Sydney University Courses “Pushes Recognition of Sharia Law”

Sydney University Courses “Pushes Recognition of Sharia Law”

Oh the tertiary elite, those who spent 10 – 15 years in Uni in the name of knowing all but really leave knowing nil. Well, an insight into Sydney Uni’s legal department will shock you as you discover what they’ve been teaching students…


Widely considered to be the most prestigious, elitist Australian law school, Sydney Uni has adopted two courses which could set a precedence for legal studies across the country. The controversial courses actually push for elements of Sharia law to be recognised in our legal system, two stand out “elements” include polygamy and lowering the age of consent.



Should we learnt o accept scenes like this?



One of the courses are titles ‘Muslim Minorities and the Law’, the text used in the course is a book written by Salim Farrar, and Dr. Ghena Krayem. The overall claim of the book is that ‘sharia and common law are not inherently incompatible,’ as per The Daily Telegraph.


Now when analysing this, one can understand the expansion of cultural knowledge students should undertake…but things really take a turn when the authors of the text call for a notion of ‘recognition’ of sharia law.


On top of this the subject of polygamy is discussed, pushing for research into whether the practise should be legally recognised in Australia, according to ten eyewitness news. So far this seems to be a direct attack on Australian conservative values and laws, and it comes as no surprise that the it stems from a radically left – wing group of intellectuals.


It truly is a shame that these people wish to antagonise the rest of us, especially when there are plenty of Muslims out there who DO NOT push the agenda of Sharia law in Australia, sometimes it seems the cultural elite feel they have to break the status quo, or push the boundaries of societal morals in order to feel empowered.



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When looking into the courses offered a little further, the second of the course in Mr. Farrar’s undergraduate class ‘Introduction to Islamic Law’ according to ten eye witness news, the class will seek to explain the relationship between the laws of Muslim states and other predominantly non – Muslim states such as Australia. Essentially trying to convince the students that Sharia law can in fact be compared to the laws that govern our nation, and therefore can co – exist.


The book that is being noted as the guide for these courses states “there is no minimum age for a contract of marriage, but it should not be consummated if that would cause harm to the putative spouse.” Wow. So essentially we should respect a marriage between an adult and child, as long as by some definition the child is not harmed? Who defines the harm of the child?


Again, it is important to note that not all Muslims think this way, in fact the majority of them don’t, so why under the law – school curriculum are we indoctrinating university students to think in a certain way that will surely have dire affects on our society as they become prominent members of the law community.



Dr. Ghena Krayem also teaches one of the courses at the uni…



The University of Sydney have released a statement regarding the courses.


Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stephen Garton, said “it is an important element of any world-class law school curriculum to provide comparative law options as part of that program and the University of Sydney offers courses in areas such as Japanese Law, Chinese Law, US Law, European legal systems, Roman Law and much more.”
“Units on Islamic law and legal systems are a commonplace and legitimate part of any comparative legal systems curriculum and are designed to equip our students to function effectively in many international contexts and appreciate many of the different legal traditions that might be relevant as part of functioning in a global context,” the statement said.


The pattern of radical left –wing university professors is rapidly growing, where in the US there is now a 12:1 ration of left – wing to conservative professors. Australia, in my opinion is very close, if not there…it was just a couple of months ago that Melbourne university held workshops on how to be less manly, and Sydney Uni shut down a screening of the men’s rights movie “red pill”, there is a dangerous movement coming out of these places. It is thanks to readers like yourselves, patriots, people who wish to nurture the very values that made this country great that we are able to push back against excessive liberation.


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