When Sydney University Had It’s Berkley Moment…

When Sydney University Had It’s Berkley Moment…


It is the film that divided Australia, the red pill, a documentary by Cassie Jaye a former feminist, which highlights and explores the issues facing feminism and means rights. The ‘Red Pill’ documentary is in reference to the Matrix film, more specifically when Neo is offered the red pill so that he may escape blissful ignorance for the truth. In this context however it is about the activism of men’s rights, and the face that these days’ men’s lives are in fact valued less than women’s… a truth that is often drowned by the sound of neo – feminists screeching.


The successful red pill documentary that explores the rights of men…


Too often we see the latest feminist movements be more about hating men then about truly elevating women. Former feminist (of ten years) Cassie Jaye saw this to be the case and therefore felt more inclined to ditch the movement all together after seeing what it had become. Something nears to be clarified here, being a champion for men’s rights is not the same as being a protestor of gender equality, the two are mutually exclusive and just as important as each other…a truth that a few Sydney university groups find hard to comprehend.


Yes…Australia did have it’s own Berkley incident this year, and yes it did involve the documentary the Red Pill and I truly believe this should be known to the public because the mainstream media sure as hell won’t show an opposing view to the left. At around May this year, two student groups, the young conservatives and students for liberty had organised a screening of the Red Pill…at the same time surprise surprise the fascist free Usyd and Socialist Alternative Club had organised a protest against it.


What’s the common point between socialism and capitalism? The 20$ Che Guevara shirt


Outside the auditorium where the film was being played you could here the screeching of the extreme left – wing societies chanting “Goodnight Alt – Right” a phrase commonly heard at Antifa rallies (more on Antifa here). According to student insiders at the Uni the plan was too actually storm the auditorium and force the screening to be shut – down…typical, god forbid an opposing view to the left has a platform in this day and age.


And then it happened…


Sydney University had it’s Berkley College moment (Berkley is where Antifa stopped the speech of Milo Y – a conservative provocateur) …a month out from the screening the University of Sydney Union announces that it had decided to disallow the use of it’s funds or resources for the screening after receiving a “number of complaints.” The statement from the union word for word was, “the film is discriminatory against women, and has the capacity to intimidate and physically threaten women on campus.” Yes, you read that correctly, a film about the rights of men is a physical threat to women.


The night Berkley forgot free speech was a thing…


Men should be allowed to be men, I don’t care if in the eyes of the left being too “manly” is intimidating…it seems that these days the more feminine you act the more accepted you are and although I would fight anyone who condoned domestic violence, sought in – equality in pay or even dismissed problems associated with the rights of women…I sure as hell would never cop criticism for being a man. Good luck to those who feel more inclined to the feminine side of life, I wish you no harm or struggle…but don’t for a second think that we all have to follow suit.


The University of Sydney Union should be absolutely disgusted in the way they silenced the views of their own students, the loud libertarian shared a similar situation when men were told to speak less like men and Melbourne University starting running a work class on how to be less manly and more feminine for all their students. What is going on? Have our universities become so left – wing that we adopt that of a socialist country and truly believe there is only allowed to be one view and one opinion amongst the people…democracy and our western values were built on the butting of heads and intelligent debate, not silencing your opponent using force and law.


The story really gets interesting when it was revealed that the organiser of the screening Renee Gorman had actually invited those who opposed the screening to “come along” watch it all the way and then at the end have a proper debate about the issues…unexpectedly (not) the socialist and anti – fascists (who are more fascist – like than anyone) started hurling insults at her like sexist and bigot and then proceeded to tear down any advertising about the screening.


Modern day feminists…


Feminism ain’t what it used to be, where once the movement was truly uplifting for women, it is no more. Sadly like most equality movements these days, it is used as a political tool by the elite to censor how we feel and speak even more, producing thought police at an increasing rate, and subsequently “thought criminals.”




To the radical lefties at Uni, both professors and students alike, a message to you…you will not change man, you will not instruct how we think, you will respect diversity of opinion and you will never, ever infringe on our right to free speech…no matter how hard you try.  There is a movement growing her in Australia, and it took a while but it’s here, and it won’t let up until it has preserved the values this country was built on, theloudlibertarian.com will voice the opinions that aren’t heard at every opportunity we can so support us today and subscribe for free.



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2 thoughts on “When Sydney University Had It’s Berkley Moment…

  1. Not the first time Socialists from Sydney University have trampled freedom of speech. Back in June last year, Nick Folkes (Party for Freedom) was due to present at the Open Forum in Chippendale. The Brownshirts left threatening letters and obstructed the venue. Even the alternate venue was obstructed and picketed. Members of what was supposed to be the audience were branded Nazis, including one who is Jewish, whose name the ferals knew (rather Jewish name at that), whose parents went through the Holocaust! I do not think they had this one correct about the Nazism of at least one of the audience. With brainless activities like this, one wonders how do they pass their exams? Can they tie their shoelaces? Do they still wear nappies?

    As it is an offence under Section 28 of the Crimes Act to use intimidation or violence to inhibit someone from performing their political duty, I doubt any would be studying law (or passing.) 3 years in the slammer is the penalty for breaching Section 28.

    In internet banter after the event, it became apparent the ferals were well aware of the quote-“I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”, but WHY do they go flagrantly against something they claim to agree with?? Selective freedom of speech. Seems like these ferals, who just parrot what their handlers say think that ONLY their view is valid.

    Next time the Red Pill is due to be screened is at Event cinemas, George St , Sydney on 21 June 6.30pm. I suspect the ferals will try to crush freedom of speech again. Be there for support. Be there to see what pathetic examples of humanity these ferals are. Film them-pretend you are visiting the zoo.

    1. Was un – aware, will definitely head down on the 21st with the team, more for a show of support of free speech than anything else.

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