BREAKING: Turnbull Just Introduced His First Socialist Policy

BREAKING: Turnbull Just Introduced His First Socialist Policy

When Julia Gillard entered we knew she wouldn’t leave until she incorporated some sort of wealth distribution agenda. Why? Because she was a born and raised socialist, according to The Daily Telegraph documents show that Malcolm Turnbull has shown his true colours….


A new ‘Carbon Tax’ has just been proposed by the Turnbull government.


This is no lie, the only difference is that instead of this having an affect on your energy bill, you will be feeling the effects when you buy your next car. That’s right, the Turnbull Government has proposed a new ‘carbon tax’ on cars that will push up the price of Australia’s most popular cars by more than $5000, according to industry estimates.


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Leaked Carbon Tax proposal as shown by the Daily Telegraph…


According to the Australian Automobile Association;

“This would be one of the most extreme efficiency standards in the world and will lead to car prices going up and motorists having fewer cars to choose from,” Australian Automobile Association chief executive officer Michael Bradley said.

“There is no escaping the fact that if the government pushes ahead with this proposal it will mean more expensive cars.”


There is no denying just how much this will affect the lifestyle of Australians, everyday people, business men, workers, families…just another drain on citizens in the name of global warming.


“While the full ramifications of this proposed standard are still being assessed, the industry’s immediate view is it would severely impact on the work, utility and lifestyle options of Australian consumers by adding thousands of dollars in emission “penalties” to the current price of an average one tonne light commercial or medium-sized SUV,”the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries’ acting chief executive Tony McDonald said.


The common corolla could be thousands of dollars more expensive…


According to Industry models conducted by the Daily Telegraph, it will be $2442 more expensive to buy a Ford Ranger, $3925 more for a Toyota Corolla ascent and $5770 more for a Hyundai i30.


Any spike in new car prices, such as this proposal would accumulate, and over the next four years would effectively pass on major cost increases to industry. Companies operating large fleets would have no option to pass these additional costs onto consumers…Cheers Malcolm.


new york times graphic 13.jpg
Malcolm’s tribute to socialism is officially beginning…


There is no denying this is nothing short of the socialist roots we truly know our PM comes from. Interesting fact did you know, if we had a genuine industry carbon tax…not the car one but one the scale of Julia Gillard’s the temperature drop would be so incremental it would be impossible to read on a thermometer…IN FACT did you know if Australia literally shut down every carbon producing industry, the result would be the same? Now take that on board and realise that Malcolm Turnbull has probably just proposed the most useless carbon tax ever.


But that won’t faze Turnbull one bit. The design of a carbon tax shows that it can be explained by only one rational objective: to take money from some and give it to others, true socialism. The real tragedy here is the Australian community didn’t have the opportunity to engage in this debate…it took leaked papers to the Daily Telegraph for us to find out…we will continue to monitor this breaking story so ensure you subscribe for free by clicking here.


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6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Turnbull Just Introduced His First Socialist Policy

  1. It comes down, now in Australian politics, that we need Hanson and Bernadi as conservatives and people in touch with the “person in the street” to get the balance of power and work with a minority Coalition Government…as Turnbull will certainly lose the next election and should, in honour, fall on his political sword. There is no representation for conservative Australians, pensioners and the poor in this Parliament. Turnbull is the worst Liberal P.M. and most facile, this country has…and I hope WILL ever know.


  3. With socialism which has been pushed and praised and force fed to our younger generation through our schools and Universities as being so wonderful. Well there is not vote no choice no freedom no reward for achieving no voice, your told what to do were to live how to live you own nothing the un elected swill have full power, unless like Gillard you were born to the elite power hungry pigs that despise regular workers.

  4. Turdbull only has his own interest at heart along with his millionaire wife supplying vaccination drugs indeed a conflict of interest.It was not the people of Australia that voted Turdbull in it was inhouse voting after Abbott was shafted and I am happy Abbott is giving Turdbull a hard time.The only way to get ahead is dissolve government and rebuild with a person that has ONLY Australia,s best interest at heart

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