Antifa Attacks Bolt, So We Embarrass Antifa

Antifa Attacks Bolt, So We Embarrass Antifa

Shocking new footage released today shows political commentator and known conservative Andrew Bolt being assaulted by two cowardly thugs from the renowned group “Antifa”. Andrew Bolt has stated that this shows exactly how intolerant Melbourne has become towards a conservative, or anyone with opposing views of the left.


Andrew Bolt, attacked by the cowards outside the store…


The video was posted on social media the next morning, showing hooded men approaching Bolt from behind. One of them throws a substance at his head, starting the brawl whilst the other joins in the attack shortly after. Andrew Bolt not giving in to the cowards stands up fists in protection mode before defending himself by launching connecting punches on the head of one of the attackers.


The attackers like the cowards they are back off slowly before scurrying at the site of another male approaching. The assault took place on Tuesday at the launch of The Art of the Impossible, a book on Donald Trump and the 2016 US presidential election campaign by RMIT associate professor Steve Kates.


Sworn enemies of the Australian patriot…


The Melbourne “Antifa” group, a collection of left – wing cowards, who only act in groups and heavily masked, appeared to be claim responsibility for the attack, taking to social media and writing, “Some of our family were attacked by Andrew Bolt while they were protesting today.” The group is known and recorded trying ever – so – hard to stop the spread of opposing views people might have, especially those that question the motives of the left – wingers. Often seen at Trump rallies trying to disturb the peace, pepper spraying 16-year-old female trump fans and mastering the act of the cowardly sucker punch.


Antifa pepper – spraying 16 year old Trump Supporter Kiara Frobles


The Antifa cowards can regularly be seen on the streets, smashing store fronts and setting things on fire. Not a new group by any stretch of the imagination, but rather one that were active in trying to combat the anti – globalisation protests of the late 1990s and early 2000’s.


On February 1, Antifa set fires and stormed the buildings at the University of California – Berkley, in an attempt to silence British right – wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. They succeeded. The following April, threats were aimed at Ann Coulter who also wished to speak…consequently the college canned the idea stating “there was no secure location for her to speak.” I would love to see the masks of these goons be ripped off, my imagination paints them as a pack of deformed beta males and females, who have never succeeded in life so have dedicated themselves to the globalist elite as faithful slaves.


Dedicated to the global elites…that’s not too far from the truth. What if I told you that the group is funded by the biggest globalist creep of them all…George Soros. It’s true and here’s the connection. The Alliance for Global Justice, an organization heavily funded by the Tides Foundation (George Soros backed – charity) gave $50,000 to help fund the radical – left group…which used the funds as part of the effort to shut down Milo’s speech. In fact, the the groups funders are also sponsors of the “refuse fascism” group, an infamous pro communist organization. A bunch of sell – swords who will align their views with the highest bidder. COWARDS.




It’s extremely funny to see the backlash antics are experiencing around the world…just the other day parody group Beverly Hills antics mocked the cowards by chanting “Soros pay us what you owe.” See below ;


Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 8.46.09 PM.png
American Antifa chanting Soros owes them money ! hahaha


So what happens from here? Do we continue to let these cowards attack and get away with it, politicians on the left all over the world agreeing with their motives and actions? Imagine these spineless cowards met a real red blooded Australian face – to – face, there would be two sounds, a fist hitting them and them hitting the floor. They are a group of domestic terrorists, and as such should be treated accordingly…in fact the the groups funders are also sponsors of the refuse fascism group, a renowned pro communist organization.



I want to personally tip my hat to Andrew Bolt who even as a senior man stood up to these cowards and landed a beauty on one of their chins. Goes to show which side the real men are on. Antifa back off, before you hurt yourself.


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