BREAKING: Scientology Preying On Australian School Children

BREAKING: Scientology Preying On Australian School Children

You already know how this group who prey on the weak minded in order to spread their word throughout the earth. Right now your child is at risk of being brainwashed by this organisation, at this very moment Australian school children are the prey of infamous  group…


A group from the Scientology church has been targeting Victorian and NSW schools with propaganda, flashy flyers and DVD’s, preaching the non – existence of learning difficulties like ADHD.


So bad, it has prompted Education Minister James Merlino to urge principals to toss out the DVDs, letters and glossy pamphlets from the Scientology group. Also NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes says he’ll be telling schools to bin the material.


“We trust that they are able to choose correctly what information is useful for their school and I am confident this would be thrown in the bin,” he said.


Minister Rob Stokes who urged principals to put the material in the bin…


The group has been reaching out to Australian high schools under the guise of the Citizens Committee on Human Rights  (CCHR) –  which was established by the Church of Scientology itself. What is extremely scary is that right now the church is aiming at attracting our children….we know the persuasive powers the group has attracting celebrities such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and billionaire James Packer.


According to numerous sources (Sky News and The Age Australia) the group has been spreading propaganda that dismisses depression as being a chemical imbalance, claiming that effective treatment was not the answer and that instead they held the answer to mental stability.


Excerpt from video sent, claiming depression doesn’t exist…


Along with this they have attacked the BeyondBlue organisation, claiming the patients they treat were most likely tricked into thinking they had problems…can you imagine how the children with actual depression, anxiety, ADHD and insecurity would feel when provided with solutions this group has deemed in – effective?


You know what’s even scarier, Leah Remini, famous actress who was once part of the cult, wrote a tell – all book and one of the most alarming relevations that came out about Scientology was the story of Amy Scobee. Scobee had claimed that at 14 she was raped by her 25 – yaer – old scientology supervisor. When Scobee brought up the issue to officials, they kept it within the organisation not involving the appropriate authorities (sounds like another church I know).


Amy Scobee, who came out claiming she was raped as a junior scientologist…


The Citizens Committee on Human Rights has been described as a front group for Scientologists and claims that “no mental “diseases” have ever been proven to medically exist”. Absolutely ridiculous, and for anyone who has a family member that has been affected by mental disease I am truly sorry people like this group are out there dismissing you.

Ms Wilkins (the group’s executive director) said the material had been sent to every Victorian school and the feedback had been positive. Which worries me even more, trust the “safe schools” of Melbourne to allow this lunacy to creep into children’s minds.


150804-Safe-School-poster (1).jpg
Poster from the Safe Schools program another form of brainwashing all together…


We must respect freedom of opinion, but when it come to our kids, certain rules are in play, especially when that freedom could harm those already affected by mental disease. Imagine a scenario, a scenario where your child has depression, and one of these group members approach them claiming the mental disease is non – existent, persuade them to avoid treatment, encourage to follow the scientology solution and eventually brainwash them into obeying the cult in all ways.




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