Shortens Alliance With This Shocking Secret Society!

Shortens Alliance With This Shocking Secret Society!


Now Australia is not known for it’s secret societies, but is that because there are none? Or because they are very good at staying quiet. We have decided to look into the shady past of one of Australia’s oldest societies and revel the shocking plans it has for our country, we hope for nothing more than the word to be spread and citizen vigilance to remain high whenever a member of this group is in the spotlight.


The Australian Fabian Society, inspired by the Fabian society in the UK is dedicated to the advancement of socialist agendas through gradual influence and patient promotion of socialist ideas, promotion to those in intellectual and political arenas. That is the goal of this group and has been the goal for a very long time, and if you don’t believe us all you have to do is go to their website where they are now confident enough to be open about their agenda.



The Fabian Emblem, a literal Wolf in Sheeps clothing…


If you’ve never heard of them before, it’s not surprising they are an extremely shadowy group, who aim to work behind the scenes manipulating governments, and planning routes for their members into the ring of power. To put it plainly, the fabians are “soft” communists, with an aim to have the government in control of the means of production, distribution and exchange. Fabian socialism by definition is ‘creeping socialism’. So when you hear that some of the most powerful Australians to lead this country were members of this group, you SHOULD be worried.



The Australian Fabians have four general aims:

  1. To contribute to a renaissance of left of centre and progressive thought, by generating and disseminating ideas that are original, meet the challenge of the times, and are of high intellectual quality.


  1. To contribute, by getting these ideas into the public domain, to the creation of a left of centre political culture and consensus.



  1. To help create an active movement of people identifying with the left of centre and engaged in political debate.


  1. To influence the ideas and policies of the Labor Party (and other parties) and Labor Governments to encourage progressive reform in practice.



Their second emblem, resembling the slow but gradual rise of socialism…


On September 5, 1884, George Bernard Shaw (One of the first active members of the society) contributed the second important Fabian Tract, titled A Manifesto, which presented opinions, later known as ‘Principles of Fabianism‘. The most important ‘principles’ are be summarized below:

  • Land and capital have created the division of society into hostile classes, with large appetites and no dinners at one extreme and large dinners and no appetites at the other.
  • Nationalisation of land is a public duty.
  • Capitalism has ceased to encourage invention and to distribute its benefits in the fairest way attainable. Under the existing system of the national industry, competition has the effect of rendering adulteration, dishonest dealing, and inhumanity compulsory.
  • The Public Revenue should be levied by a direct Tax.
  • The State should compete with private individuals — especially with parents — in providing happy homes for children, so that every child may have a refuge from the tyranny or neglect of its natural custodians.
  • The sexes should enjoy equal political rights.
  • The State should secure a free, liberal education for everybody.


That’s right, blaming private property for divisions in society, abolishing private property all together, getting rid of capitalism, promoting equality amongst the sexes (yes these people were the hand in the political correctness movement we see today) and worst of all, the right of the state to intervene and take away your child if deemed necessary…




Now it is important to note, that these people don’t believe in nationalism, no, they lean more towards the side of international socialism…a global governance. Anyone who has read the communist manifesto, one of the leading steps to total communism is a socialist dictatorship…much like that seen in the Soviet Union. It’s also important to note that these people use peace, equality, anti – racism as a political tool to justify government intervention…in actual fact socialism does nothing but allow for the elite to resume and grow their power, by simply limiting the competition to the laws of the state.


Let’s look into the past members of the society, and how close we as Australians have come to total socialism. The most prominent recent member of the society is none other than Julia Gillard. Julia Gillard was elected into office and she was a self – confessed member of a pro communist society, quoted in an ABC interview saying, “I was a full time university student, and had a part time job for an organisation called the Socialist Forum…it ultimately amalgamated with the Fabian Society.”


