Australia BEWARE State – Run Media Is Near!

Australia BEWARE State – Run Media Is Near!

Every now and then you may see an ad on TV that shows the mother putting the dishes in the dishwasher, the father mowing the lawn outside, the little girl playing with a barbie doll and the little boy playing with the latest hot wheels…did you relate to those ads? If you did…YOU’RE A SEXIST!


You heard me…according to UK psychology reports and opinions the advertising industry is responsible for the stereotypes we see today, not human nature, not the normal family, no, advertisements.


According to UK advertising psychologist expert, “It is the marketers that have created those gender stereotypes…. that means removing restrictions that they place, funnelling girls down one route funnelling boys down the other…”


Basically what has been said, is that people are so stupid, we model what we see in washing detergent ads, yes exactly, when I was 10 and I saw Crazy John on TV I knew I wanted to be a phone salesman, and my little sister knew she wanted to be a housewife when the latest OMO ad hit our screens…give me a break.



Man failing at laundry…BANNED!



The Advertising Standards Authority in the UK (ASA) have conducted research and have come to the decision of labelling these stereotypes as “harmful”, as well as blaming them for “driving unfair outcomes.”


Research report author Ella Smilie told Sky News: “We know that depicting gender stereotypes in ads has the potential to reinforce expectations as to how groups or individuals should look or behave because of their gender – and that can have a potentially harmful effect on the way people consider their own aspirations and potential, as well as their expectations as to how others should behave.”


Well thanks for that insight Ella, I’ll be sure to cover my little brother’s eyes next time an Australian Labor Party ad comes on! God forbid he turns out like Shorten!



“Big Boys don’t cry”…..BANNED



The new guidelines are so strict that there is an actual ban on certain scenarios. Scenarios that are banned include a woman clearing up a family mess. Or a man failing to do basic household chores…is this not state censorship? Is this just one more step towards Marxism? As a libertarian I can’t justify these guidelines AT ALL.


Unfortunately, the marketing industry is fool of left – wing radicals who have welcomed the guidelines with open arms.


According to Sky News, Jamie Williams, a partner at London-based Isobel, said: “I think now we talk about this a lot and we understand it a lot.

“Certainly within our agency, looking at roles within the content we produce is really important so are we reflecting society accurately, who are, what is the make up of our cast.”


Get that into ya…advertising authority!


The tough new guidelines/standards will come into full force next year, and any ad that breaches them will be removed. The push to regulating marketing and advertising standards so that they represent the “reality” of what it is to be a human being is sickening. Especially when that view of humanity is determined by only a certain amount of people. Which begs the question, who is defining the stereotypes of women and men, now that the one human nature developed are illegal?


Are these regulations stipulating that my own mother isn’t normal because she decided to be a home – maker? Or that my brother should be ashamed to want to be a builder?


Karl Marx’s dream is slowly coming to fruition; this is truly a step towards state – run media. I think it is imperative that we as Australians stay alert to these things, especially since recent events show how much we like to copy the UK (recent merging of security agencies…copied from UK).


Australia we are not too far off, with people like Tim Soutphommassane from the Human Rights Commission claiming that TV presenters and leadership roles within businesses were not diverse enough, echoes of new guidelines have already arisen.


According to the HRC reports there are too many Anglo-­Celtic faces running Australia: AHRC. So what’s next? A ban on Media personalities who are white? Or nationality quotas within businesses…this is a very slippery slope and one I wish not to ride.


Be very careful Australia…these regulations are becoming ridiculous and our government, bureaucrats and opinion leaders are all revealing there censorship agendas. There is a full force attack on freedom of speech so remember, censorship is like stopping a man from eating a steak, because a baby can’t chew it. Don’t forget to join the fight and subscribe for free by clicking here, we love our readers and want to have you part of the team so subscribe today!


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  1. The old EQUAL OUTCOME instead of EQUAL OPPORTUNITY BULLSHIT again. Like Labor saying they want 50 percent women Ministers in their party by 2020 is DISCRIMINATION against men as they are going for OUTCOME to look and feel good, instead of MERIT for the job being the deciding factor. They want more corporate leaders, politicians and stem workers to be FEMALE to REPRESENT society EVENLY (as women are half the population) yet you don’t hear them say they need more female GARBOS, coal miners, construction workers or any job they find beneath them, too hard, too dirty or not financially beneficial. I haven’t heard an OUTCRY about how FEMALES dominate the health and human sciences jobs like nursing, teaching etc and MORE MALES should get PREFERENCE for those jobs to REPRESENT society EVENLY. Also what’s next? There are 2 per cent of the population that are MUSLIMS so that should be represented in positions of gov too, what about GAYS? Do we need to make sure they are represented accordingly? Asians? Aboriginals? Pedos? People with a mental illness? When will it stop? When will it sink in that EVERYTHING should be based on who is most QUALIFIED for the position, even if that means all positions are filled by men. If you have equal opportunity then anyone can apply for that job, position. You want the best 50 to work for you, so you judge them on their MERITS and SUITABILITY to the JOB REQUIREMENTS and CRITERIA. Sometimes it might work out that 25 are male and 25 female (EQUAL OUTCOME) but more often than not it won’t. That is because MEN and WOMEN have different STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES and depending on the job requirements one sex will be more suited than the other. If you needed the FASTEST 10 times over 100 metres and you apply EQUAL OPPURTUNITY, then as many WOMEN who wanted to run COULD do so. 1000 WOMEN and 10 MEN apply to run. The results come in and the 10 fastest were MEN. No discrimination, all on MERIT. IF you apply EQUAL OUTCOME than 5 WOMEN and 5 MEN would have to fill those positions. 5 MEN who ran faster (or are more qualified for a job) have now been discriminated against just so it LOOKS GOOD.

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