George Soros Now Has Control of the Australian Press Council!

George Soros Now Has Control of the Australian Press Council!

Here’s a clue, there unnecessarily loud, claim to be independent, radically left wing, advocate of open borders, adamant of destroying conservatives and have been in trouble for electoral fraud in the past. Yes, that’s right its none other than….




When will GetUp! Get the fuck out of our lives! Infamous deputy chair of GetUp! Carla McGrath has been appointed to the body of the Press Council despite who active role in the radical left – wing organisation. Now why is this a problem? Well it’s quite simple really, this organisation has the over reaching power to silence what it deems unfit for public media. In fact, out of 700 complaints that are brought forward each year, the council on average forcefully issues a correction strategy for ¾ of them…meaning those who are appointed to the council have the power of press censorship to a certain extent.


Our press is seriously at risk of bias censorship…


Now a precedence that has been set by the council, was to not appoint any one with active political involvement…simply because it may incur a sense of bias towards media outlets that express certain opinions and political views. In walks Carla McGrath, deputy chair of one of the most radically left – wing organisations known to Australia, an organisation who has been active in trying to bring down any conservative movement, unseat liberal and right – wing politicians, reprimanded for unethical how – to – vote websites, and worst of all recently found to receive donations from Soros backed organisations as a way to promote his ideology.



The appointment has caused so much controversy that the complaints caused the shock resignation of David Weisbrot (Council chairman). Ex – Chairman David Flint, who found himself in a similar position when a Greens politician was appointed said the following in relation to the controversy, “The total, unanimous reaction of everybody — whether they were from the Left or the Right, whether they were publishers or public members, journalists or editors, was ‘Well, very nice, you can do that, but if you do, you must leave the council’,” Professor Flint told Media.

The unanimous view at the time, Professor Flint said, was “we can’t have active politicians on the council”.

“And active politicians extends, for example, to anybody closely associated with the running of GetUp! which is essentially part of a political alliance,” he said. “It’s another arm of the Greens and the Labor Party.”


maxresdefault (2).jpg
Carla McGrath, Deputy Chair of GetUp!


And right he is, there is no way Carla McGrath will be able to portray a bipartisan approach to complaints, and definitely no way she can be trusted as an integral part of the media watch – dog.


The journalists’ union, senator Nick Xenophon and Professor Flint have called on Ms McGrath to resign from ­either the Press Council or GetUp!, while Communications Minister Mitch Fifield and the Labor opposition have also criticised the ­appointment.


David Flint ex – chair has been vocal in his uncertainty about Carla…


GetUp! Not only has it’s political bias as a detriment to this council, but let’s not forget the councils number one rule and for good reason; Article 7(5) of the Press Council constitution says public members should be “persons who have not had previous connections involving ownership of, or employment by, the media (or who the council considers have not had recent and significant connections of this kind)”.


GetUp! Is renowned for being involved in paying freelance journalists to write specific articles about specific topics. One that comes to mind is the link between the organization and Michael West to write articles about tax avoidance, is promoting those articles on its website. After refusing to answer questions from The Australian about his arrangements with GetUp!, West revealed last week he was being paid $10,000 for the tax avoidance articles and had not been paid for an earlier ­project in which GetUp! had ­described him as “an integral part of GetUp’s campaign”.


GetUp! Soros store front…


Carla McGrath in this position is a very dangerous situation indeed. Conservative outlets have ever right to be worried that complaints from latte – sipping trendies could be taken seriously, and that diversity opinion will be restricted more than it ever was. This appointment was a poor decision by the council, essentially we have let a deputy chair of a political organization that will not disclose its donations unless forcibly leaked, and when leaked was found to be funded by George Soros backed groups. Keep the libertarian and conservative media alive here in this great country, subscribe today for free by clicking here.



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