Shorten Admits Socialist Agenda In Speech

Shorten Admits Socialist Agenda In Speech

Here it comes people, the socialist revolt we’ve all been fearing. Bill Shorten in a speech today has openly admitted he plans to instil the biggest socialist change Australia has seen, and believes we “are ready” for the debate…

THE Labor Party is officially making an absolute commitment to higher taxes for the well-off as Opposition Leader Bill Shorten nominates inequality as a major economic and social danger.


Mr Shorten is demanding “a new focus on the biggest threat to our health as an economy and our cohesion as a society”. The line in itself shows the class warfare rhetoric Shorten looks to be planning going into the next election.


In a speech prepared for a conference today, Mr Shorten listed the uneven standards in wages and taxation, workplace bargaining and job scrutiny, health and education, gender treatment, home ownership and rental conditions….here we go.


Bill Shorten went on to spill his socialist agenda promoting what he called “the defining mission” of the new Labor government, Mr Shorten made clear the tax system would be a top priority.

“If we’re going to fund vital investments for the future and keep the budget strong, we need to look at the old and growing faults in our tax system,” he said.

“The whole picture: revenue and expenditure, including tax subsidies. Including reforms that in the past we might have dismissed as too politically difficult.

“I believe Australians are smart enough for that conversation.

Well guess what Bill, I believe Australians are smart enough to tell you to get f%#ed. You and your socialist agenda of wealth re – distribution.


And then he said it, the one rhetoric all communists, socialists and globalist love to use…equality;

“Unless we act on the sources of inequality, those gaps become tears, the tears become fractures and the fractures become chasms. Inequality kills hope, it feeds that sense of resentment that the deck is stacked against ordinary people, that the fix is in, the deal is done.”


Take this as a warning Australia. See this man for what he is, not what he says. He will try to divide the classes, blame the hard – working for making “too much” money. Try to ensure that everything you earn is sent straight back to the government in the name of funding their debt, or even worse the safe schools programme…lol


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4 thoughts on “Shorten Admits Socialist Agenda In Speech

  1. It is a war agains cash… and the goal is to construct a electronic transfer system that render cash money obsolete.
    This will give the government and bureaucracy complete control of what they regard as moneys all belonging to the central state!
    The table will be turned. The state bureaucrats will pay YOU, instead of you paying taxed.
    It is happening already.
    One day soon we all be dependants of the state that “makes” all money that goes around the POS machines you will carry in your pocket. = Total veaponised control of YOU!

  2. What an absolute imbecile this individual is. The thinking people of the world know only too well that communism, socialism has been tried many times over the centuries and has been a consistent failure throughout. It has caused not only dissent, but even killings by dictators to pressure the population from gaining rewards through hard work. Communism is a poisonous regime at the best of times. It only survives on force, to gain its ascendency. It is EVIL to say the least. Chairman Mao butchered millions of his own people by starving them to death through this way of life. I hope that common sense prevails here and this alternative Prime-Minister is never ever put into power.

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