Gillian Triggs, this is the Quote That Destroyed You!

Gillian Triggs, this is the Quote That Destroyed You!

The president of the Human Rights Commission is no stranger to controversy, and now she’s on her way out, with Turnbull last year announcing her contract would not be renewed. Thank god. I say thank god because this woman has been more of an infringement on our human rights rather than a defender, and you don’t have to look past the most recent 18C hate speech case with QUT students to realise that.


More on this case late, because the signs this woman wasn’t suited for the job appeared way before this case came about, it was her 2013 profiling by Farifax media that was the straw that broker the camels back…and the quote that painted the image of a very, very dark woman. The opinion piece by Caroline Marcus for The Courier Mail hilariously compared it to the House of Cards episode that showed Francis Underwood orchestrate a leak, as Caroline said, “politics for you…always ugly, always personal.”


“There’s always a leak”…listen to Frank, Prof Triggs !


Now what is this quote…what did she say?


During the Farifax profiling, Triggs spoke of her late daughter, Victoria, born in 1984 with debilitating chromosomal disorder making her severely disabled. Now it is important to note, before we provide the quotes that in no way are we at saying that we understood the troubles of parents of disabled children, but I do have family and friends who have such a challenge and thrive none the less through their determination and strength and more importantly…love.


Professor Triggs had a different point of view unfortunately and was quoted saying her daughter Victoria was;


“Severely retarded as anyone who is still alive can be,”


Continuing on to say… “It sounds terrible, but I’d look at Victoria and think, well you’re going to die, so I’m not going to invest too much in you”


It doesn’t stop there…when Victoria was six months old, Triggs and her partner handed the baby’s care over to another family until her death, many years later aged 21. When discussing this decision, Triggs said;


“I simply made the judgement that I would rather put my time into my other children and family, because I also never believed she would live to that age.”




This is not the type of person that should’ve been heading the human rights commission, who as part of her role is to protect the rights of all humans, including the disabled. When radio show presenter Alan Jones opened his lines to those in the disabled community, more specifically parents of disabled children one claiming, “The blood of parents of disabled children runs cold in thinking about Prof Triggs.”


Alan Jones took calls from disgusted parents of disabled children…


For me, someone who is comfortable saying that disabled children aren’t worth investing sets off red flags instantly. As it would for any decent human being. The Humans Right Commission is an abysmal failure of a department that is costing the taxpayer $22 million annually, a government drowning in debt does not need to be wasting money on it.


Let’s dig deeper in some of the failings of this commission, more specifically to major ones come to mind;


The first being the whole saga surrounding QUT students who were kicked out of the indigenous computer room, and then were dragged into the federal circuit by the AHRC because Cindy Prior lodged a complaint under 18C of the racial discrimination act. These students lost money, were dragged through the mainstream media, had their reputations tarnished and were labelled as racists unfairly all because Triggs thought that this case had merit…and all the student did was post on Facebook “Just got kicked out of the unsigned indigenous computer room. QUT stopping segregation with segregation.” Apparently this comment is racist. Triggs refused to apologise for this failure.


Calum Thwaites student dragged through federal court because of the AHRC…


Secondly and the one that really grinds some gears, is the way she went about the inquiry into Australian detention centres. Triggs by deliberate delay chose NOT to begin the inquiry until well after the Rudd – Gillard era, a time whereby child smugglers were given the green light to lure 2000 people into imprisonment, and dozens to their ultimate death at sea. Triggs thought it would then be a good idea to act on it once Abbott was in office, and the boats had stopped, with only 200 children in waiting at the detention centre.


Triggs was obviously a left – wing puppet, who used her power to push the agenda politically against the right and again did nothing more then infringe on our human rights and freedom of speech, a danger to society and stain on Australian’s liberties.


Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre - Photo 3.jpg
Triggs waited till Liberals had power before she launched an inquiry !


Triggs has been rid off, the question is who will replace her? Rumours are circulating that Rosalind Croucher, who is said to have much stronger views on freedom of speech, something that we desperately need, and something that would be great in discussions surrounding the censorship that comes with section 18C.


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