Secret, Shocking Underground World Discovered In Australia

Secret, Shocking Underground World Discovered In Australia

I don’t care if these articles kill me…after all you only know a man by his enemies, and I hope by the end of this article you realise who my enemies are…Once a month I promise to speak of that which has been hidden from plain view for thousands of years. The occult is present in all corners of the world and Australia is no stranger to this mysterious hidden knowledge. Tonight you will become a much more informed human being, knowing what to look out for, and just how impactful the occult is in Australia.




The occult can be simply defined as “hidden knowledge” to the world of the metaphysical when we talk occult we talk modern witchcraft, black magic, paganism, new – age religion etc…In Australia, modern witchcraft differs from the rest of the world in terms it’s origins. The modern – day obsession you see with the supernatural, came about due a very peculiar artist, who went by the name of Rosaleen Norton. Australia’s “queen of the occult”, an exotic bohemian artist who caused public – outcry from her paintings of naked gods and goddesses. She went on to proclaim her allegiance the Greek God Pan, and described herself as the “Witch of Kings Cross”.


Rosaleen Norton next to one of her paintings…


After the elite caught a whiff of Rosaleens’ art they started to finance it, eventually turning her art into a red leather bound book known as “The Art Of Rosaleen Norton”. Speaking to national publications, Rosaleen would excite the public stating she was an “authentic pagan witch”. She would go on to establish the very first with coven (group of those who practice witchcraft, similar to that f a church) and attracted the cultural elit Euguene Goosens (then conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra). Poor Eugene was so caught up n the coven that it led to his dismissal as conductor and deportation back to England.


Rosaleen is just a part of this story, the real scary truths come after her death, she may have started the new – age movement with a bang, but it was her death that led to the ultimate flourishing of paganism, witchcraft, the occult and covens throughout Sydney and Perth…


“Many of those who were now believers came confessing and divulging their practices. And a number of those who practiced magic arts brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all . . . So the word of the Lord grew and prevailed mightily.” – Acts 19 : 18 


Excerpt from Rosaleen Nortons book…


The next character of our story is a German man named Gwydion (Not his real name), high priest of the the Covent of Lothlorien. A prominent covent in Perth…a man who admits his teachers growing up were that of freemasonry and magic (killer combo). When interviewed by a team who were researching the occult presence in Australia, Gwydion said Perth is known as the ‘City of Lights’ for there are more occultists in this city per capita of any city in the southern hemisphere.


“In the last nine years, Wicca (white magic) in Perth has expanded considerably. All the original members of our coven are now running their own groups…and with very few exceptions all the people that we’ve assisted in putting through the craft (witchcraft) have worked very hard to establish a coven and help build the movement in a positive way.” the head priest said.





When it comes to Sydney no body knows exactly how many Sydneysiders are involved in the upsurge of the occult, but members of the circle claim there is a solid uprising. According to an inquisition carried out by Helen Marie Dickenson, initiated “witches” calimed, in Sydney the occult “is not a small religion, it’s just undercover.” Truer words have never been spoken, according to the very same inquisition Pagan groups were “literally” undercover, about half a kilometre from St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, pagan rituals are said to take place in an underground railway tunnel on a regular basis.


Wanna hear something scary, paganism is the fastest growing religion in Australia. How does that make you feel? Click here if you don’t believe me…


You see the worst part about this is the beliefs these people hold, the act of black magic is something not to be joked about. Whether you believe in it or not, the practices involved are harmful period. It is said their power arises by pushing the boundaries of societal morals, taboo, harnessing acts that would seem disgusting to a moral bound humanity. Acts which include paedophilia (commonly seen in satanism), human sacrifices and other horrific acts.




Back to Sydney. Here are pics of the inquisition by City Life magazine into the Australian occult, something you won’t see the mainstream media highlight these days. These images have been something I kept for a very long time, and were passed on to me by someone who has been investigating the occult in Australia well before my days on this earth..enjoy;


Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 8.28.34 PM.png
Picture handed to me of an excerpt from city life magazine and there investigation into Australian occultism..



Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 8.28.22 PM.png
Another excerpt of an article that was emailed to me last night by an anonymous source…


Nearly 25 years ago the Anglican Church commissioned an enquiry into the Occult. The Anglican church of Sydney that is. In fact in Nevil Dury’s book “Approaching the Occult” he talks of the following, here is the actual excerpt below;



Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 8.33.35 PM.png
Excerpt of the book that Nevil Dury wrote about the Anglican church investigation into the occult movement…



So why this huge movement? What is it all about? What is the end goal? Well it is a common belief that theosophists have been slowly but surely getting the world ready for a one – world religion. In fact globalists, the new world order and a one world government can all be tied into this movement, it is the slow push towards a society that abandons Christianity, abandons the moral fabric that has kept humanity strong for centuries, the destruction of human beings spiritually in a way that will ensure complete and total submission to the elite who wish to rule our lives.


To understand the plans of the esoteric elite, one must understand the movements footsteps in the last few decades. From an underground organisation to a sudden outpour of occult devotion in the mainstream media. So mush so just a few months ago “witches” actually got together in America led by Lana Del Ray to place a spell on Donald Trump!


Lana Del Ray summoning her witch buddies…(feminists that like magic)


Australia, be aware, be vigilante…this is an excerpt from the national georgaphic;


“In the early 1900s, a competition was held to design a city plan for the Australia’s new capital city, Canberra. The winner was Walter Burley Griffin, an American architect and town planner.

At the time Parliament House was designed, Burley Griffin was associating with people in the theosophical movement, an occult society started in the 19th century that sought divine wisdom through contact with God and other spiritual beings.

His unique geometric designs and links to mysterious groups have led to speculation that the city plan is filled with occult symbols and messages linked to everything from Freemasonry to Kabbalah.

Believers say Parliament House represents the all-seeing eye pyramid of the Illuminati and the double ring around Capital Hill mark the area as a consecrated temple.

Scholar Peter Proudfoot, has suggested there was a “secret plan of Canberra”, based on the “cosmic canon of the ancients”. “




A while back by leading Satanist from the ‘top’ coven/lodge in Sydney called the “Alpha Lodge” (yes this exists, look it up), I personally don’t believe it to be 100% truth, and that the document is even real, but this is what was said;


Satanism flourishes beneath the scintillating midnight-blue wet streets and bedevilling phosphorescent lights of Australia’s glittering capital cities. Its practitioners are from all walks of life. Although marginal types and those with predisposing personalities have always and will always be important to Satanism and its leaders’ ends, they are merely tools. Their antinomian influence is now so pervasive as not to be readily noticed.

Amongst the highest echelons some are politicians, medical doctors, high ranking police officers, lawyers, advertising gurus, decorated military men, media personalities, fashion models and social workers.”


Here are some more images that were emailed to me last night by an anonymous source…about Australia’s occult history.


Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 9.01.26 PM.png



Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 8.35.14 PM.png
“I was born again in Balmain…..”


I know this is an information overload. The truth is this information was given to me by an anonymous source named “the lux” (apparently it means something in latin) in the spirit of publishing that of which the mainstream won’t I have indulged you with the first instillment of the information given to me. There will be more in the upcoming weeks so make sure you subscribe for free by clicking here to be notified when it happens!


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