CEO of CNN Exposed as Lying About Russia! (Hidden Camera Footage Inside)

CEO of CNN Exposed as Lying About Russia! (Hidden Camera Footage Inside)

Smiles are all round conservative, libertarian and right – wing supporters today as the mother of all left – wing propaganda is finally exposed as the liars they are. A special thanks needs to go out to the Project Veritas crew, which includes investigative journalist James O ‘Keefe who has been responsible for outing the left for the last decade through hidden cameras and audio devices.


But the MOAB was dropped on the Clinton News Network (CNN) one that will see a full recovery take some time, and credibility take a massive hit. A CNN producer has been caught ON CAMERA admitting that the news organisation truly is spitting out “fake news.” And my god is it beautiful to see them try and crawl their way out of this one.


Anyway enough talk from me, sit back and enjoy the video for yourself;





There you have it, John Bonifield (CNN producer) admitting that the whole Russia story against President Trump is nothing more than a ratings grab. Claiming the CEO of CNN in meetings has outwardly dismissed real news for the Russia story simply because the ratings are great, even though Mr. Bonifield hasn’t “seen any good evidence to show that the president committed a crime…”




John Bonifield, the involuntary hero who gave us all the juice on CNN lies….


The video takes a dark turn, when the seasoned CNN journalist goes on to claim that the CIA has been manipulating elections all over the world, and that even if the Russians were trying to seeing the elections, the US has been doing so for a very long time.


They did it once, could they do it again? Research operation mocking bird…


True feelings about Russia…

John Bonifield was asked directly what he thinks about Russia… and responded with what many on the right have been saying for months; If it was something really good, it would have already leaked:

Project Veritas Journalist: But honestly, you think the whole Russia shit is just bullshit?

Bonifield: Could be bullshit. I mean, it’s mostly bullshit right now. Like, we don’t have any giant proof. Then they say, “well there’s still an investigation going on.” I don’t know, if they were finding something we would know about it. They way these leaks happen, they would leak it. They’d leak. If it was something really good, it’d leak.

I just feel like they don’t really have it but they want to keep digging. And so I think the President is probably right to say, like “look, you are witch hunting me. You have no smoking gun, you have no real proof.”


PV Journalist: Why is CNN constantly like “Russia this, Russia that?”


Bonifield: Because it’s ratings. Our ratings are incredible right now.

My boss, I shouldn’t say this, my boss yesterday we were having a discussion about this dental shoot and he was like I just want you to know what we’re up against here. Just to give you some context, President Trump pulled out of the climate accords. For a day and a half we covered the climate accords. And the CEO of CNN [Jeff Zucker] said in our internal meeting, he said good job everybody covering the climate accords, but we’re done with it. Let’s get back to Russia.


CNN’s CEO pushing the Russia narrative despite real news in front of his face !


Admittedly, we shouldn’t be so surprised, the left has been trying to use the mainstream media as a propaganda machine for as long as I can remember and until now it has been working for them. God forbid a patriot takes office and instils some real change into a country that desperately needs it. Lets not forget what it is the elite want, international socialism and a move towards a world government, so anyone that stands in their way of that better expect what’s coming to them.


Australia is no different, our mainstream media is run by left wing trendies, all looking to complain about anyone who differs in their opinions. Setting a social standard of which the cultural elite and social climbers must abide to, in order to gain respect amongst fellow elite…and right now that mentality is that of a globalist, a move towards open borders, a move towards adherence to a foreign power and ultimately a world government by conquest or consent.


So celebrate this day as one where independent media truly did take down the giant propaganda machine, a machine that has now been exposed as nothing but a producer of lies in order to bring down a patriotic movement. Maybe it’s about time someone in Australia went undercover and did something similar, I’m sure Waleed Aly and the rest of the project wouldn’t want their agendas out in the open, to stay tuned on the latest in Australian and World – Wide freedom and truth movements, please subscribe for free by clicking here.



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