Johnny Depp Just Threatened Trump With Murder!

Johnny Depp Just Threatened Trump With Murder!

The all – loving, encompassing left are at it again, just a week after Republican Scalise was shot by a radical left – wing lunatic renowned actor Johnny Depp has stepped into the spotlight to further push the rhetoric of hurting President Trump. The scum bag, who abused his former wife, destroyed himself with excessive drug – use, and on the verge of financial woes put forward the threat at the Glastonbury Festival on camera…knowing it would reach the world wide news.


“When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” – Depp Said. 


He continues…


“It’s been a while, and maybe it’s time…”



Obviously Mr. Depp was referring to the infamous assassination of Abraham Lincoln by actor John Wilkes Booth. Abraham Lincoln the last president to stand up for the rights of humanity, who had an essence of patriotism about him and who was very aware of those in high place looking to control his country. So Mr. Depp if you are comparing yourself to a hater of these freedoms like John Wilkes Booth, and comparing Trump to patriot Abraham Lincoln, then I guess you’re right!


Of course, like many Hollywood folk, they know no history past what they see on CNN and acting scripts, Depp the fool probably thought comparing himself to Booth was a good thing? However as innocent he may claim to be, pushing this commentary into the mainstream is an extremely dangerous exercise, how long can the actors get away with their threats of violence, imagery of death and rhetoric of harm towards the freedom movement. All the while their fans parade around in rainbow t – shirts preaching love and equality, grovelling at their Hollywood heroes praising them as the false idols they are.


maxresdefault (1).jpg
Infowars interviewing Hollywood Trendies..


So what happened now Depp, what if someone carries out an attack on Trump in the coming weeks, who is to blame? I tell you who is to blame, Kathy Griffin, Madonna, CNN, Robert De Niro and all you other Hollywood possie who have obviously been compromised into these positions of hate towards President Trump. This my friends is propaganda 101, the Nazis did the same thing, research the term “Nazism and Cinema” and the comparisons will stick out like dog balls.


In fact, Nazi Propagandist Hans Taub wrote in the essay “The film as a political instrument” in 1932;

“Without any doubt the film is a formidable means of propaganda. Achieving propagandistic influence has always demanded a ‘language’ which forms a memorable and passionate plot with a simple narrative. … In the vast area of such ’language’ that the recipients are directly confronted by in the course of technical and economical processes, the most effective is the moving picture. It demands permanent alertness; it’s full of surprises concerning the change of time, space, and action; it has an unimaginable richness of rhythm for intensifying or dispelling emotions.”


The Nazi’s were a big advocate for actors used for propaganda…


So stay alert, when you see these actors on the big screen ensure you keep your wits about you, because there is a war on for your mind and only those strong enough will withstand it. Your Jay – Z hugging techniques didn’t work in 2016 Hillary, so they are not going to work now! Depp like the coward he is has already apologised about the comments, but he knows very well that damage is already done, and somewhere there is another radical leftist picking up on the dog whistling and taking arms to harm someone on the right.


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