Germans Are Protesting the Australian Government…Here’s Why

Germans Are Protesting the Australian Government…Here’s Why

This is new, the Australian government being the subject of protests in Germany…the nation that rarely causes ripples in international waters could be spear – heading one of the most controversial security measures of modern times.


Prime Minister Turnbull has left today for Germany, bound for the G20 summit. At the height of his agenda is counter – terrorism, more specifically working to decrypt online messaging via social media when trying to catch terrorist. In – fact so adamant about making this reality, Turnbull is expected to urge action from President Trump himself on the matter, as the two have scheduled to hold unofficial talks on the side at the G20 summit.


G20 summit, where Turnbull is set to spear – head decryption laws


Now this issue is very controversial and here’s why, encryption is a method of preventing data from being accessed by third parties. Most websites use encryption to protect its users, this ranges from email providers to messaging apps. To put it simply, encryption protects our privacy, and the government wants to have a ‘backdoor’ which will act as an access point to the data.


Besides the obvious attack on our civil liberties, and an addition to the rise of a Big Brother government…privacy and civil liberties advocates have warned that moves to decrypt communications would simply push terrorists onto other technology platforms whilst having negative consequences for financial transactions, online commerce, and security of personal data. Not to mention the fact that as we speak, the Australian Federal Police are investigating reports that all Australians Medicare details are being sold online via the dark web…how’s that for security and decryption laws haven’t even begun yet.


Medicare details of every Australia are currently being sold online…


About 8000 protesters are expected to converge on Hamburg as Chancellor Angela Merkel hosts the leaders of 20 major advanced and developing economies on Friday and Saturday, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said on Tuesday. And to combat that some 20,000 police will be on duty.


‘There is evidence that the acts of violence around the G20 summit that we had expected and feared will take place,’ said Ralf Martin Meyer, president of Hamburg’s police.


G20 Summits always attract protests…this year Australia will be a target


I am extremely happy that such protests are taking place, especially after the arrogance our politicians have shown in regards to these laws. Arrogance that Senator Brandis displayed best when he had this to say on the matter, “In the Facebook generation, where people are putting more of their own personal data out there, I think there is an entirely different attitude to privacy amongst young people than there was a generation or two ago.”


And it’s not just the moderate – libs that are taking charge on this, of course Labor are as well, with front bench MP Ed Husic quoted saying, “It’s striking balance, I think the public is willing, more open to the notion that if we have to sacrifice some our liberties to protect ourselves, we are willing to do it.” The MP literally stated exactly what every free Australian does NOT WANT.


Arrogant Brandis says the facebook generation won’t mind…like hell we won’t


Where does the buck stop? Why in the world is the solution the government has come up with to combat terrorism, a solution that intrudes on their own citizens’ freedoms…suspicious? You should be. This was so predictable, the government makes the problem with lax laws against perpetrators and failed policy and solves the problem with strict laws on the victims…US. We’ve seen this over and over again and we cannot sit idle and let these people tread on us.



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