Liberals Just Came To A Decision On Gay – Marriage!

Liberals Just Came To A Decision On Gay – Marriage!

Wow. A decision has been made as to how the party will be moving forward in regards to marriage equality. After much speculation surrounding the decision to be made…postal plebiscite, plebiscite or conscience vote the party has come to a final decision after a 2 hour meeting that ended just minutes ago.


The decision is…Plebiscite.


Governments can hold plebiscites to test whether people either support or oppose a proposed action on an issue. The government is not bound by the ‘result‘ of a plebiscite as it is by the result of a Constitutional referendum. Federal, state and territory governments have held plebiscites on various issues.


Hats off to the Liberals, instead of coming under the pressure of the left who are happy to let the executive make decisions on their behalf they have decided to allow the Australian people to voice their opinions. In a way that is also NON – BINDING.




Problem is this has been sent back to parliament, when the legislation was put in November last year it was defeated in the Senate 33 votes to 29.


However to cover their bases this time, if it fails, they will try again with a postal plebiscite, which would certainly please the right faction of the party, including Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton.


Will a postal plebiscite eventuate?


Now if the postal plebiscite fails…well then things can get messy. A free vote may be offered, meaning MPs would be able to vote freely on the issue against party policy and therefore putting Australia at risk of dealing with the consequences of the political class yet again….whatever way it goes. Blocking this plebiscite would be a block on democracy. Let’s hope we can push it through.


On one hand I value the institution of marriage, and wish to conserve the traditional meaning the Judeo – Christian culture held. On the other hand, freedom is a core value of country, and it is hard for one to celebrate freedom in some areas, with restrictions in others. A hard decision it is, and one that deserves the opinion of ALL AUSTRALIANS.


I would love to hear your opinions, so comment below with what you think should happen? Where should Australia go from here? Also, for up – to – date information about this please subscribe for free by clicking here. 


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17 thoughts on “Liberals Just Came To A Decision On Gay – Marriage!

  1. why not just leave things as they are & give the plebiscite monies to the poor people homeless/pensioners etc. the majority does not really want SSM, only the minority seems to need it for some reason! When THEY can reproduce they can have their wedding-isn’t that the general idea of getting married or have we been doing it wrong all these years?

  2. Marriage is between men and women. Let the gays have a civil union if we must but they have no right to change the fundamental building block of our society.

    1. haha l can see the boardroom at macquaire and oxford dictionaries with the letter from australian goverment… change your definition of marriage

  3. Most people do not understand the importance of marriage to civil society. More education needs to be done. If you’re worried about restricting freedom to a few, what about polygamy, marriage to inanimate objects/animals/aliens & every other sexual form known to mankind. Why should they miss out on the plebiscite. Surely a change to the marriage act must include everything lest the pseudo marriage equality push be labelled bigotry! But if we value heterosexual marriage as the basis of society we should do everything to protect it.

    1. Ask Bill where his first wife is; the one who helped him get elected to parliament and then seems to have become redundant to his needs! Malcolm would become the third if such a idea were possible; but watch out; if Bill sees a vote in it he might propose to Malcolm anyway! Not the man to waste an opportunity for advancement is Bill!

  4. It is a non event just give everyone equal rights and get on with the real issues instead of governing by deception start working for the Australian people we need jobs real jobs affordable homes homes for the homeless good health and education not the sellout of Australia to the highest bidder.

  5. Whatever the outcome of the people’s decision is, the politicians need to uphold the majority voice. Until we are given the opportunity to have a say , as this is not a political move it is a social one.

  6. Whilst Shorten is busy trying to blame Turnbull for being the cause of this impass, it is Shorten himself (and his gang of wreckers) who have caused it.
    We are witnessing a barefaced conspiracy here, the scale of which, leaves you shaking your head with disbelief.
    On the one hand, we have a nation that would no doubt vote overwhelmingly against same sex marriage, if a plebiscite was held.
    On the other hand, we have the gay marriage lobby trying to convince us that a plebiscite is not needed, because the whole country is in favour of their cause anyway, so lets pass it through NOW without bothering to consult public opinion.
    Are you confused???…You shouldn’t be.
    The gay marriage lobby know that pressuring the government to make this decision, rather than leaving it to the people to decide, is the only chance they have left now, to succeed.
    Do you remember the last fed election, when Shorten made the big announcement that he will legalise same sex marriage if he is elected???
    The result was that two thirds of voters opted for someone else, other than Shorten.
    And ever since then, surprise surprise, the gay lobby have decided they don’t want the plebiscite anymore.
    The problem with this whole gay marriage push, is that its not just merely same sex marriage that they want.
    Its the legal power that comes with it, that they are after.
    Once those legal floodgates have been opened, only then we will find out, like other countries have found out, just how far they intend to push this new legal power they have.
    Legalising same sex marriage will not be the end of the battle. It will be just the beginning…

  7. Same sex couples already have the legal recognition and rights married couples do through their registration with the government of a civil partnership. This issue is therefore no longer about equality or human rights. It is about imposing in on a timeless institution that has been respected through the ages enshrining stability and perpetuation of civil society. Altering this institution’s definition brings with it the destabilisation of the nuclear family structure, a notion that gay lobby leadership pays no importance to.

    1. Totally agree with your comment, except the part about the gay lobby paying no importance to the destabilisation of the nuclear family structure – I think they do and destabilisation is exactly what they want, to stick it to us. Once they get what they want it will be like twisting the knife in the wound.

  8. If it was just about people of the same sex marrying then I would be happy for them to marry but it isn’t. One can look to Canada, USA, UK to see the slow creep of the marxist agenda to change our society and the traditions that made the West the best place to live. These changes are affecting all levels of society. Look up the videos on Youtube The Consequences of Homosexual Marriage and What Gay Marriage Has Done to Massachusetts.

  9. people in non traditional relationships need their own non traditional word for it, the word “marriage” already has a meaning, “Holy Matrimony”, one man, one woman for life

  10. I have no problems with gays having “their own” form of marriage, but like men being called men, and women being called women, marriage should only be called marriage between one man and one woman. I feel that if the gay community was only interested in being able to have properly recognised relationships, they should come up with their OWN name for gay marriage and their chances of succeeding would be much better. However, I suspect they are more interested in forcing the non-gay community to accept them in much the same was as moslems are trying to inflict Sharia law on the Australian community.

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