What The Hell Is Going On!

What The Hell Is Going On!

Ok, so I get home today, ready to read over the daily news and expected to see a few new stories, maybe a little more in – house liberal fighting, Bill Shorten raving on about penalty rates and Turnbull trying to convince us he’s still conservative, instead I have read about some of the scariest things ever to happen to our nation…and NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT.


The creation of a new super – national security department?


That’s right, the Turnbull government is now poised to go ahead with the creation of a national security super-department that would MERGER TOGETHER ASIO, the Australian Federal Police, Australian Border Force and other agencies. Do you understand how dangerous this is?


There are VERY compelling reasons why the separation of powers on an enduring basis is a good thing!  Concentrating these powers into one big “super” security agency will definitely cause concerns about just how that power may be used inappropriately.


Dutton is said to be heading the new department if it goes through…


This should not be something Turnbull just whips up in a last – minute effort to make Peter Dutton happy. This is nothing short of an authoritarian stance on domestic security. Who will keeping these agencies in check, now that they are all merged into one? Who will be overseeing what will become the most powerful force in Australia?


John Blaxland, a security and intelligence expert from the Australian National University who has co-written the official history of ASIO, said power should not be concentrated so heavily with one minister and department.


We are talking about an absolute super – power, and to the readers of the loud libertarian, if there is one thing we hate more than anything it is the iron triangle. Never heard of it? It’s the relationship between lobbyists, government and bureaucrats…interest groups provide electoral support to a candidate, the candidate dedicates funding and political support to bureaucrats, bureaucrats lower regulations and provide special favours to interest groups…now imagine one department headed by one man and the power that man would have.


If this isn’t worrying enough for you, then don’t look past homeland security in the US, the NSA more specifically, that got so power – crazed they developed the prism program, which included a mass monitoring of american citizens, on all levels. In a way, the power they had allowed them to blackmail good people in the name of security, ease – of – access to any information needed and absolute abuse of powers, eventually leaked by Edward Snowden for the world to see.


The debate will take place in parliament this week. Attorney-General George Brandis, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Justice Minister Michael Keenan and Defence Minister Marise Payne are all understood to oppose the idea.

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Now that Brandis is talking about decrypting our private messages, the ASIO and AFP have access to metadata and the five eyes program still going strong, our right to privacy has never been so threatened. Are we going to sit back and let this totalitarian – style move towards domestic security? When will our government realise that the answer to terrorism isn’t infringing on our freedoms! When will we realise that our government is using our fear to instil tyranny…

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8 thoughts on “What The Hell Is Going On!

  1. Mr prime Minister, you have been elected by the people of Australia to run this country for us.. Why don`t you try asking if it`s O.K. to do these things..??

    1. 1. No, the people of Australia did not elect the prime Minister (you can only elect your own electorate’s representative) (currently a political party chooses a ‘prime minister’) (and if we choose it’s all about the individual in comparison to the many) Then we do have a problem!

      2. Why would you ask the people who enforce nothing because we know nothing (we may think we do!)
      When we don’t even know our own constitution, therefore we have none! And we again will allow ourselves to be mislead into believing the current system doesn’t work (it doesn’t work because we didn’t individually take the required time to understand it, to enforce it’s power for our benefit as it was designed and adopted to do.) So the next thing we will be led down the path of a republic. Why? Because we can’t be bothered using the things that were given to us until it’s to late and they were allowed to be taken from us even with our miss guided blessing!

    2. The Prime Minister was not elected, originally and he only scraped through the last election because no one wanted labor to be in charge.

  2. Are you related to the megalomaniac that runs North Korea, has that been your agenda all along to become Australia’s first dictator.

  3. Well you never know when the slaves are going to turn on you, you must have protection from that, remember little Johnny’s gun buy back, that didn’t work, cost the taxpayers millions, Turnbull would be looking out for himself, his safety ,just in case we finally say enough is enough.

  4. So they started with the Ministry of Love… now lets create the Ministries of Truth, Peace and Plenty and the re-enactment of 1984 is complete.

    1. Actually ABC is well suited for the Ministry of Truth… half the job’s done already. Wow. Every generation is one step away from slavery…

  5. He is scared of planet X. What will happen 23rd of September 2017? Get Ready The Revelation 12 Sign 23rd of September 2017

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