Turnbull Receives Globalist Award for “Open” Policies…

Turnbull Receives Globalist Award for “Open” Policies…


Yes, you read the title correctly, the supposedly “conservative” Malcolm Turnbull has yet again shown just how left – wing he truly is. Today he is set to receive the elitist Disraeli award, and the reason why will surely send Liberal party members running for the hills…


Turnbull will officially be receiving the 2017 Disraeli award for his positive “stance on issues such as same – sex marriage, abortion, renewable energy targets and emissions intensity schemes” said a representative of the award. In alignment with this the Disraeli representatives went on to commend him on his “tension with more conservative – leaning members of his party.” However it is not even for these reasons that the award will deepen cracks in the liberal party, it is that the award is predominantly for his “strong non – discriminatory immigration policy…helping make Australia a land of opportunity for people all over the world…”


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Now I am not here to push an agenda of anti – immigration, but in light over recent years, that have highlighted obvious need for reform in aspects of the immigration process, such awards for leniency in immigration policy are unsettling to say the least. In alignment with this being celebrated for the strong support of predominantly left – wing ideologies will certainly be met with further conservative backlash…and more of the inconvenient truth that our liberal party is truly run by globalist lefties.


All the while Tony Abbott has ramped up his anti – Turnbull rhetoric to the max. This week when discussing domestic politics Tony Abbott has continued commentary about government failings alongside ministers and MPs lining up to expose Turnbull for what he truly is…a fake conservative.


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Abbott has been continually vocal against the direction of the liberal party…



The Disraeli prize is known for it’s long list of pro – globalism, pro – big government, pro – intervention speakers. General David Petraeus, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency being one of them. In 2013, Petraeus attended the Bilderberg Group conference to push the “big data” agenda of the elite. “The discussion about ‘big data’ is also likely to cover how social media can be used to launch more faux revolutions and social movements as it was in Egypt, which was aided in no small part by Google,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote at the time.


Right now Turnbull is lapping up to G20 leaders, spewing his anti – privacy plan to decrypt Australians online privacy in the name of counter – terrorism. That’s right, not amend current immigration policy…infringe on your right to privacy in the name of security.


Merkel looking lovingly into Turnbull’s eyes…


Let’s just say Trump wasn’t running to say hi to Turnbull, after all this is their first meeting since the infamous leak of our PM mocking President Trump. With this award under his belt, Turnbull strengthens the proof that he and Trump are truly polar opposites…something we don’t want to hear.



Turnbull continues to undermine the policies of the conservative government of Australia, reassuring the left – wing audience he dances for remain impressed with his on – going sabotage. Australia is truly stuck in the middle of a left – left divide, really giving no power to those who wish to nurture tradition as well as protect social and economic freedoms. The minors look to be playing even more of a part in an upcoming election, and with a double dissolution heading our way that may be sooner then ever…let’s hope there is some serious liberal reform if not alternative minors will become powerful and to be honest that’s not such a bad idea. To support our growing readership and supports of conservative – libertarian values don’t forget to subscribe for free by clicking here. 



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