Liberal Party Has Just Been Torn Apart By New Leak!

Liberal Party Has Just Been Torn Apart By New Leak!

Leaked footage of Chris Pyne has just been released thanks to Andrew Bolt, sky news political commentator and out spoken conservative. At a meeting in Sydney last Friday night, the defence industry minister openly spoke about the success of the left wing Libs to the party’s federal council…confirmation that the liberal party has lost its way.


‘It might even be sooner than everyone thinks.’ Chris Pyne said in reference to gay marriage.


‘I support marriage equality and if Labor had supported the plebiscite, marriage equality would be a reality now. The government has no plans to alter the policy,’ Mr Pyne said. Clearly outlining his disagreement with the liberals approach of putting other issues at the forefront.


Pyne also went on to celebrate the left wing domination of the liberal party. The recording reveals the true colours of the Libs superbly saying ‘Two years ago, Malcolm Turnbull was the communications minister and now he’s the prime minister.’ Yes Pyne we are fully aware of Turnbull’s political alignment with the left.


Mr Turnbull’s predecessor Tony Abbott told Radio 2GB an abandonment of a plebiscite would be a ‘breach of faith’. Which shows just how much Turnbull is hiding from the rest of the party.


Betrayal by Pyne isn’t a new phenomenon with Mr Abbott claiming Mr Pyne had not been a loyal member of cabinet while he was prime minister.


Mr Abbott often said Pyne was a traitor…

Mr Bolt said the conservative reaction to Mr Pyne’s comments would be ‘red hot’. He’s not wrong, this is further proof the liberal party had lost it’s way, and that alternatives now need to be considered, and as a conservative – libertarian I lean towards the lib dems or Bernardi for getting this country back on track.


‘This could seriously threaten his leadership very, very soon,’ Bolt stated.
Mr Turnbull went to last year’s election with Tony Abbott’s plan for a plebiscite on same-sex marriage.


But the Senate in November rejected legislation that would have allowed the national vote to take place. Gay marriage has been off the government’s agenda since.
Pynes leaked audio goes to show its back in play despite what his followers  believe. Don’t forget to subscribe by clicking here.


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7 thoughts on “Liberal Party Has Just Been Torn Apart By New Leak!

  1. It’s not the Liberal party it’s the Turnbull party. Turnbull has bought the majority of the blood sucking parasites all of which are so crooked they have to screw themselves in to bed. There are not enough true honest Liberals left to get a majority. Turnbull knows it and will continue with his destruction of the party.

  2. Put Abbott back and like Howard there will a man in power giving hot toung and sore bums till things are rite again

  3. Bolts absolute aim has always been to get rid of Turnbull & bring back Abbott. Im not sure why, but he has hated Turnbulls guts since long before Turnbull stole Abbotts job.
    It wouldnt bother me so much, if the LNP had an alternative leader to take over & prevent bill shorten from becoming our next PM.
    Abbott, despite his resurgent popularity with Bolt followers, thanks largely to Bolts relentless campaign, I doubt very much he could convince the wider public to give him another term, given how unpopular he was last time round, and all the hate campaigners against him, including the ABC, who are still all out there.
    I agree with most of what Andrew Bolt says, except that he focusses too much on destroying Turnbull.
    The final result of all this, as the polls are showing, is the prime ministership & government falling into the greedy clutches of shorten & his gang….the worst possible outcome.

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