George Soros Has Officially Dipped His Hands into Australian Politics!

George Soros Has Officially Dipped His Hands into Australian Politics!

In light of recent controversy surrounding the exposing of communist China’s influence and foreign donations aimed at our government, here at we have decided to look into the political landscape further, and completely analyse the wonderful world of our dodgy and flawed political system, at the end of this article you will realise, there is a whole lot more to the donations received by our two largest parties, and although it may not come into the form of a paper bag (Sorry Sam) the influence is as strong as any.


George Soros, billionaire, radical leftist, hater of sovereignty lover or world government. This man is the epitome of everything right – wing and libertarians hate. The hedge – fund manager boasts constantly of his “influence” in world – wide politics, and actually once referred to himself as a “god” in an interview, going on to say, “I admit that I have always harboured an exaggerated view of my self importance…I fancied myself as some kind of God.”


Soros has a spider web of influence…starting with Madden and Heimans…


For hundreds of years a selection of the super rich has always tried to move towards a world – government, abolishing national sovereignty and instilling socialist policies and influence on countries, all in the name of maintain their control and wealth, whilst destroying any potential competition. After all, instead of controlling a whole party, under a socialist dictatorship the group needs only to control one person. Now with Soros’ constant advocacy of “open – borders”, support for the IMF and desire for all nations to be subject to international law, this man is NO EXCEPTION.


Now to start things off we need to rewind back to 2005, the republican party had just won the election, Soros and other like – minded multi – millionaires met together in Scottsdale Arizona to examine why a conservative politician had won…because as you know it is the duty of the uber – rich to analyse how ordinary people think and act. Out of this meeting according to the Spectator AU, at least 80 wealthy individuals pledged 1 million dollars or more each in an effort to fund a network of left – wing advocacy groups world – wide.


Donor to most well – known radical left groups…


The same month, out of this meeting came about the “Purpose Campaigns” founded by Jeremy Heimans and David Madden, from this business the two men registered the Get Up! Organisation, an “independent organisation” which according to a trove of leaked documents as highlighted by The Spectator, has received the following funds from Soros backed activist organisations;


Avaaz (U.S. – Open Borders Society) – $195,618


Campact (Germany) – $42,961


Purpose (U.S. – Open Borders Society) – $39,060


Coming to a total of $275,000 worth of foreign donations to a group that is looking to put a total ban on foreign donations…. the hypocrisy is dizzying.




Their website claims they are independent, driven by values, not politics. However, in just over a week the “activist” group has raised $200,000 in a bid to rid the marginal Brisbane seat of Dickson from immigration minister Peter Dutton. So this “independent” group receiving funds from foreign donors and radical lefties like Soros are influencing our elections?


It get’s worse…when the group according to The Daily Telegraph, actually boasted that it had “pursued a strategy of targeting the right – wing of the Coalition who block action on global warming, renewable energy, and funding for schools and hospitals.” In fact in 2007 the AEC actually warned Get Up! because the how – to – vote website they created was “misleading and deceptive”, mainly because it always recommended voting against coalition candidates. Sounds real independent to me…


The totally independent group…Get Up! – get fucked


This group is not fighting for activists, this group is simply attempting to destroy the political right and anyone with conservative views will be seen as an obstacle and destroyed by their army of trendy hipsters and “viral videos.” It doesn’t stop there, more recently the puppet cult od George Soros, (who by the way is being banned by Canada and Hungry as we speak) has begin to attack new conservative leader Cory Bernadi’s “Australian Conservative Party”. Claiming Cory’s “policies hurt people” and that Get Up! has a group of “1 million members who proved they can take on the far right and win.” The excerpt goes on to say “we’re going to counter and frustrate Bernardi’s agenda…we’ll counter his 50,000 followers with 1 million passionate Get Up! members.”


Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.17.11 PM
Excerpt from the Get Up! website…planning to take down Bernardi



Now here is why this is dangerous, the Australian Electoral Commission does not treat Get Up! as an arm of the Labor party. Even though quite obviously it does everything in it’s power to ensure their victories. Unlike other associates, Get Up! (not an associated entity apparently) therefore is NOT required to disclose all donations…meaning we will never know who really is attempting to influence the Australian people, unless articles like this one expose from the little we can see in leaked documents.


Why is it that the AEC expects less of this group than other politically aligned bodies? It’s worrying to think that such deception can take part in our political landscape, and not have to respect the rules of the playground when doing so. This leaves the doors right open to other radical left – wing groups who seek to influence Australian policy from home or abroad in the name of the elite’s interests. Next time you see this group on the streets, see them for what they really are…a political tool, nothing more.

We will continue to look into this, and most likely discuss it in our next podcast coming up…you heard me right the loud libertarian now has it’s own podcast, click here to have a listen...also we thrive on knowing we have an audience out there listening…the left is getting smart with their online groups, so we’ve decided to make our subscription free, subscribe here today to show your support for the conservative libertarians in Australia.



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15 thoughts on “George Soros Has Officially Dipped His Hands into Australian Politics!

  1. He’s been in our country via GetUP! since at least 2007 federal election and before that but that was when I became aware. Get Up claim to be independent – that is total BS – they are out to destroy our country and it is about time something was done to choke them out of the equation. They are traitors to this country.

    1. Sure are, it’s safe to say they are now political more than ever and should therefore be treated accordingly !

  2. George Soros is nothing more than a greedy insane old man who likes to show how he has more than anyone. He gained his wealth through inheritance and would not know a days work if he fell over it. He has no idea on how the world is and how the people of Australia want our Nation to be. He is not wanted here, has no right to be here and definitely has no right to pass an opinion about how Australia should be. He should be taken out by a sniper to make the world a much better place. George, you are a waste of time!

    1. Soros made his money in Hungary during WWII by hunting down Jewish people hiding from or escaping the one way trip to Nazi death camps. He seized their property in return. The evil Nazis loved has been said that he facilitated the sale of gold extracted from Jews and other persecuted minorities through the bank for international settlements in Basel Switzerland.
      What a bastard product of an infected womb!

  3. Perhaps its this left versus right attitude that is the underlying issue…the focus should be on stopping anyone trying to influence political outcomes to their advantage. No matter what part of the political spectrum they come from.

  4. I believe he’s been been around in oz a bit longer via gun control australia. They’re an influential anti gun lobby group.

  5. Well that creep can undip his hands out of my country. Anyone who is a friend of crooked Hillary and her cronies, sure ain’t a friend of mine.

  6. Many of our politicians are Zionists, like Soros and funded by him.

    Apparently the Rhodes scholarships are given to intelligent men who approve of globalism. They are then indoctrinated during their studies.

    And sent back to our countries to fuck us over.

    Rhodes scholarships are funded by Zionists.

    1. Well Cecil Rhodes who started the scholarship is known as the father of the globalist movement, infact his own secretary was quoted saying “Cecil imagined a Cecil Rhodes World government.” He went on to fund the round table who’s sole aim is to move towards world government and has branches such as the council of foreign relations in each country.

  7. Well Soros, Jews etc. have been funding politics in the West and elsewhere. There is a new comer to the game. It is India and Indians. They are in the West. See how many Indians are in UK Parliament and USA Senate. Look what is happening here. Indians just missed the balance of power in the Lower House by a whisker.

  8. George Soris is rotten to the core and destroys everything that he finances. He finances ANTIFA world wide to destroy democracies. The Greens finances ANTIFA riots here,no doubt using Soris money.

  9. Fascinating reading – I am damned if I know WHO to believe. if as you say, “Indians” just missed the balance of power in the Lower House by a whisker” how is this happening. I thought they had to be Australian citizens to stand for election and this, in turn, means that they are being allowed Citizenship.

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