Megyn Kelly, After This Leaked Audio, You’re Over!

Megyn Kelly, After This Leaked Audio, You’re Over!

Remember Megyn, don’t worry if you don’t, you will after this. Remember that woman in one of the republican debates that questioned Trump in a way that was nothing short of derogatory, “You’ve called women, pigs, slobs, ….” Yeah I thought that would jog your memory. The debate question sent her career into a spiral, a fox news presenter that turned her back on her fans, and decided to appease the left. Well, her time has come and by gosh she is OVER.

You might have heard, last week renowned libertarian, and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was invited to engage in an NBC interview with Megyn Kelly. Jones had his suspicions from the start, and the weathered battler of the mainstream media had his strategy in full play when he secretly recorded Megyn’s phone conversation, her desperation is too obvious, and she repeatedly claimed her story would not be a “gotcha” piece. “I don’t double-cross,” she insisted. She wanted to get to know HIM. She told him in the end he’d be fine with what she did. She wanted people to come away thinking how “interesting” he is, just another father and not the boogeyman they’d imagined him to be.




Lying through her teeth, a specialty of Megyn and her posy of MSM puppets. When the piece was released on the Sunday the entire thing was hit piece, the editing team cutting and pasting certain elements of the interview that they found to be most disturbing, making Jones look completely incoherent and constantly on the defensive foot. 17 minutes in total, with at least 15 minutes of the interview being commentary that Jones had no platform to debate on, and interviewing of Sandy Hook victims…




Don’t raise that white flag just yet, because our good friend Jones will now be releasing the full interview so people can see for themselves what actually happened and how it was spun by NBC.


Fox News’ Sean Hannity is also calling on NBC to release the full tapes and “let America decide”.


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The world knows Megyn for the snake she is, and that was reflected in her ratings, 3.5 million being the lowest she has received since she began her show. She is a traitor, a backstabber, venomous two – faced bimbo. You can smell her agenda a mile away, and the world isn’t having a bar of it! Ding, dong the witch is dead…this will a nice little dent in the MSM shield and a lesson to any reporter that thinks they have a chance against the independent media!


Not even photoshop can get rid of her evil grin…


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Listen to the audio here !


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