How Are We Not Talking About This?

How Are We Not Talking About This?

How did we miss this? How is it not being debated? Why isn’t this a hot topic! Right now Australia is feeling tired of being ignored, and as such issues that really could determine the future for our children are being completely disregarded, so much so recently our Government proposed one the most freedom -intrusive plans we’ve had…


A move towards a cashless society.


If you are unsure as to what I am talking about. I don’t blame you, to be honest you would have to ready the smallest corner of the papers, or be watching the news at 3am to hear this story more than once.


The gist of the plan is too actually implant nano – chips into Australian cash in an order to track it’s whereabouts. The Hi-tech nano-chips would be implanted under a plan floated by Ex – KPMG  consultant Michael Andrew,  and now the head of the federal government’s Black Economy Taskforce.


Michael Andrew, Ex – KPMG Global Head and Chairman of ATO


“I’m working with the Reserve Bank and Austrac to get a better understanding of where our notes are. Clearly there’s a section of this that is organised crime. One of the options we would have is putting an expiry date on these notes.

“You could put a trace on some of these notes to see where they would go. You can use nano technology to put little chips in so you could then trace it.” – Michael Andrews said.


This is absolutely ludicrous, invasive and quite frankly nothing more than a (sorry about to go full conspiracy on you) massive move towards appeasing the elite globalists who want everything you do monitored! Just to ensure you don’t disobey Mr. Taxman.


The Nano – Chip one of the scariest 21st century inventions…


What if I told you one of the reasons the “Black Economy Taskforce” is pushing this agenda is… to stop Australian pensioners hoarding money under their bed to escape asset tests. This is no joke, Australian pensioners are the target of this scheme…directly out of the mouth of the taskforce representative.


Now let’s not put lipstick on the pig here, this is nothing more than a way for our Government to tighten the noose on it’s citizens, financial freedom is close to extinction. To put it simply, a war on cash is a war on freedom.


The Australian Government converting  our currency to solely digital transactions is not just about extracting more tax revenue from the population; it’s  also about knowledge and power.


It’s about surveillance on an extraordinary scale. The cashless agenda is about acquiring the capacity to monitor literally EVERY single financial transaction that takes place on our soil.




According to A white paper by French firm AGIS Consulting published in 2012 found that demand for cash surged across the world after the financial crisis of 2008, as customers hoarded it, fearing the collapse of the banking system. And rightly so! Cash is there in emergencies, financial crisis, natural disasters, and regardless it’s none of the governments business! 


download (3).jpeg
How long till we start seeing these?



One can only wonder if this crack – down on cash is in preparation for a big change to our tax system. With fabian socialist Bill Shorten as opposition leader, that remains a high possibility. After – all it was just yesterday that boring Bill announced his plans for a complete change of our tax system in the name of equality….


It disgusts me to think that this sort of change to something we as Australians use daily, can be instilled without proper debate and conversation. Where people like Sam Dastyari try to distract the population with his snack – packs or Turnbull trying to convince you we need to merge security agencies without any evidence to support it.


This is a short article, I know, but I feel things like this should remain in public forums for us to discuss. If you agree with us, and want to join the fight for freedom this country so desperately needs then subscribe for free by clicking here. 


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17 thoughts on “How Are We Not Talking About This?


  1. To conquer a nation disarm its citizens. Howards done that.. turnbulls now stripping every democratic right we have remaining & installing his OWN security ( duttons heroes ) he (turnbull ) cracked it over his recent election result & threatened to call in the police.just like his mentor he’s a coward like hitler. Now we’re having our currency tracked , so we have to comply with their banking process, if they suspect your a problem serf they starve you.back to the future 1984

  2. What a load of garbage most pensioners struggle to feed themselves, they can’t afford to stash money under the bed.

  3. The real crime/s that should be exposed are to do with the control of the Reserve Bank of Australia by the big banking families of the world. The same one’s that control the Bank of England and operate the US Federal Reserve and World Bank etc. Isn’t it time that we had a Royal Commission into our banking system to establish who really runs our financial system? How about the people of Australia take ownership of our system and get rid of the greedy and powerful baking families that dominate the world financial & banking system. They don’t need the money we as individual Australians do!

  4. This goes hand in hand with bail-in legislation. Instead of governments bailing out the banks they can now just pilfer our bank outs. Without the ability to convert your bank account ( no matter how small) into cash, you cannot protect your money from the bail-in cash grab.

  5. Any retired person needs to have an experienced company such as IOOF managing their money. Otherwise inflation will whittle you nest eggs down to saw dust.

  6. What a load of paranoia! If you have to hide it then it’s probably illegal or a scam to get something to which you are not entitled! Go for it I say! It’ll sort out the crims and the tax evaders who ought to be sorted out.

  7. The “B” word springs to mind – “barter.” And the “G” word, “gold.” If the government wants to make their fiat currency useless, let them.

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