Privately Messaging On – Line? Guess Again…

Privately Messaging On – Line? Guess Again…

Ok so your Facebook messages, WhatsApp, telegram, Snapchat, twitter, and all other social media channels that you use may very well be “purposely” accessible via a ‘backdoor’ in the software as a way to combat terrorism in the very near future…You read that right, no it’s not our immigration policy, no it’s not our parole laws, no it’s not how lenient we are with proclaimed terrorists and ISIS sympathisers that we let wander our streets freely, no it’s not the fact that we let free a convicted terrorist conspirator which resulted in the murder of a man and the trauma of a woman. No in fact it is all because Big Brother (The Australian Government) doesn’t have the power to see everything you write and do on social media.




Turnbull is now seeking changes to the law to allow authorities to decrypt communications, Senator Brandis as part of the effort is rallying up cooperation from device makers like Apple, Facebook and Google. So far they are stating that such interference would only be conducted under a warrant, however this is most likely to be done in extremely secretive ways, similar to that of the FISA court in the USA.


Not to mention that warrants could be issue against anyone that is deemed an “extremist” not necessarily linked to radical Islam. If there is one thing we have learnt in 2016 it’s that most left – wing politicians and pundits consider anyone with conservative views an extremist, making this law extremely dangerous for people who have un popular views, or vies that oppose the cultural elite.


Now in alignment with above this is what Senator Brandis had to say in relations to the possible change in laws, the quote is in reference to the access and the upcoming five eyes (the alliance meeting between five countries one of them Australia that works on the spying of one another’s citizens and sharing collected information), “The point at which a power is only exercised under warrant as opposed to a power that resides without the requirement for a warrant in law enforcement and intelligence will always be a part of this discussion and that’s one of the issues that will be on the table at Five Eyes in Ottawa in a fortnight’s time.”


The alliance that Edward Snowden once said, “doesn’t answer to the laws of its own countries.”


No way in hell are we going to let this happen Brandis…


These encrypted messages the government want access to, let’s discuss them further and I will attempt to explain why this is so controversial. Encryption is a method of preventing data from being accessed by third parties. Most websites use encryption to protect its users, this ranges from email providers to messaging apps. To put it simply, encryption protects our privacy, and the government wants to have a ‘backdoor’ which will act as an access point to the data.


Besides the obvious attack on our civil liberties, and an addition to the rise of a Big Brother government privacy and civil liberties advocates have warned that moves to decrypt communications would simply push terrorists onto other technology platforms whilst having negative consequences for financial transactions, online commerce, and security of personal data.


But please don’t worry, Senator Brandis knows best, he knows how much us younger generation folk love to have our liberty traded in for security, here’s what he had to say on the matter, “In the Facebook generation, where people are putting more of their own personal data out there, I think there is an entirely different attitude to privacy amongst young people than there was a generation or two ago” the Senator said. What an absolutely idiotic statement, the difference is Senator we CHOOSE what we share on our Facebook, what is done in private is by CHOICE hidden from public view, not for your  hands to search through.



Senator Brandis, won’t be happy till your data is the Governments !


Following suit, the socialist left, who dream of a monitored population under the control of the state had Labor frontbencher Ed Husic say, “It’s striking balance, I think the public is willing, more open to the notion that if we have to sacrifice some our liberties to protect ourselves, we are willing to do it.” The MP literally stated exactly what every free Australian does NOT WANT. If we start to trade in liberty for security then it’s a slippery slope to an Orwellian society, so don’t speak on behalf of us all Senator, speak on behalf of the trendy lefties you represent who love being controlled.


Where does the buck stop? Why in the world is the solution the government has come up with to combat terrorism, a solution that intrudes on their own citizens’ freedoms…suspicious? You should be. This was so predictable, the government makes the problem with lax laws and failed policy and solves the problem with strict laws on the victims. We’ve seen this over and over again and we cannot sit idle and let these people tread on us.


Organisations like anonymous have been instrumental in protesting changes to privacy laws…


Here at we have decided to take matters into our own hands and start a petition to stop changes to these laws, so that the government can focus on the ACTUAL reasons we are seeing an increase in terrorism in our country. Access the petition and sign up here. Once you’ve signed the petition don’t forget to subscribe and we will make sure you are alerted as to when your signature makes a difference to our freedoms here at home.



The Loud Libertarian.



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