Abbott Picks Shorten Over Turnbull  To Win In Next Election !

Abbott Picks Shorten Over Turnbull To Win In Next Election !

 In a not – so – shocking turn of events former PM Tony Abbott has rated Bill Shorten favourite to win the next federal election. All the while absolutely tearing to shreds the Liberal Party in NSW for apparently trying to stop ordinary people becoming members.

Lets analyse that, because it is simply so true, the Liberal party has absolutely forgotten about the silent majority, with Peta Credlin earlier this year writing, ” Their near universal view is that the government isn’t focused on the issues that matter to ordinary people, life is getting too expensive, they’re worried about where the country is headed, they’re sick of the talk and want to see decisions made and implemented.”


Credlin and Abbott once colleagues…


Barely disguising his attitude towards Malcolm Turnbull, Mr Abbott said yesterday the British election result in which the Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Party performed much better than expected showed how voters punished complacent conservative governments. However I want to believe that the Australian population isn’t stupid enough to turn towards the ALP. 


Socialist and Theres May’s biggest challenge…Jeremy Corbyn


Abbott went on to claim the Liberal party in NSW was an “insiders’ club” run by factional bosses whose attempts to manipulate seat preselections and control of the state executive would lead to many untrusting people saying “to hell with the Libs, we can go elsewhere”.

“When you are complacent and overconfident you normally get punished, and that’s exactly what’s happened,” he said.

“So I’m disappointed for Britain and the world because I think they need a strong Conservative government right now.” he continued.

Now I definitely did not agree with Abbott on a lot of things, but this is definitely true, our largest conservative party hast turned towards the left more than ever under Turnbull, and the conservative values that we need right now are being affected the most. Everyday australians are having to look to alternatives, lets just hope that doesn’t mean a Shorten – led government.

Asked further about parallels with Australia, Mr Abbott said people should never underestimate Mr Shorten as ALP leader because he was a capable ­politician…capable he is, right ? He is not. 

“There should be no doubt, as things stand, Bill Shorten would have to be the favourite to win the next election.” – Tony Abbott

“This is why it is so important that good people and strong parties are at the top of their game.”

With the NSW Liberals set to hold a constitutional convention to consider party reforms, Mr ­Abbott attacked party bosses for trying to “freeze out” ordinary members by charging a $150 ­attendance fee in addition to annual membership dues, that is absolutely ridiculous, and quite frankly arrogant above everything else. 




Abbott said the state party’s governing council had a vested interest in maintaining control, but the party should be handed back to its membership and democratised by allowing one-person, one-vote. This is a very dangerous situation, a party that once stood for civil liberties, small government, less spending, the voice of ordinary Australians is steadfastly becoming another echo chamber for elite socialists. 

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