Sydney School Emotionally Abuses Children, In The Name of Teaching Equality

Sydney School Emotionally Abuses Children, In The Name of Teaching Equality

At 9:30 am at St. Justin’s Catholic primary school, a nun walks in claiming to hold a letter from the Prime Minister’s office. The letter she said, stated the following…


Their parents weren’t looking after them well enough, and they would be taken away…


When the students heard this, at first they didn’t believe her, but when some of the students tried to confirm it was a joke, the teacher insisted it was real and kept on with the exercise. Following this several of the students started crying, as any child would after receiving such news at the age of 10.


St Justin’s Catholic School…


The point of this? Apparently the exercise was conducted in order to create empathy for the “stolen generation.” Apparently these little 10 year olds should be made to feel guilty about the acts of those decades before them, and therefore deserve to be emotionally abused to the point of of forced empathy.


In fact, it wasn’t until 2:50 pm that the students were told the scenario was not true…Natalie Wykes, a parent of one of the students who was involved in this exercise describe her sons reaction of one of terror and anxiety.  Claiming her son actually started “thinking of ways to escape before the end of the school day.”


Natalie Wykes, and Kynan a child in the class


Tim Gilmour, assistant to the director of schools in the Catholic diocese of Wollongong defended the activity, saying “This was intended to give students experience of a scenario that was part of our nations history.” Thanks Tim. Let us know when you conduct the lessons on the death penalty, after al a part of our nations history…this is no excuse and the exercise was done in poor form. What’s most distressing about this is that the curriculum allows for such activities to take place, despite the protest of parents? In the US such activities have also caused a stir, in their case the exercises related to slavery, the schools were forced to apologise and rightly so…


Mock Slave Auction posters made in a classroom in the US, on top of re enactments later conducted…


Mary Jane Turner, another parent of a child who was part of the activity said her child already suffered from anxiety, and came home “very distressed and crying, we had to keep telling him you’re home now, we wouldn’t let something like that happen.”


However, despite uproar, the controversial lesson on the Stolen Generation where students are duped into thinking they’ll be taken away from their parents won’t be stopped, the NSW Catholic Diocese spokesman says.


How incredibly Marxist of you, it’s only fair that this be compared to the Safe Schools Program which to took on the point of view that the state knows what’s best for our children to learn, and that parents really have no place in disagreeing. We have to stand up to this unconditional trust of our government and stripping of our rights to question and disagree with what our children learn.



Are we becoming to lenient on our governments role in our children’s education… 



This needs to stop, children as young as nine do not need to be feeling the anxiety of a child being taken away from their family in the name of creating empathy, teach them about it, discuss what happened, condemn what happened but DO NOT repeat what happened.


It won’t surprise me if next week the students are locked in a gas chamber for 24 hours in order to create empathy for victims of the holocaust, here’s an idea if you really want to scare the kids, put a Trump hat on their heads and send them to Newtown. If you want to stay ahead of the curb, and follow a site that is here to stand up against the snowflake appeasing mainstream media don’t forget to subscribe by clicking here and listen to our podcast by clicking here.



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2 thoughts on “Sydney School Emotionally Abuses Children, In The Name of Teaching Equality

  1. The arrogance of this principle,this is upsetting and making the children anxious and frightened and that is not what school is all about ,I would complain to the education department ,have a parents meeting ,and tell my child she/he is to tell the teacher she/he has to be excuse during that lesson,send all bills that you have to pay for psychiatric treatment to the school,we must keep an eye on what the children are being taught,this is abuse.

  2. How about the non trust issue now. These kids aren’t going to believe anything that might actually be true that’s being fed to them from this school (I thought this was a catholic school). The poor teachers who reluctantly were forced to play their part in this lie, as well as the nun who delivered the dreaded lie, that by the way has nothing to do with educating. She is part of the church within the school. She greets the children at the school gates every morning and the children think the world of her. As I see it, the principal is all to well aware of the relationship & trust she has with the children, which made the story told all that more believable.
    Thank God I removed my remaining children from this school earlier this year as my son would have been in that class.
    This principal from my experiences with him hates parents input. He has far too many instances of bullying within the school yard, which I myself endured 2 years with my eldest son whom is ADD/ADHD subjected to victimising, taunting, intimidating, cyber bullying, and on 2 separate occasions being physically assaulted by a group of boys. Resulting in my son to suffer from depression, extreme anxiety, fear & poor self-esteem just to name a few. He was for a long time, needing constant support from counsellors, psychologists & paediatrician.
    This principals solution was for my son to hide & take refuge in the school library while the group of bullies were free to roam around the school.
    I later discovered that Tim Gilmour & the Principal John Milgate are great friends outside of their working lives. So even going over the principals head in my situation was basically futile. Regards.

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