Paedophilia, Satanism and The Secret Australian Elite

Paedophilia, Satanism and The Secret Australian Elite

In light of recent controversy surrounding the case of Cardinal Pell, and his alleged paedophilic tendencies, we at the loud libertarian have decided to conduct some in – depth research about the history of paedophilia in Australia, what we discovered was material that if true would bring – down some of the most prominent members of society, and confirm one of the founding beliefs of the new world order… the control of Satanism…


I want to begin by saying, the things you will read in this opinion piece are a mixture of both speculation and concrete proof (both of which will be disclosed), and although it is incredibly hard to make certain the claims of victims, I ask you conduct your own research as well and from there make an informed decision.


Before getting into the nitty – gritty let’s discuss Satanism, the occult and new age beliefs which are becoming more and more common in everyday life. Satanism, by definition is the worship of Satan, typically involving the travesty of Christian symbols and practices, such as placing a cross upside – down…however when learning the meta – physical side of things, something much more sinister comes to light, and that my friends is the left – hand path, also known as black magic…




Now black magic, and other aspects of ‘the occult’ have been a part of human history since ancient times, one must only read the bible to see numerous references to the sorcery and from there understand the dangers such practices bring…it is what fuelled the anxiety in the middle ages that brought about the hunting of witches and ultimately led to the burning of the knights Templar. More on this another day, back to the left – hand – path, it is documented that those who practice such acts gain power in 3 different ways;


The historian Dave Evans studied self-professed followers of the Left-Hand Path in the early 21st century, making several observations about their practices:


  • Rejecting societal convention, embracing magical techniques considered taboo (sex magic, satanic imagery)
  • Questioning of religious/moral dogma
  • Embracing sexuality and incorporating in into rituals


Left – hand path points down, right hand path points up….on a statue of Baphomet

It is by the desire to perform such rituals that paedophilia comes to mind. As there is no further pushing of taboo and sexual liberation than that between an adult and child…these Satanists truly believe that such disgusting acts would summon dark forces necessary to fill their void of powerlessness.


That’s a little intro into the dark world, and trust me I know how nutty this all sounds, so bear in mind I hold none of these beliefs, however in this whacky world we live in, there are certainly people who do, and that should be enough to scare you. Now how does this all link to Australia, well this is where it gets deep, and I want to start with a confession a while back by leading Satanist from the ‘top’ coven/lodge in Sydney called the “Alpha Lodge” (yes this exists, look it up), I personally don’t believe it to be 100% truth, and that the document is even real, but this is what was said;


Satanism flourishes beneath the scintillating midnight-blue wet streets and bedevilling phosphorescent lights of Australia’s glittering capital cities. Its practitioners are from all walks of life. Although marginal types and those with predisposing personalities have always and will always be important to Satanism and its leaders’ ends, they are merely tools. Their antinomian influence is now so pervasive as not to be readily noticed.

Amongst the highest echelons some are politicians, medical doctors, high ranking police officers, lawyers, advertising gurus, decorated military men, media personalities, fashion models and social workers.”


j04 (1).jpg
Australian Satanists going through their rituals…

In alignment with this, how can we forget Fiona Barrett who claimed to be a victim of such injustice (look her up also), in fact in 2015, watch it here;



This is a pretty deep story, for a country girl to be orchestrating, is it true? Who knows…am I sceptical, sure, but as a person who in this political climate questions just what is going through the heads of our leaders…I can’t help but wonder. Fiona claimed that Australia is paedophile haven, explaining that she was introduced by her own family into the international child trafficking ring based in Sydney. Furthermore, she claimed, most victims were kidnapped of the streets and “bred” accordingly. Sickening. On top of this Fiona also mentioned Bohemian grove, a gathering by the elite of the US, that involves worshipping a pagan god Moloch, as well as the “creation of care” and mock sacrificing of humans.



It doesn’t end there for Australia, if you remember when A Current Affair journalist Ben McCormack was arrested early last month after WA Police discovered the ring’s membership list as a result of an investigation that started in February. The very same investigation brought down a nation – wide pedophile ring, whose high – profile members included school teachers and journalists.


In the spirit of expressing a final argument, let’s also bring up the infamous ‘pizzagate’ theories, which brought to light emails John Podesta (Hillary Clinton campaign manager) had sent to friends, as leaked by WikiLeaks, using terminology commonly known to the FBI as the code sexual predators use eg; pizza, handkerchief and colours (see below). And the strange email that shows Podesta anticipating the meeting of younger children on his way to a farm…




Just last week we discussed the Clinton’s close ties with Epstein the billionaire Paedophile now serving time in prison, check that article out after this I highly recommend it !

Now if we jump to the other side of the world, Britain, we see even more debauchery come to light, and one particular example that exposes this for exactly what it is, is the Westminster Dossier…check it out.

You may be asking yourself, why would the elite of society, the law makers, politicians, actors, business men, judges  etc… be a part of such a horrible act of human indecency in the name of Satanism? Well when you think about it it’s quite simple, paedophilia and satanism are the cement that hold the establishment control structure together in every country, and these ‘national’ networks connect together to form a global network of evil all watching each others backs and serving the system. If anyone gets out or refuses to take orders, the consequences would be suicide or exposure, it is the trick most of the underworld use, and a system of blackmail that has forged the very world you see today. With such a system, governments around the world can be controlled, by leaders who dare not resist the demands of the people who have evidence that could destroy them.


It is worth noting one more thing, Conspiracy theorists of the Christian right, starting with British revisionist historian Nesta Helen Webster, believe there is an ancient occult conspiracy—started by the first mystagogues of Gnosticism and perpetuated by their alleged esoteric successors, such as the Kabbalists, Cathars, Knights Templar, Hermeticists, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, and, ultimately, the Illuminati—which seeks to subvert the Judeo-Christian foundations of the Western world and implement the New World Order through a one-world religion that prepares the masses to embrace the imperial cult of the Antichrist.  


Now again, we are not claiming any of this information to true, but one thing is true…this has not and most likely will not ever be covered in detail by the mainstream media. It is definitely worth noting, and bearing in mind next time you see a high – profile figure being dragged to caught for similar charges…I encourage you to do your own research and from there make an informed decision. A second part to this writing will be up in the next week or so, so subscribe here for free to be notified once it happens ! And check out our podcasts by clicking here !


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  1. You should research an article written in the Adelaide papers in the 1970 period about a number of murders. One of the members blew the whistle on a list of top ranking people.Nothing was ever done about it. Why. The people on the list held positions of extreme power at the time.

  2. It is unfortunate that the books of Nesta Webster are largely forgotten and neglected today. Even Churchill quoted from them!

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