Top 7 Predictions Of A Labor Run Australia

Top 7 Predictions Of A Labor Run Australia

Australians are in scary times, we at ‘The Loud Libertarian’ are in full attack mode, and therefore more than willing to provide our readers with the must – know facts about a country run by the left. These predictions will get you thinking about who you’ll be placing your trust with in the upcoming election, as well as understand the threat of having the Labor party in power…


Top 10 Predictions of a Left – Wing Australia;


1. Further Censorship of Free Speech


This is a given. The left is renowned for the censorship of free speech under the guise of anti – hate speech. We saw evidence of this in the Labor governments push for the Racial Discrimination Act Section 18C, which makes anything likely to offend someone illegal. An actual law against the criticising, and an infringement on freedom of opinion. The Australian Human Rights Commission (originally instilled by the Labor party) has already gone power – mad after a number of cases which actually saw people being dragged into federal court for having an opinion…a real life thought police. The rest of the world is on it’s way to ridiculous censorship, Doctors now ban from using the word ‘mother’ out of fear of offending transgenders…


2. Higher Taxes


Yep. A classic sign a country is run by the left, higher taxes. Expect opposition leader Bill Shorten to instil some of the biggest reforms to the taxation system Australia has ever seen. In a recent speech Shorten stated Australia was ready for the conversation on tax change, and that rising inequality can justify harsher taxes on the hard – working. Funnily enough, a few days later, international bank funded watchdog, RBA announced they agreed with Shorten on the ‘rising inequality’ and the new austerity measures needed.





3. Marxist Education, The Return of Safe Schools


God forbid. Need I talk much about the dreaded safe – schools program. Teaching young children how to act homosexual, allowing role – plays to take place, normalisation of otherwise paranormal behaviours. Giving parents absolutely NO CHOICE in what their children learn, and a position on education that “The State has the right to teach your children whatever it wants.” The Labor government will almost certainly return this to the centre – stage, and ensure it returns into our schools for good.  And if you didn’t already know this, the program was founded by none – other than professed marxist Roz Ward, who openly admitted “Now we just need to get rid of the racist Australian flag on top of state Parliament and get a red one up there and my work is done.”


Excerpt from lessons in safe schools program…



4. Mass Unemployment In The Energy Sector & Even Higher Energy Bills


One thing is for certain, Labor will do all it can to use the environment and climate change as a means for control over households. The party will almost certainly instil a tax on carbon that will do nothing more than place a heavy burden on Australian industries. In fact the Labor Party has vowed to replace 50% of our energy market with renewable energy by 2030. When talking about Adani’s $21 billion Carmichael coal mine and rail link to the Abbot Point port – with the potential to create thousands of jobs, Shorten said the following about federal grants;


“I don’t believe Commonwealth money should be used to invest in these projects. They also need to meet scientific and environmental standards but, if they do, they will be part of our future.”


No, Shorten would much rather spend the money on enforcing strict measures on businesses that would eventually be passed down onto the Australian worker…all despite the fact any change made to Australian standards would have absolutely incremental affect on climate change at all.


5. Fabian Socialism


Probably the scariest prediction of them all, the fact that Mr. Shorten is a Fabian, a secretive group hell – bent on gradual creeping – socialism. The Australian Fabian Society is inspired by that of the UK Fabian society, want to know what they stand for? What this short clip of founding member George ‘Bernard’ Shaw;




6. Gender and Race Quotas Enforced On Businesses

Tim Soutphommassane from the Human Rights Commission is out there right now claiming that TV presenters and leadership roles within businesses are not diverse enough, echoes of new guidelines have already arisen.


According to the HRC reports there are too many Anglo-­Celtic faces running Australia: AHRC. So what’s next? A ban on Media personalities who are too white? Or nationality quotas within businesses…this is a very slippery slope. I have no doubt in my mind that this will be backed by Labor, and that we will begin to see a much more tyrannical stance on Australian businesses.





7. A Sell – Out Of Australians (Repeat Of History)


One needs only to read into the commission held that dove into the wrong – doings of the AWU under the watch of Bill Shorten to realise how he may be willing to sell Australians out in exchange for a quick buck.  One of the more famous stories include Cleanevent cleaning company, who gave the AWU (Under Bills watch) $20k in exchange for a saving of $1.5 milllion in wage costs. The general managers contact with the finance department of the business surfaced in the royal commission, he wrote “For a saving of $1.5 million we could make a donation of $20k to the union in some way, shape or form (tables at the AWU ball, paying our level 3 casuals membership, etc).”


p11_dyson_heydon_presides_over_turc (1).jpg


If someones willing to sell out the people he represented in the past…imagine who they’ll be selling out when representing Australians in the future. 


I truly do hope that in a few years time, these predictions do not come true, hopefully the Labor Party won’t be in power to enforce any of it. If they do by some stretch of the imagination get a foot in, use this is as a guide on what to avoid and protest, because these measure will surely come into reality under the guidance of the left. To join the freedom movement and stay tuned in the fight against those who seek control, don’t forget to subscribe for free by clicking here. 


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  1. Don’t forget Labor’s pursuit of the Muslim vote – several key Labor seats in Western Sydney hinge on the 15% or more Muslim constituency. In light of this and to oblige the OIC/socialist-run globalist UN (and to avoid further UNHCR accusations of racism through a continuation of the ‘Stop the Boats’ policy) expect increased migration, predominantly Muslim.

  2. Have to agree with Doc Smith. Given their polices, I predict we will be swamped with welfare dependent, non assimilating, economic refugees from Africa and the Middle East (all members of the religion of peace). With this influx Sydney and Melbourne will begin to transform into the likes of England, France and Germany where Crimes including rape, murder, assaults and robbery have increased 450%. An example of this can be seen in Victoria where crime rates have increased by 150% and Victoria has now taken the crown as the “Crime & Bail State”, thanks to the importation of human garbage from Africa!

  3. What about the Neo-Marxist Liberals? While you Support the Liberals – do realize that Liberals to day are far worse ´leftist´ even than Labour?

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