Julie Bishop, the Cover Up That Will Ruin Her

Julie Bishop, the Cover Up That Will Ruin Her

Politicians for centuries have been the perpetrators of some of the world’s biggest cover – ups. In fact most mainstream politicians have at one stage been a part of a cover – up, whether that be big or small, from lying about conversations, to hiding details of catastrophic events. Julie Bishop has one scenario that will stay with her for the rest of her life, if she doesn’t act…

West Papua

The year was 1949, following to Indonesian National Revolution, the Netherlands agreed to recognise Indonesia’s sovereignty over the territories, all territories except that of Western New guinea, the Dutch decided to hold onto this land after coming to the conclusion that the people were “ethnically different” and that they would remain there until the people were capable of self – determination.

1950 comes about and the Dutch and Western powers decide that the Papuans should be given an independent state. HOWEVER due to the selfish powerful elite, and to keep Indonesia on the side of the West in the cold – war, the US pressured the Dutch to sacrifice Papua’s independence and instead transfer it to Indonesia.




Ever since then the Indonesian Forces have committed a never ending catalogue of extreme human rights violations.

That statistics are absolutely devastating, and any human in their right mind would not be able to withstand interfering and telling the Indonesian government to back the hell up. According to numerous reports over 500,000 civilians have been killed in a genocide against the indigenous population. Thousands more have been raped, tortured, imprisoned or ‘disappeared’ after being detained. Basic human rights such as freedom of speech are denied and Papuans live in a constant state of fear and intimidation.




These people are our neighbours, these people helped us during the second world war. Known back the as “The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels” their bravery and aid was something that helped defend this country, and now we owe it to them to defend their basic rights to live. If Australia does nothing to stand up for these injustices it will be one of the greatest betrayals known to human history. The politician who is at the centre of it all is none other than minister of foreign affairs Julie Bishop.
It’s quite simple when looking into her position on this conflict, she just chooses not to believe there is any evidence of genocide and therefore chooses not to interfere with Indonesian forces in West Papua.


That’s not all. In an interview between Peter Elaby (West Papuan) and Julie Bishop the following statements were made; Source : Greenleftweekly,org,au

Peter: “Why does the Australian government not try to solve the human rights problems in the Pacific and particular in West Papua?”

She replied: “The Australian government can’t do anything about human rights issues in West Papua because we respect Indonesian sovereignty over West Papua. The Australian government is sure that the issue of human rights in West Papua can be solved with consultation with the Indonesian government.”


julie_bishop (1).jpg
Julie Bishop surprised by protestors where she was forced to answer questions…


Bishop has been a long time denier of the injustices committed by Indonesia, being in the seat of power, and the only one who can provide an informed opinion to our PM as to how Australia’s foreign decision should be made, she simply has not.


At one stage, support West Papua got so large that Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce sent in a letter, a letter which explained the concerns of his constituents over the Indonesia – Papua conflict. Read it for yourself below;



13494882_10157115010220010_2227100464460777201_n (1).jpg


At the same time, it is not like the Indonesian officials teat Australians with respect, when a few surrounding countries tried to help West Papua, Indonesian General Ryamizard said;

“Please tell Solomon Island and those six nations (from the MSG) never to interfere or encourage West Papua to join them.”

“Those countries better keep their mouths shut and mind their own business. It is better that (Australia) speaks to them ­gently. If it was left up to me, I would twist their ears.”



General whats – his – face, trying to be loud, with a face like that no – ones listening mate. 


How long are you going to ignore this Julia? How long are you going to sell Australia’s soul for a “good” relationship with Indonesia? You are right now responsible for overseeing the international diplomacy section of the department of foreign affairs. If you finish your political career without forcefully speaking of West Papua on the international stage then you deserve nothing, and people will remember you as a politician that was nothing more than a stern look and a big hair.


Oh and Julie, we haven’t forgotten who your foreign donors are. Chinese businessmen with links to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop have donated half a million dollars to the Western Australian division of the Liberal Party during the past two years, political disclosures have revealed.


BINGOOOOOOOOO, what if I told you the Chinese in 2016 have placed a  brand new cement plant in West Papua funded for  by the state’s ‘Development and Investment Corporation’. Hmmm getting the picture? The plant was part of a wider investment strategy in Indonesia from China.


Freeport and Rio Tinto are said to have close relations with the military to protect their mining interests in my people’s lands – the very same military that is estimated to have killed more than 100,000 of the civilians.


In fact you have been MORE vocal about Donald Trump telling the French first lady she looks good than this issue all together. That’s right I forgot, your best buddies with Hillary Clinton as well! You know what what they say show me their friends and I’ll show you the person.


6a0177444b0c2e970d01bb093aa251970d (2).jpg


If you still are not convinced about how this issue should strike a chord in everyone’s hearts then read the facts below of RAPE,CENSORSHIP & POLITICAL IMPRISONMENT;


Sexual assault and rape has been repeatedly used as a weapon by the Indonesian military and police.

In a public report to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights in 1999, the Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women concluded that the Indonesian security forces used rape “as an instrument of torture and intimidation” in West Papua, and “torture of women detained by the Indonesian security forces was widespread”.

Freedom Of Expression

The basic rights to freedom of expression are almost completely denied in West Papua. Anyone expressing any criticism of Indonesian rule and in particular aspirations for West Papuan independence can expect to be persecuted by the police and imprisoned.

