Nice Try Dastyari, We’re All Onto You!

Nice Try Dastyari, We’re All Onto You!

Ahh Sam, how stupid do you think we are? I bet to you we’re just a bunch of commoners who believe all we see, with sponges for brains waiting to soak up all that you spill on us. Not this time….no, this time we’re outing you and your TV buddies straight away!


If any of you like myself watched the most recent interview of Sam Dastyari by ABC than you would feel the same way. It wasn’t an interview, it seemed more like a ‘puff – piece’ so relaxed it was borderline boring. In – fact a colleague of Sam’s own party has stood with Greens Senator Whish-Wilson, Minster Zed Seselja and of course none other than Cory Bernardi to call on the ABC to explain Monday nights episode of Australian Story. 


According to these leaders, in their own words the pice was “propaganda” and an “infomercial.” Yes it is true, Dastyari has just released his book, “One Halal of A story”, Bernardi said it best when he states;


“He claims to have one halal of a story to tell but he’s also got one Huang of a story that still needs to be told.”







One Huang of a story of course referring to the infamous donations Chinese Billionaires had given to Dastyari for particular expenses, donors with strong ties to the Chinese Communist Party… 


It get’s even funnier when LABOR MP Danby began also describing Sam as an exploiter of the ABC.


Mr Danby said it was only natural a “PR and social media whiz” like his colleague would “exploit an ABC opportunity to the hilt”. Jeez, when your own colleagues throw you under the bus, you’ve definitely gone too far.


Danby then went on to say, “By contrast no one at the ABC is interested in my views on China’s jailing and killing of its only Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo.” 


Colleague of Sam, Labor MP Danby…


Fairfax has also joined the party, submitting a number of questions to the ABC,  including whether it arranged the episode through the publicity department of MUP. MUP being the publisher of Dastyari’s book, if it is revealed the arrangement came from them, it could lead to an even more rigorous investigation into the inappropriately partisan interview.


“There is clear public interest in hearing Mr Dastyari’s answers to previously unanswered allegations and questions about his conduct as a senator. As is always the case, the timing of the episode was dictated by the scheduling needs of the program and the availability of Mr Dastyari and other interviewees.”



Excerpt from the interview, said to be way to soft on Sam…


For Bernardi, one only needs to look at the timing of the episode to understand how likely it was more an “infomercial” than an actual look into the Senators past…“it had all the hallmarks of an infomercial and a sterilisation of the murky history of Sam Dastyari,” he said.

This is a senator who received donations Chinese Billionaires, with ties to the communist party…so indebted to them that he actually opposed his own parties views on the militarisation of the South China Sea to that of favour towards China…and the best we can do is a soft – piece on his halal story? Seems like a waste of tax – payers money to me, something we are getting used to I guess.


Manufactured consent….more than just a catchy phrase.


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