ALP Supports Which Murderous Dictator!!!

ALP Supports Which Murderous Dictator!!!

 News broke this morning of escalated riots in the socialist state, after the controversial vote on Sunday that gave the dictator, Nicolás Maduro increasing control of a divided and chaotic country. 


The country that tried to prove socialism works has dismally failed. Elected for the last 18 years has been the United Socialist Party (PSUV). Which the majority of the country want to see OUT OF POWER. Opposition of the socialist party believe that since the PSUV came to power in 1999, the socialist party has eroded Venezuela’s democratic institutions and mismanaged its economy.


And to be honest….they’re not wrong.


One need only look at the most recent move towards a socialist dictatorship, that being the surprise announcement by the Supreme Court on 29 March that it was taking over the powers of the opposition-controlled National Assembly. The opposition said that the ruling undermined the country’s separation of powers and took Venezuela a step closer to one-man rule under President Nicolas Maduro.




Not to mention the food crisis now absolutely evident, in fact Venezuela needs serious and sustained humanitarian aid to stem the current deaths and prevent an entire generation of children from being stunted. But a government that consistently refuses to acknowledge this reality has stubbornly resisted declaring a humanitarian emergency and accepting the aid much of the world — including the United States — is offering.


According to The impoverished South American nation — wracked by an economic crisis marked by hyperinflation, food and medicine shortages, starvation, skyrocketing infant mortality, civil unrest and street violence — has endured months of anti-government protests in which at least 120 people have been killed.


Who in their right mind could back such a psychopathic leader?





TWO of Australia’s major trade unions have pledged their support and “resolute solidarity” with the murderous socialist dictatorship of Venezuela. At the July 26 meeting of the Victorian branch of the Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union, Australia’s third-largest and most powerful union, members resolved to “pledge our support with the people of Venezuela and their Bolivarian Revolution Socialist Government”.


“The MUA Sydney branch resolves … to reject the intervention of the US and other capitalist powers in Venezuela,” the resolution said. “To oppose the attacks by violent, fascist gangs of the right-wing opposition in that country. Ahhh blaming the “facists” again?


The union resolutions were published online by the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network, which in 2007 invited Chavez to Australia in a letter signed by leading unions, Labor and Greens politicians, and journalists including ABC presenter Phillip Adams and filmmaker John Pilger.




Shorten who refuses to talk a bad word about the unions, as he was once ONE OF THEM, is now in  a sticky situation. This man in Venezuela is exactly what socialism is about, the Venezuelan dictator that murders his protestors, jails people based on political views, arrests his opposition is being supported?


Socialism is bullshit, one cannot have socialism and freedom, pick one or the other. ANY IMPOSITION ON ECONOMIC FREEDOM IN TURN IMPOSES ON PERSONAL FREEDOMS. Shorten’s speech last week preaching inequality is EXACTLY what this dictator preached when speaking to his people, the promise of “equality” led to a food crisis and one of the largest humanitarian crisis we’ve ever seen. I beg of you, DO NOT let Australia fall into this spiral, we are on the verge of becoming more controlled than ever, limiting competition, restricting freedoms, clamping down on certain opinions…to join the movement towards a freer Australia, subscribe for free by clicking here.


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2 thoughts on “ALP Supports Which Murderous Dictator!!!

  1. At some point, we’re going to have to decide as a country whether we’re going to allow the blatant usurping of our once great nation by those who’s only goal is to destroy us – by standing up & being counted.
    It’s not going to be easy but our forefathers sacrificed their lives so that we could live in peace, freely & with a certain level of autonomy – ideals that are sadly lacking in this NEW WORLD “ORDER”.

  2. A great article!

    I wholeheartedly agree that we must stop this movement in Australia. Neither of the major parties have the political will to do anything about it. We need to put power back in the people’s hands and stop the overreach of government. We need a better way in Australia, and this is precisely why I’ve joined the Australian Conservatives.

    I strongly encourage anyone who wants to standup to Socialist and Marxist agendas to get on board. The conservative movement in Australia is growing quickly and we need your support. We will become the NOT SO SILENT Majority.

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