Turnbull, If This Man Challenges You…You’re Gone.

Turnbull, If This Man Challenges You…You’re Gone.

If you’ve picked up a paper, watched the nightly news, listened to the radio on the way too work, you would be absolutely sick of talk about a possible leadership spill in the liberal party…and the possibility of the return of Abbott. However after polls show that Abbott is still not as popular this challenger is likely to rise… 

The names in the ring of rumours are senior conservative Peter Dutton…

Support is drastically changing for Turnbull, with several conservative Coalition MPs speaking out to vent their frustrations about policies on climate change, energy and the Gonski 2.0 schools’ funding overhaul in recent weeks, with Mr Abbott leading the charge.


Dutton would be a real challenger to Shorten…mainly because they disagree on things….


The heir apparent for conservatives is now locked in: Peter Dutton. Many conservatives were once prepared to face an “honourable defeat” under Turnbull and have Dutton the next cab off the rank…however in growing speculation of betrayal, and possible implosion of what once was Australia’s strongest conservative party…attitudes are changing.

Internal factional tensions absolutely exploded last week over frontbencher Christopher Pyne’s comments on same sex marriage and the rise of the party’s left, and who waltzed in the calm the waters…none other than  Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, he acknowledged the Liberals needed to move on or it would “consume” them. This does two things…falsely reassure Malcolm about his intentions, and paint himself as a senior figure who can “unite” the party.


After Turnbull’s arrogant comments today, which included “I’m going to be the PM for a very long time” I am hoping and praying that someone takes his place before it’s too late. A Turnbull government will be the worst thing for this country, especially if you look into the past of the left – wing sympathiser who truly believes in that of a global community over sovereignty.

History is also repeating itself as Nationals MP George Christensen even said some marriage equality supporters among the Liberals were ready to cross the floor. You don’t have to look back too far to remember when Turnbull did the very same thing in his protest against “lack” of climate change policy. The moderates once again showing just how left – wing they are, and how out – of – touch they are with their conservative base.


Pyne the man responsible for the leak that showed the left dominated the libs…


Let’s hope that in the coming months we start to see the chances of Turnbull ousted rise! After all the very excuse he used to oust Abbott is now apparent for himself…the Turnbull Government has now trailed Labor in 14 consecutive polls. That gives Malcolm Turnbull a year and a half (if not sooner) to turn things around completely.

Now we want to send Turnbull a message, so we’ve created a poll a “real news” poll fro preferred LNP leader, between Turnbull, Dutton and Abbott. So fill it out and we’ll be sure to send it in to the right people 😉

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10 thoughts on “Turnbull, If This Man Challenges You…You’re Gone.

  1. I’m not in the least surprised that turncoat is rated dead last and the stick-insect/cockroach is also struggling for relevancy.

  2. I wonder if Pyne will jump ship and “pledge my full loyalty to Peter Dutton”? Not one to be sarcastic, but I try hard. By his actions, and comments, Pyne has become what seems like a political tart. Funny I do recall he pledged his total support for Abbott at one stage…funny about that.

  3. Abbott is the only one who hasn’t crawled up Turnbull’s backside. He isn’t popular because he says it how it is. Turnbull and the others have to many players they owe to much to.

  4. Whatever happens ,are there enough Liberal conservatives to fill the benches? I don’t feel xafe voting Liberal now. Totally against globalization, which has been revealed to have a sinister economic and power based core, not the idealistic one world village ,so no reason for war idea originally sold

  5. Turnbull must go and take Bishop, Corman, Keenan and Porter with him, none of them are there for the people, they are there for themselves, career politicians

  6. Tony Abbott is the only one to lead this party and country.You can now add Dutton to Cormann Porter Keenan Bishop Payne and Pyne also Sinodinos.

  7. I’ve always respected Tony, but I reckon that Dutton is the coalitions best chance now. Tony would make a good foreign minister – he puts Aussie interests first.

  8. In my books, Dutton lacks a human side to his nature. He doesn’t seem to have any sense of humour.
    He comes across as much more suited to an attack dog, & hardline cop type.
    His forceful characteristics might look good when compared to dithering Turnbull.
    But as PM, Ive got no doubt these same aggressive characteristics would make him the most hated man in the country in a short space of time.
    He doesn’t seem to care if people don’t like him or agree with him. This alone makes for a perfect recipe for a future disaster as PM.

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