James Comey’s Hearing Backfires, Leaving The Left Destroyed

James Comey’s Hearing Backfires, Leaving The Left Destroyed

Boy are they disappointed…who? The mainstream media, left-wing Democrats, and “Never Trump” Republicans who all excitedly hoped for weeks that former FBI director James Comey’s testimony on Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee would be the beginning of the end of President Donald Trump’s presidency.


To break down the two-and-a-half-hour testimony we at theloudlibertarian.com have highlighted the top five revelations;


Trump was not under investigation;

Senator Marco Rubio did a great job of getting this out of Comey, when the senator asked the following;

“We keep talking about this cloud, you perceive the cloud to be the Russia investigation in general, but the specific ask [from Trump] was that you would tell the American people what you had already told him, what you had already told the leaders of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, that he was not personally under investigation,” Rubio asked.

“Yes sir,” Comey replied.


Rubio interrogates Comey, Comey sings like a bird…


James Comey leaked documents to the media;

Comey straight out admitted that he orchestrates leaks from the investigation to the media, doing so by utilizing a “network of friends” within the media. The former FBI director revealed to the committee that he leaked his memos to a Columbia University professor, directing his friend to then leak it to the media in the hope that the hysteria would prompt a ‘special counsel’ (when the state/federal government employs a lawyer to assist the attorney general in an investigation) for the Russia investigation.


The obstruction of justice case against Trump is completely flawed;

Senator James Risch questioned Comey early in the hearing about the possibility of obstruction of justice regarding the investigation of General Michael Flynn (the movement that wanted to prosecute Trump for trying to stop Flynn being investigated). Risch repeatedly questioned Comey about the exact wording used by President Trump to him in private, which Comey recorded in his much discussed memo, the memo which claims Trump wanted to interfere illegally.

The exchange much to the disappointment of the left had hopes of impeachment for obstruction of justice considerably destroyed:

Comey: I mean, it’s the President of the United States with me alone, saying, “I hope this.” I took it as this is what he wants me to do. I didn’t obey that, but that’s the way I took it.


Risch: You may have taken it as a direction, but that’s not what he said.


Comey: Correct.


Risch: He said, “I hope.”


Comey: Those are exact words, correct.


Risch: You don’t know of anyone that’s been charged for hoping something?


Comey: I don’t, as I sit here.


Risch: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Thank you Mr. Comey, don’t quit your day job…oh wait too late.


Trump fans were ecstatic when news broke that Comey was out…


Comey admits The New York Times is fake news;

James Comey sang like a bird when Senator Risch questioning the infamous NYT article about collusion between Russia and Trump. The Senator said the following;

Risch: “So the American people can understand this, that report by the New York Times was not true, is that a fair statement?”


Comey: “It was not true,” Comey said. “Again, all of you know this, maybe the American people don’t. The challenge — I’m not picking on reporters about writing stories about classified information… [the challenge is] that people talking about it often don’t really now what’s going on and those of us who actually know what’s going on are not talking about it.”


Well this is awkward….


Loretta Lynch (Obamas Attorney General) meddled in the Clinton investigation;

Comey delivered the goods again when discussing the involvement of Obamas AG during the investigation of Clinton. The former director of the FBI stated that Lynch odd requests, one of which was when the “Attorney General directed me not to call it an investigation, but instead call it a matter, which concerned and confused me,” Comey said.


Comey also stated that the infamous tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and the Attorney General (When the two stayed back in the plane to discuss the investigation into Hillary, a complete spit in the face of justice), prompted him not to make a statement when it was then coincidently decided that the FBI would not be prosecuting Clinton.


Former attorney general, Obama administration…Loretta Lynch who famously had an hour long meeting with Bill Clinton at the Tarmac during the Clinton investigation….


All in all, these stunning revelations delivered a deafening blow to the #trumpresistance, again the media hype surrounding the investigation was deflated within the first half hour. The NYT, CNN, CNBC, CBS all struggling to pull the facts together and make a case against Trump however to the fellow right – leaning libertarian it was a thing of beauty.


Now that the majority of allegations against Trump have been put to rest, we now sit back and wait for Trumps response, rumours of tapes being leaked of the conversations between the two have been mentioned on the POTUS twitter. Will these tapes tarnish the credibility of Comey even further? I know where I’m placing my bets. Subscribe today as we will be releasing more information regarding the story and notifying our subscribers straight away!
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