Shorten’s Ultimate Embarrassment

Shorten’s Ultimate Embarrassment

Bill Shorten, the man who’s claim to power is nothing more than the goal of gender equality in the workplace has officially fallen flat on his face after a recent ALP report demonstrates exactly the opposite…


In 2015 the leader of the opposition made gender equality a “priority” saying, “It’s a smart thing to do if we want to be a modern party.” Well Bill, the results are in, and if we go by your stance of equality, the Labor party is in the stone age. Again the left are using these issues as as political tools to land them a seat in the circle of power, without realizing that everyday Australians have more important things to worry about.



Shorten has made feminism a central part of his campaign….



An affirmative action report, obtained by The Weekend Australian, that was presented at the national labor women’s conference in June gave an absolutely damning assessment of gender representation in the party’s national secretariat.


The funniest part is, the level being negatively reviewed is the level Bill Shorten is responsible for. The assessment reveals that only 17% of national officeholders were women. The Labor implemented affirmative –action regime gave the level a failing grade of “needs attention.” You simply cannot make things this good up.



It seems the only women in high positions are the ones the public can see…



When will the left realize, neo – feminism is an asinine cause, and the only regulation for any employer should be hire the person that’s best for the job. The embarrassment to Bill who has built his campaign around feminism is monumental, and the mainstream media is to busy bashing Abbott for being “too conservative.”


The report also goes on to shows that South Australia, Queensland and NSW lag other branches in promoting women into state parliament. Just 29 per cent of state shadow ministers in NSW are women.


It get’s better, the report went on to explain that party was filled with “sexism” and had a “boys club mentality.” Claiming that women of the party faced a systemic, cultural and rules – based barrier to full participation. Oh the hypocrisy.


And you have the ALP pushing gender quotas on the private sector? Please, if the law makers can get away with it, don’t start pointing fingers at private citizens.


Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 3.00.46 PM.png
How’s that gender split going Bill…2 years later and no change.



To be brutally honest, I think there is no problem with the stats this report has found, my problem doesn’t lay with the percentage of women in that level of government…no, my problem is with the Labor party trying to enforce the issue of gender equality and then not practicing what they preach. There are more men in politics it’s that simple, where’s the affirmative action in the fashion industry? Hairdressing industry? Cosmetics Industry? Liberal media? That’s right it doesn’t exist because those are female – dominated industries.


If any of you read our previous article about feminism you would have also realized how the issue of gender equality is basically non – existent.


The method being pushed by the governments “nudge unit” is one of absolute idiocy and takes the format of ‘Blind Recruitment’, it is seen as an alternative to the intrusive gender quotas (set percentages of employees that must be female or male) that has been embraced by Deloitte’s, Ernst & Young, Victoria Police and Westpac….


Blind recruitment is the practice of only selecting from CV’s that have completely eliminated name, gender, ethnicity and background…which isn’t a bad idea…IF WE HAD A PROBLEM. The reason the ‘blind recruitment’ method is seen as a waste of time by those in the know, is because it does nothing more than attempt to shine light on a non – existing problem.


name_blind_CVs (1).jpg


However, the “nudge unit” public service leaders are scurrying to hit the pause button on the trials, because the revelations from it supported just the opposite of what it intended. “We found the opposite, that de-identifying candidates reduced the likelihood of women being selected for the shortlist.” The professor said.

It gets worse…

When actually assigning names to the CVs that revealed gender, the trial found assigning a male name to a candidate made them 3.2 per cent less likely to get a job interview. Adding a woman’s name to a CV made the candidate 2.9 per cent more likely to get a foot in the door. HA !


So to Bill I say, serves you right. The expert – hypocrite has been caught red – handed and outed by his own appointed committee. This should prove nothing more than the fact that most of what the ALP claim to care about is absolute bullshit and put in place to gain a popular vote amongst another minority…neo – feminists. For articles like this and more, please remember to subscribe for free by clicking here.


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  1. Bloody over this gender equality crap, if your good enough to do the job prove it without expecting a golden handshake.

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