And others;


  1. Gough Whitlam (ALP Prime Minister 1972–75)
  2. Bob Hawke (ALP Prime Minister 1983–1991)
  3. Paul Keating (ALP Prime Minister 1991–1996)
  4. John Cain (ALP Premier of Victoria)
  5. Jim Cairns (ALP Deputy Prime Minister)
  6. Don Dunstan (ALP Premier of South Australia)
  7. Geoff Gallop (ALP Premier of Western Australia)
  8. Neville Wran (ALP Premier of NSW 1976–86)
  9. Frank Crean (ALP Deputy Prime Minister)
  10. Arthur Calwell (ALP Former Leader)
  11. Race Mathews (ALP MHR and Victorian MLA)
  12. John Faulkner (ALP Senator and National President)
  13. John Lenders (ALP Treasurer of Victoria)
  14. Clarrie Martin (ALP Attorney General of New South Wales)
  15. Tanya Plibersek (Deputy Leader for Sydney (ALP) 1998– )
  16. Kevin Rudd





Starting to get the picture? So why is the move to push sensitivity amongst it’s citizens good for the socialist society? Well it’s simple, if people feel helpless and overly sensitive to comments of others, then it gives the state an excuse to intervene and instil behavioural changes amongst it’s own people. After all, did you know there is a very quiet department in the PMs office called the “nudge unit” who operate on that very premise? It’s true, in fact they’re the ones responsible for the new “blind recruitment” process being trialled right now.


There is a reason we are very worried right now, and it’s because Bill Shorten, the current opposition leader, and potential new leader of the party IS in fact a fabian himself. Do your research if you don’t believe me. The man is a devout member and thus indoctrinated by the group and set to enforce their agenda. As mush as we hate Turnbull, we would NEVER promote voting Labor a vote for ALP is a vote for the Fabians, and you won’t catch us dead doing that. Remember the spill about socialism leaving the elite in power? Well all you have to look at is Bill Shortens past as AWU leader to see how he received payments from corporations in the name of representing the workers…


Hear of Bill’s plans to bring back the carbon tax? The last person I heard that from was Gillard herself and other Fabian. The carbon tax…another way for the fabians to justify adherence to the state and push their agenda of government intervention. What if I told you I hold a book in my hand, written by a famous Australian Fabian that details the plan to use the environment as a way to push socialism…see the picture below.




So take from this what you will, but realise that these people do not have your interest at hand, they despise freedom, they despise free speech, they are the movement behind silencing the right they are the movement behind anti – capitalism, they are the movement behind anti – religion and YOU are the only force that can stop them. So subscribe for free by clicking here and show your allegiance to freedom of speech, sovereignty and patriotism, because there is nothing they hate more.



The Loud Libertarian



8 thoughts on “Shortens Alliance With This Shocking Secret Society!

  1. I totally agree with you. But are you sure John Howard is a member? Their influence is causing through the family court system set up by Whitlam to alienate fathers from their children thereby making them to continue in bad marriages because they know their children will be taken from them. This i think is causing most of the” family violence that in happening. If fathers leave they know the score 70% of separated fathers loose all contact with their children after 4 years.

  2. You have to look .
    Into famy law as to the reason for fathers losing contact with kids.
    Child support agency also has many questions to answer.
    Then we have criminal law with regards to VROs.
    The police tell Dads its ok it gets sorted out at family court level..not true.
    The family court in many cases should be held
    “In contempt ” of the very law of that, which it should apply fairly in a clear, transparent
    Unbiased manner.
    So should the VRO act.
    Please dont misunderstand .
    I dont stand for violence against those male or female.
    Still its a very common tool. to use these “vros
    In the Family court by one part on another.
    Thus giving the court no position other than to
    Impose restrictions on the restrained person
    With regards to children’s matters.
    Therefore alienate the parent from what would be normal every day rites.

  3. Then again, you have another secret society, the Freemasons, of which Whitlam and Menzies, George Washington and many other political elites were members of. They were secret until in the 19th century an American journalist infiltrated them then published all their secrets. When he mysteriously disappeared a short time later in sinister circumstances, an Anti-Masonic Party was formed but the most support it could gain was about 40% of the vote, so it faded into oblivion. With secret societies the power they give each other is the power they take of you.

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