Who Did Our Gun Laws Really Help?

Who Did Our Gun Laws Really Help?

The right to bear arms in Australia has never existed, as that right has never been recognised in our constitution, as it is in the USA, nor has it even been ‘given’ to us by our almighty governmental overlords. Rather, firearm ownership in Australia is an unbalanced privilege, unbalanced in a way that is highlighted when looking into the imbalance of power between Law Abiding Firearm Owners (LAFOs) and the legislators. There is no better example of this inequity than the 1996 National Firearms Agreement (NFA), that was passed as a response to the Port Arthur massacre that claimed the lives of 35 people.



News flash…the only people that suffer are law abiding citizens !


Passed by the then Liberal Prime Minister, John Howard, who truly disgraced the traditional liberal position of small government, and civil liberties. The firearm control law has seen overwhelming bipartisan support from Labor and Coalition federal governments (After all the left loves anything that results in government control). The NFA placed strict control on the ownership of semi-automatic and fully automatic firearms, and as a part of the act, a compulsory gun-buy back and destruction of those legally owned firearms took place. All of this, from a supposedly “Liberal” government, and the only result was the castration of LAFOs across Australia. The left will claim that the rate of firearm related crime went down as a result of this bill, as well as stating that there have been no mass shootings since the law was put in to practice.


Both of these claims however, are outright false and quite frankly we the people were lied to. Despite the on – going rhetoric by the state-loving media about these two claims, the fact remains that deaths caused by firearms (including suicides) were already dropping long before the NFA was enacted, and a strong downward trend was already present, as can be seen in the chart below below.


Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 12.54.09 PM.png



In fact, in alignment with that downward trend, the NFA had little to no effect on the amount of gun deaths each year, as the trend continued. As for the lefty claim that there have been no mass shootings since, that is also false, unless these shootings below for some unknown reason do not count.


Name Year Death Injuries
Monash University Shootings 2002 2 5
Hectorville Siege 2011 3 3
Hunt Family murders 2014 4 0
Sydney Siege 2014 3 4
Port Lincoln Murder-Suicide 2016 3 0



This table is also not representative of the numerous massacres that have been committed by people without firearms, nor does it represent the hundreds of people killed in one off attacks due to gang violence or other motives, as that is also something quite difficult for the left wing to comprehend. Not to mention that lefties around the world don’t care much for gun violence lest it be in a big, marketable number that they and the media can sell to populations as reasons for even more gun control.


What does this all mean for Australia and its proponents of gun control? If we look to the USA, every left-wing pundit and media personality loved to trot out the above-explained false statistics as an example of working gun control laws, and even here at home, left-wing politicians and journalists unashamedly call for more gun control because of these figures. But one argument that these people make that is even worse than false statistics is the “no one needs X” fallacy, whereby one makes an argument based on their belief that no one needs an item due to their inability to recognize a need for it.


A very recent and outrageous example of this is Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham, who narrated an experience from his past, in parliament about how he, at the age of 15, placed a handgun under his brother’s chin, and then shot the firearm at the wall, and that this was due to his then supposed “ignorance” of the dangers and power of a firearm.


Tell us more about how because you nearly shot your brother no one should have guns Buckingham


Regardless of whether you believe his story (I personally don’t) the argument of “no one needs” comes into play in his speech as well, and this is the truly horrifying part of this situation, where some people, due to their recognised impotence e.g. MP Buckingham, or their inability to see a situation from the perspective of another, will then claim that because of those reasons, no one else should be allowed to own a firearm as well. What sort of tyrannical mindset does this display? Oh right, the general mindset of governments everywhere, as they continue their failed state wars on drugs, firearms, nightclubs and just about everything else fun in life.

In the end, unless the Australian people wake up to the injustices of government tyranny, and take a stand for themselves, as they should’ve in 1996, when the state condemned LAFOs for the actions of one mentally ill man, nothing will change, and history will keep repeating itself, as it is right now.




The 2017 revision to the NFA wishes to enforce ammunition quotas and limits on LAFOs, further neutering their ability to exercise freedom of choice, and harming ammunition companies and retailers. There is also to be another gun amnesty in two weeks’ time, something which even police officers have said will have no effect on criminally owned firearms, just as it had no effect back in 1996, due to the funny little fact that criminals, being the outlaws they are…disregard law.


Maybe we too, ordinary Australian citizens, should tell the government to lay off. History shows the one thing dictators do when they get into power, is take the guns of their citizens, Hitler, Stalin and Mao just some of many who did this. Why? Because an unarmed population, is one that can be easily controlled, an unarmed population can be ordered around, an unarmed population can never put up a fight against a tyrannical regime, an unarmed population WILL accept a nanny state against it’s volition.

The loud libertarian would like to thank the guest contributor for this week for writing this article about an issue that is at the core of Australian debate right now, in light of more intrusive policies and stripping of freedom, the gun debate should definitely be back in the spot light…just yesterday it was announced a second amnesty will be taking place to further target innocent civilians and to ensure the government knows exactly where every gun in Australia is. Don’t forget to like and follow us on twitter by clicking here and also subscribing by clicking here, the loud libertarian is totally independent and willing to stay that way, so show your support and subscribe for free today !



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  1. Great article except for one little thing, under hitlers regime there was MORE gun ownership than previous governments! The nazis didn’t disarm the population, gun ownership was encouraged! During the Weimer repubic ( left wing) regime guns were taken from the german population! This information is readily available online.

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