Recently, leading human rights organizations KontraS Papua and the Commission for the Disappeared and the Victims of Violence, published a report on the increasing tendency of the Indonesian state to charge people peacefully expressing their desire for political independence with treason. They state:

‘In 2010, cases with a political dimension have characteristically become ensnared by the charge of makar, the Indonesian word for treason or rebellion… altogether in 2010, 32 people were charged or investigated in connection with Article 106 on makar.


Political Prisoners

There are currently hundreds of West Papuan political prisoners being held in West Papua and across Indonesia. Many are serving long prison terms for peacefully protesting against Indonesian rule or for being members of organisations calling for West Papuan independence.

Filep Karma is a particular case in point, serving a 15 year jail sentence simply for raising the West Papuan national flag. He is an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience. Conditions in the prisons are often very poor and maltreatment of prisoners is common with many being beaten and tortured while detained. Prisoners have often developed severe health problems and been denied access to medical care.


Political prisoner detained in West Papua


The above information about the injustices committed in West Papua by Indonesian forces have been listed below. The information has been sourced from https://www.freewestpapua.org/category/australia/


I know the readers of this site have a heart, which is why I take pride in publishing facts that the mainstream will not. When was the last time you heard one of the large outlets talk of this issue and the cowardliness our Foreign Minister has displayed. Show your support by subscribing for free by clicking here, we promise to continue to notify you of all acts against humanity that have been covered up. 


More Information:

At the bottom of this article, I have included several university – studies that absolutely highlight the genocide and absolute disregard for basic human rights the people of West Papua have endured.

A Slow-Motion Genocide: Indonesian Rule in West Papua,
Paper published in the Griffith Law Journal by Dr Jim Elmslie and Dr Camellia Webb-Gannon. Australia.

The Neglected Genocide – Human rights abuses against Papuans in the Central Highlands, 1977 – 1978
Asian Human rights Commision.

Human Rights Watch Report – Something to Hide? Indonesia’s Restrictions on Media Freedom and Rights Monitoring in Papua


29 thoughts on “Julie Bishop, the Cover Up That Will Ruin Her

  1. Not a decent bone in her body. Too many gutless Pollies in this Country and soon we will pay the penalty. Karma is a bitch.

  2. She’s another Laborlite like Halal Mal, she has no interest in what the people of Australia want only what will line her pockets

  3. Australia has an obligation to work towards getting West Papua free.We are always prepared to throw cash and equipment at Indonesia so why not buy West Papua’s freedom

    Julie Bishop must Br ing the plight of the West Papua people to the top of the human rights agenda at the UN .

  4. What a disgrace this woman Julia Bishop has become compulsive lying seems to be the norm in politics these days and cover ups .. ..I can remember our soldiers telling us how fuzzies helped Australian soldiers during the war… and nothing in return from our Government when they ask for help . It makes you feel ashamed the type of polititions we have running our country …

  5. As she is she Foreign Minister she has to take the flack,but it;s her government’s policies ,America gave the West Papua to the Indonesians? we support Indonesia as we did years ago same army in Timor ,they massacred innocent people whom they had assured they were safe ,they gunned them down,for 30 years we weren’t told the truth about the Balboa 5,the journalist’s that were murdered by the Indonesian army,we give them 650 million in foreign aid and train 100 of their soldiers for a year ..free, why? what do they give us?we have lost our integrity by abandoning those who saved and helped our soldiers.

  6. A good informed article……But, let’s be clear here, it wasn’t the USA that pressured the Dutch to sacrifice Papua’s independence and instead hand it to Indonesia, It was the World’s most Megalomaniac Jew, Henry Kissinger that was behind this organised extermination of West Papuan People..

  7. There is a typo?

    ‘How long are you going to ignore this Julia’

    That said, Julie Bushop is a nasty piece of work. That means she does well in institutions and in politics. This is a heartbreakingly sad situation for the west Papuans. It reminds me of the Palestinian issues. I’m also tired of the support that is given to isreal for their continued atrocities.

  8. The stick insect ignores clear evidence of human rights abuses in West Papua, but instead relishes the fantasy and superstition of ‘global warming’.

    1. It is far easier to deal/cope with fantasies and throw money at feel-good sinkholes than to face up to reality and have to actually do something real.
      She won’t talk to the Indonesian leaders because she doesn’t want to jeopardize her potential seat at the UN and the very generous sinecure associated with the office.

  9. we have all ways said what a lying bitch bishop as and now the truth about the cover ups are starting to come back to destroy her this lying S.O.B. who get payed by us and the best back stabber in the liberal party just have a look at her track record at under how many PRIME.MINISTER’S that she worked for that lost the PRIME.MINSTERSHIP ??????????

  10. Bishop is a despicable liar, along with Turnbull on the issue of West Papua. Both of them render Australia complicit with the Indonazi bastards in the genocide and invasion of West Papua. Bishop comes up with every excuse to support the Indonazi’s and their homocidal ventures in to a foreign land, yet claims Australia recognises Indonesian sovereignty over West Papua. Well I am Australian and the lying bastards don’t speak for me. Papua Merdeka! Kia Kaha! Kia Mana! Nga West Papua!

  11. Australian governance in the current era, and Julie Bishop in particular, is and has always been complicit in the Indonesian genocide of West Papua’s people. Complicit by inaction is still complicitous and Bishop is guilty: follows the old adage that bad things happen when good people stand by and do nothing. Australian govts are guilty of genocide and they stand by and do nothing to rectify these atrocities.

  12. You should be ashamed of yourself Julie Bishop, how can she just sit back and allow this to happen to our allies, and you call yourself a decent human being, NOT, I call you a despicable inhumane piece of shit.

  13. You only have to look at Bishop’s role in the asbestos scandals to realise what an absolute piece of shit she is.

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