Aussie Populism Is Here To Stay, Thank God!

Aussie Populism Is Here To Stay, Thank God!

Populism, a funny word, met with such anger, distaste, and kicked to the side by the political and cultural elites. But why? Definition; support for the concerns of ordinary people. That’s supposed to be a bad thing? It’s what elected Trump and drove BREXIT, the US and UK have had it, now it’s our turn Australia. 


Little things have brought us to this moment, the political correctness of our leaders, dreadful economic decisions, increasing systems of control and Waleed Aly (“All administration workers are bogans”), the Human Rights Commission the list goes on. There is a group of forgotten men and women out here, and they’re your neighbour, classmate, colleague and you bet your life that they’ll be voting accordingly this upcoming election, how do I know? I’m one of them.


What side will you be on ?


A focus group conducted by Fairfax this week has confirmed all of the above. Voters mostly in their 20s were grouped together for an hour long conversation about Australian politics and guess what…not one person mentioned Shorten or Turnbull. “[It is] interesting to see leaders were completely irrelevant, not even a mention of Turnbull or Shorten an hour into the conversation,” remarked the moderator of the group, Ipsos research director Laura Demasi.


According to “They just compete with each other for power,” said one man. “They want the power and the money and the big pensions – they don’t give a shit about us.” And voters know that handouts are not solutions: “Stop bribing us,” said a woman.


How right they are, in the last few months we have been witness to some of the most ludicrous changes we’ve ever seen, tax – payer money for Indonesian tourism, amalgamation of all security agencies, data decryption, the parole of terrorists, draconian proposals for tax laws, and the cherry on top non – stop talk about same – sex marriage. How can they expect to stay in power?


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Keep laughing boys…


The rise of populism is matched with those who have been willing to represent us in parliament, One Nation, The Australian Conservatives the two main groups benefiting from the trend. Sure to make a mark on our election these groups will hopefully toe the bigger parties in line, but they need us to help them do it.


Our Leaders Way Of Thinking;

Rise of terrorism? That’s ok let’s just change up our security agencies for the worst.

Decrease in fertility? That’s ok let’s do nothing about it.

Australian small businesses trying to get ahead? That’s ok new Black Economy Taskforce to track all your money and movements.

Australia has a nil effect on climate change? That’s ok, let’s propose a carbon tax on cars as well as remain in the economically harmful Paris accord.


The political class need to wake up, if they don’t hear us, if they ignore us, if they talk over us they WILL fall. The US had their day, so did the UK, Australia it’s our turn…let’s get this done, to join the movement subscribe for free by clicking here. 


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