although have not been dragged into this yet I am almost certain have their finger in the pie. I can’t help but worry about the danger our acceptance of foreign donations has in Australia, and the threat it poses to our sovereignty and liberty. I am calling all those who agree to vice their opinion by sharing this article and spreading the word of the corruptness that drowns our government. We are a free people, and we do not wish to follow the path of China into a totalitarian society.


Happy little dumpling…I mean vegemite Kevin Rudd with Huang


And if our politicians truly believe that the Communist Party of China does not expect and demand reciprocation from it’s wealthiest citizens through means of influence, then we are truly managed by a bunch of idiots/scum.


To top things off for tonight, I want to bring the attention of our readers to one fact about last nights unfolding of this story…as soon as 4 corners released the documentary, and mainstream media started to pick up on it…a terrorist attack unfolded in Melbourne by a “known” terror suspect who allegedly ripped off his ankle bracelet…coincidence or distraction…just a thought.


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