Malcolm’s Worst Nightmare is Here

Malcolm’s Worst Nightmare is Here

Tony Abbott has just woken up to sweet music of conservatives, earlier today the former prime minister did a speech at the institute of public affairs. During the speech, against the grain of his left wing liberal colleagues he laid out his plan for a better, conservative Australia. “I will do my best to be a standard bearer for the values and the policies that made us strong” the former PM said. Clearly referring to the half – assed job socialist Turnbull has been doing the last three years.


Closing your eyes won’t make us disappear Turnbull…


The timing of the speech is impeccable (by mistake or purpose) following the leaked audio of Chris Pyne celebrating the now left – controlled Liberal party who despite all the heartache in the world right now, have placed gay marriage at the top of their to – do list.  Malcolm Turnbull has tried to stitch things up, claiming the party is “very harmonious, very united.” Who are you fooling Malcolm your parties gone to shit, Abbott made it abundantly clear that he was here to oppose Malcolm, and did so by referring to the recent Finkel review.


Maybe next time Finked…


Simply opposing the findings, Abbott suggested avoiding the clean energy target and instead stop subsidies for renewable power. The suggestion then went into building a new coal – fired power station to ease the pressure off current power prices. The speech then went into the topic of immigration, Abbott calling for a “big slowdown in immigration to allow new housing starts and infrastructure to catch up with the population.”



Smart. The seasoned politician knows that speaking on the case for slowing immigration would cause a major stir and attract arguments from Labor, which in the current climate is a good thing. We are sick of a prime minister that has tried to deceive us for too long, has attempted to infiltrate conservative politics with his socialist agendas. If Abbott gets the left to react to these statements it would truly show the colours of the left, however it will not help the liberals get into power come next election, not as long as Turnbull sits on the throne.


Is Abbott seeing a bounce in support again?


Tony then went on to outline his plan to “avoid all new spending” unless for national security. At a slight stab at Malcolm, Abbott said “The next election won’t be won by drawing closer to Labor,” that’s right Mr. Abbott it won’t and for too long the Liberal party has been trying to copy Labor not oppose it…and I blame one man for that.



Turnbull has made clear which side of the aisle he stands, and if you read our last article about his secret past, you too will understand the man has been a leftie from the get go. We at see ourselves as conservative – libertarians, and as such are for anyone that stands for less spending, smaller government, lower taxes and protection of individual liberty and freedoms.


Don’t tread on me…a libertarian call to arms !

None the less, it will be a cold day in hell before I put my vote in for Labor or Liberal, not until there are some serious changes…and with Malcolm steering the ship, we’re looking at another Titanic story all together. Support for Abbott within the party is growing, with Craig Kelly (Chairman of Turnbull’s back bench environment committee) who after the speech expressed his support for Abbotts plan on renewable energy and lowered immigration. Your plastic smile won’t last long Turnbull, the people are seeing you for exactly what you are…a man who will say anything and do nothing.


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23 thoughts on “Malcolm’s Worst Nightmare is Here

  1. Too late Malcolm. You failed to listen, but worse still your ego wanted the Primeministership above anything else & you have failed your conservatives as well as other Australians that deserved better. Changing now is pure opportunism & conservatives do not trust you nor do they want any of your token changes whilst you still slip the crap ones through for the elites instead of everyday Aussies. As for a safer Australia. What a load of BS. Gutless soft Namby Pamby pretend we care but still allow the safety of Australians to remain at risk because you do not have the guts to stand up & tell Islamic trouble makers go gone you are out & those that want to stay, step out of line you are out on your ear. This country is not a Muslim nation. Malcolm you have ceased being relevant since you became an apologist for Islam & an appeaser & unable to put the leftards out on their own where they belong for all to see as a bunch of ne’er-do-wells, because you are a similar species.

    1. ABSOLUTELY AGREE 100% Russell – Hopefully we are about to see the end of the Turnbull government & the opposition Labor Party as well. We need a complete cleanout in leadership & must look to the minor parties. Only then will we be free from the corruption that has dragged this country to the brink of extinction.

  2. Im not voting for Mr Turnball or anything he or the present think or stand for. Also Labor, where is the plebicite

  3. We shouldn’t be surprised by Backstabbing Mal.
    Way way back when he was a young man he tried to join the Labor party but they didn’t want him, so he joined the Liberal party, his heart is belongs to Labor

  4. The quicker we get rid of these leftwards the better than we rid all these migrants we don’t need them around us

  5. Q – what would Turnbull Pyne aans Bishop were all in a toilet together with their pants (knickers) -flushed with their success not knowing if anything was coming out of them or are just a load of sh?

  6. May HALF TERM TURNBULL’S demise come quickly and suddenly, before he swamps Australia with a mortal enemy!!!
    May the sincerity feigning Little Bill Shorten, suffer the same fate as his liberal mate!!! They are a shame and disgrace to all Australians!!! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  7. I would like to know is how in hell was the left allowed to infiltrate a right wing party. Isn’t there a vetting process!

  8. How much longer are the Liberal “bed wetters” going to put up with Turnbull treating the prime ministership as a “play thing” & in the meantime the country is being decimated.
    There is very little time to save Australia from economic ruin.

  9. Abbott & Costello were thinking of joining the Labor Party when they were at uni. But their girlfriends somehow persuaded them to join the Liberals.
    This was published in a book a few years ago, and A&C both sued for defamation.

  10. My biggest criticism of Turnbull is that he comes across as lacking tactical intelligence & imagination.
    I think people who accuse him of being supremely cunning & devious are overestimating his basic level of intelligence.
    Yes, he “tries” to be cunning, like all pollies do, but you can spot his game out every time, quite easily.
    In my books, he’s not the sharpest tool in the liberal shed…..and for that matter, either was Abbott.
    If much of Turnbulls unpopularity is based on things like, his support for workers pay cuts, tax breaks for the rich, centrelink crackdowns, etc, then Abbott would hardly be the best alternative….he was even worse when it came to unpopular decisions.
    No doubt Abbott would make a much more disciplined financial manager for the govt & country, but, like last time, it would come at the price of making himself supremely unpopular…again.
    Hate campaigns against prime ministers have become all the rage over the last decade. Abbott has already been through it once. Has he learnt how to avoid a hate campaign next time as PM ???
    Looking at his history & speeches over the last 10 years, I don’t think he has, or ever will.

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