This is getting beyond ridiculous, some of the most intrusive, controlling, dominating and draconian laws are being “proposed” by this taskforce and enough is enough. The Black Economy Taskforce headed by Ex – KPMG chief Michael Andrews has just released a consultation paper that canvasses a number of additional policy ideas to tackle those who aren’t paying all their tax. 


Just a week ago we spoke of the plan to take cash out of the equation and move everything to the digital world, as a measure to monitor all you spend on, and tighten the noose on Australian tax – payers. This week we talk of something much more sinister in my opinion.


I’m going to take you through the two major options the taskforce are looking to enforce that I truly believe would be nothing short of an imposition on economic and personal freedom.


Michael Andrews Ex – KPMG head of the Black Economy Taskforce


The first is the option that Australians may not be able to receive ANY wages in cash, and any industry considered “high risk” of cash – in – hand payments, namely cafe’s, restaurants, tradies etc would be subject to a minimum tax rate regardless of what earnings are. In fact it gets so ridiculous that if you believe you have been wrongly taxed, it is up to the tax – payer to prove the tax office wrong in order to get a refund.


What the hell.


This is ludicrous to say the least, it is bad enough half our money is taking out of our pocket and given to wasteful spending on detention centres, donations to the Clinton foundation, safe school programs and servicing the ever growing debt to the masked creditors of the international banking world.


“Businesses affected by any such tax would be able to claim a refund if they could demonstrate they should be paying a lower rate,” the paper said. 


Don’t you dare pay your workers in cash, actually doesn’t matter minimum tax rate applies.


Ok if you think that’s bad, I’ve saved the worst for last. This may give you a shock, it may really make you re – consider the complacency we as Australians have shown when ignoring our duty to stand up for our rights, standing up against the constant “sit down and shut up” tactics our own leaders use on us day in day out.


Biometrics finger – scanning, iris scanning and palm reading collection of citizens in an attempt to strengthen community ID.


The paper also calls for greater verification of individuals. “In a world where tax, welfare, immigration and commercial fraud is made easier by the use of false identities – there are 150 million identities in various databases in Australia – a more robust, reliable and efficient identity system is urgently needed.”


I have personally read the the paper and have screenshot 2 different parts of the paper that include biometrics suggestions, and I warn you it is very scary;


Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 7.55.48 PM.png







Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 7.56.23 PM.png



This is not good people. This is getting way out of hand. This taskforce is becoming more and more dangerous to the economic and personal freedoms of Australians. Biometrics…Jesus Christ.  What’s next a micro chip in your right hand that will be used to buy anything? Don’t be surprised thats not too far off.


The tightening of the noose is here, squeezing every single cent out of you until you learn to RESPECT THE STATE. Are we going to sit here and let this happen, or are we going to stand up and take action against this move towards tyranny. If you too think this is wrong and won’t submit to giving the tax man your iris pattern, your fingerprint or your iris patter for their database subscribe for free by clicking here, and we will keep you posted on the movement against the tyrants !


The Loud Libertarian



  1. The RFID chip, forced vaccinations (does an IV drug user know what they are injecting?), forced mixed-gender bathrooms, cashless, brainless, 1984-style surveillance, militarising of Police, emphasis on sexualisation while importing those that would throw gays off buildings, destruction of Christianity & forced acceptance of Sharia/Halal/Kosher 😜 etc. – yes, we’ve lost it & the only thing that will halt this process is a revolutionary war because the powers that be are the ones forcing this onto all humanity – stop listening to mainstream media & do your research. We’re in dire straits. Rothschilds only have a couple of countries to conquer before they own every country’s banking systems. Lovely

  2. One world government, one world religion (guess which one that is), not able to buy or sell without their mark, lovers of self, lovers of money, treacherous, brutal… all predicted in the book everyone hates and scoffs at – the bible.

  3. Publish the whole report not just two little snippets. Let us read and decide for ourselves what it says and if we should be scared or not instead of making up our minds for us and spreading even more confusion around. I for one think it’s likely to be totally ignored by government and mainstream media as a crackpot idea. Remember the Australia card? Stuff like this won’t happen because the public won’t agree.

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