Is Civil War Inevitable? No It’s Not.

Is Civil War Inevitable? No It’s Not.

 There used to be a time when politicians would spend days on end arguing in parliament and then go to coffee afterwards. A time when those on the left and the right debated and discussed instead of argued and dismissed. A time when politics was a matter of right and wrong, not win and lose. If there is one thing we have learnt from the 2016 US election, it’s that politics has taken a dangerous direction. It’s easy for journalists to sit here and prop up both sides, acting as demagogues, instilling fear and anger and promoting violence accordingly.


Just this morning right – wing politician Steven Scalise was a victim of such anger, and was shot by an out spoken Bernie supporter at a charity basketball game. We truly are living in dangerous times, as soon as I heard the news I was ready to jump online and absolutely blast the left for propping up the anger of their followers. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that mainstream theatre, Hollywood and news have been promoting violence against the Trump and the right for quite a while now.



Scenes from the shooting of Republican Scalise this morning…



But as soon as my fingers hit the keyboard I thought to myself, if I now go on to provide this article to 10,000 people, expressing my hate for their actions it will do nothing more than anger 10,000 more people. We are on the brink of civil war, and civil war is EXACTLY what the elite want. Through chaos comes control, and a civil law would surely lead us into nothing more than an authoritarian society, and I have to say if we resulted to civil war we deserve nothing more. By their logic, if humans can’t act in order, then order will prevail unwillingly.


Shows like The Project  that absolutely shut down any opinion that opposes that of Carrie Brickmore or Waleed Aly, scenes like that of CNN who today had a report that Scalise shooter “was not evil just sick of politics”, theatres in the park that shows a Trump look alike being stabbed, politicians on the left and the right dog whistling to their supporters to take action through violence. What all these people don’t understand is that the more you shut down someone’s opinions, the harder they come back…or maybe those on top understand this too well.



War = Debt …Debt = Control…Therefore for those who want favours from the King, the bet way to do so is to drag him into war, then bail him out. It has been the strategy of the uber – rich for hundreds of years…from the French revolution, to WW1 & WW2. We need to be smart and civil enough to sit down with our counterparts and discuss policy, liberty, economics, foreign policy. If we continue down this road of utter ignorance, we will undoubtedly end up in a ditch with so many others who were trying to do good.


The saddest part about all of this, is that both those on the left and on the right are mostly good people, people that have opinions does NOT MAKE THEM EVIL. For example, did you know that the Rothschild’s funded both sides of the American civil war? That their British agents stirred both sides? And that due to a statute created during that era, JP Morgan with his international financier buddies were able to replenish the reserves of the US government, putting the whole country in the pocket of international bankers? No didn’t think you did, and if you think I’m lying do your own research. Civil war is not necessary and not healthy for any country…we have to learn how to debate again.



The Civil War was more than North Vs. South…


Here at the loud libertarian we may be a partisan news site, bias towards that of libertarian views and values…values in which include FREEDOM OF THOUGHT/OPINION/SPEECH. So next time you encounter an opposing view, take a second and engage in discussion…democracy was built on the butting of heads and if we forget that than we are simply doomed.


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