Feminists Hide After Embarrassing Gender Diversity Test Results!

Feminists Hide After Embarrassing Gender Diversity Test Results!

Ever heard of the “nudge unit”? It’s a group in the PM’s office that aim to change the behaviour of Australians…and  boy have they failed miserably. The latest method to “combat” the invisible boogie man of gender inequality has failed hilariously, check it out…

The method being pushed is one of absolute idiocy and takes the format of ‘Blind Recruitment’, it is seen as an alternative to the intrusive gender quotas (set percentages of employees that must be female or male) that has been embraced by Deloitte’s, Ernst & Young, Victoria Police and Westpac….

Blind recruitment is the practice of only selecting from CV’s that have completely eliminated name, gender, ethnicity and background…which isn’t a bad idea…IF WE HAD A PROBLEM. The reason the ‘blind recruitment’ method is seen as a waste of time by those in the know, is because it does nothing more than attempt to shine light on a non – existing problem.

Furthermore, the man in charge of the trials, Professor Michael Hiscox, said the aim was to reveal the fact that without gender on the CV’s females would experience a higher employment success rate…oh how he was wrong.

“We anticipated this would have a positive impact on diversity — making it more likely that female candidates and those from ethnic minorities are selected for the shortlist,” he said.


Professor Hiscox, Harvard university


The “nudge unit” public service leaders are scurrying to hit the pause button on the trials, because the revelations from it supported just the opposite of what it intended. “We found the opposite, that de-identifying candidates reduced the likelihood of women being selected for the shortlist.” The professor said.

It gets worse…

When actually assigning names to the CVs that revealed gender, the trial found assigning a male name to a candidate made them 3.2 per cent less likely to get a job interview. Adding a woman’s name to a CV made the candidate 2.9 per cent more likely to get a foot in the door. HA !


Blind Recruitment is an alternative to gender quotas…


Humbly the Professor released a statement following the results, scared that an actual truth would be revealed about the sham that is inequality.

“We should hit pause and be very cautious about introducing this as a way of improving diversity, as it can have the opposite effect,” Professor Hiscox said.

Well, I don’t know what’s more worrying, the fact that these people are so adamant on making an issue about diversity in the workplace, the fact that when it showed men were less likely to get the job the study “paused”, or the fact we have a “nudge unit” who’s sole purpose is to instil behavioural change in everyday Australians…


The “nudge unit” that failed aims to “change Australians behaviour”


Either way, it is with great pleasure that we a the loud libertarian highlight when the radical left fail so badly. If you enjoy being alerted about the misfortunes of the snowflake generation…please support us by listening to our latest podcast about Australian Elites, Soros, and many other interesting topics click here!


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