Qld State Govt Launches Attack On Christianity! FIGHT BACK

Qld State Govt Launches Attack On Christianity! FIGHT BACK

In a shocking report conducted by the Queensland state education department Christianity has been seen as potentially ‘dangerous’. In another move to cut – down our Christian roots, the government is now suggesting draconian rules be laid out across all state schools.



Simply disgusting. The Australian has revealed that the suggestions of the report include that of discouraging Christianity references, as part of a crack down on what they describe as “junior evangelists.” Why? Out of fear that it would be imposing on non – Christians…


Apparently any symbols of Christianity would be at the detriment  of ones safe space, and goes against the concept of an inclusive environment…NEWS FLASH Christianity is one of the most inclusive religions ever known to man, and actually sets the foundations for the basic morals and inclusiveness we see today. So who are you to demonise it in a way that positions it as a direct attack on an inclusive environment?


Qld Education Minister Kate Jones


“While not explicitly prohibited by the (legislation), nor referenced in the Religious Instruction (RI) policy, the department expects schools to take appropriate action if aware that students participating in RI are evangelising to students who do not,” The Australian reported the department’s ­report said.

Which in so many words means, if a child speaks of Jesus, punish them.

It gets worse…the giving of Christmas cards (that are christian themed) as well as CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATIONS should apparently be discouraged. According to the report it is a form of “preaching or advocating a cause or religion with object of making converts to Christianity.”




Lets put things into context here, we have the still running safe schools program, that was founded by a renowned Marxist, which involved the role play of homosexuality, normalising of boys wearing dresses, the teaching of more than 2 different genders, the exclusion of students who weren’t comfortable about the topic FORCED by the state. However when it comes to the most peaceful religion this world has ever known there is an apparent danger?


Parents of children at state schools, I call you to stand up to this ludicrous report, to squash it before it even becomes a public debate, to call, write, protest in the name of freedom and in the name of protecting your Childs faith. After all if a child is punished for being too Christian, than we have truly lost western civilisation.



You may be asking yourself, why the hate against Christianity? Well there is two main reasons;

  • Christianity is NOT compatible with globalisation, as Christians we strongly believe that it is no mans duty to govern the world other than God…and rightly so. A world government would be nothing less than tyrannical, controlling, un – opposed and dangerous to humanity.


  • Christianity makes the people SPIRITUALLY STRONG, something extremely dangerous to a government that wants total control. If you want people to obey, their will and spirit must be broken…If the children are taught not to praise christ, than instead they are indoctrinated to worship the state.


Oh and by the way Kate Jones:


“The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.”
– Section 116, Australian Constitution



Where do these officials get off thinking they know what’s best for our children, simply another case of political correctness gone too far. The producers of this research think this is the NUMBER ONE priority for attention in state schools in Queensland, and the advice has been spread amongst officials. So please join the freedom movement and subscribe for free by clicking here, we will be alerting you of these stories as they come!



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7 thoughts on “Qld State Govt Launches Attack On Christianity! FIGHT BACK

  1. God protect our home land, Australia. We ask you bless us. May We, each of us, go out and shine our light for all to see. May your light shine bright so as to light up our wold and dispurse the darkness.
    Lord hear our pray. Amen.

  2. Religion is meant to be learnt at home by the family values…. not at any public school….I disliked religion at school when I was young. I preferred to go to my Catholic church with my other Catholic neighbors and Friends….This way it is my choice not forced onto me at the age of 5-10yrs old. And be called a sinner at 6 yrs old….so scary….

  3. I was brought up Catholic. I don’t believe in all that stuff anymore, but I still believe it should be taught to all kids anyway.
    Any religion that teaches you to be a good person, to be kind and fair to others, to be honest and humble, and to develop a good conscience, surely can’t do any harm.

  4. Jonny.D, I agree with you. However, should you take away all those things that are important to bringing up a child, and you have listed them well, we are left with something like a muslim religion, one that kills if you are not one of them. There has never been a following like Jesus Christ. His way is a free way where you are free to do good will to all man-kind, to be happy to celebrate the birth of Christ and enjoy Christmas with music and song, food and drink. We have a freedom to take a family holiday without too much worry of being killed by a terrorist (however that is changing), you have the freedom to wear what you like without restriction, you are free to wear any colour which the Good Lord has shown to us through his beautiful animals and birds. In the Bible he talks of fruit that is available to us and meats too. He is the King that kneels down to wash people’s feet after walking through the desert. He is the one that has encouraged healing, which has followed in hospitals which are open to anyone and everyone. He is the one who walks with lepers and the lost, and shows his love for all. He is the one who shares food, is honest and humble and died to save us of our sins. He is the one who rose again and whom waits with open arms when you die. In God’s teachings I have never heard a 6 year old being called a sinner, but the stories of the Bible are magic to children’s ears. We should be celebrating Australians’ way of life, not destroying it. That would put many people in chains instead of the freedom they have now. I would hate to live in a land of selfishness, lying, and being scared to say or do anything in case your child, neighbour, mate and partner dobs you into authorities. But nothing will stop me from praising our Lord, praying to Him and thanking Him daily for what he has given me and my family.

    1. I have an old saying I made up years ago..you will always learn so much more about who a person really is underneath, from having been their enemy, than you will ever learn, from having been their friend.
      Over the decades Ive seen a very noticeable difference between people brought up in Catholic or Christian traditions & beliefs, and people who weren’t.
      Ive noticed Catholic / Christian people are generally so much nicer to deal with. They tend to have a firmer belief in fairness, they are never rude or arrogant (there may be exceptions of course)
      But with people Ive dealt with who were not brought up with Christian values, I find some or all of the characteristics I was brought up to avoid…Ego, rudeness, arrogance, unfairness, sneakiness, dishonesty, vindictiveness, etc.
      I find I have a lot of trouble getting along with these types of people for very long, and my life has been hell because of it.
      I think the bottom line is, that if we want to live in a world where there are more people who are genuinely nice, kind, helpful & fair, then we need to bring all our kids up on Christian values.
      On the other hand, if we want a world where everyone only pretends to be nice,(politically correct people) but are actually nasty, fake, arrogant & unfair, dishonest & sneaky, a world where everyone lives by the law of the jungle, then faze out Christianity, and this is what we will get.
      You must be careful not to confuse “politically correct” values, with genuine Christian values.
      With politically correct values, the whole emphasis is placed on “appearances”. To “appear” to be nice, caring decent etc.
      But its all just for show.
      Underneath, you will find politically correct people can be very nasty indeed, especially to anyone who dares to point out their noticeable hypocrisy.
      But a good Christian person, you will find, is similar underneath, to what they appear on the surface. (there are exceptions of course)
      Western culture is based on Christian values going back to the time of Jesus. To eradicate it would put us on the path back to the rules of the jungle, back to being just intelligent wild animals.

  5. Jesus has set us free from bondage. He has taken all our sinns on himself for us and paid the price , with his life, to free us from sin and bondage by Satan. Nevertheless, the Devil has implied his sneaky slavery and bondage upon us again and we have freely succumbed to his trappings. That is the state we are in today . We need to wake up and remember ; we are all Gods Souls and inherently free and we do not have to consent to imposed debt and slavery. In fact, we must speak up loud against all Evil and remember God’s love for us is immense.

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