WikiLeaks Reveals Two – Faced Shorten!

WikiLeaks Reveals Two – Faced Shorten!

Two – faced is an understatement. Bill Shorten, poster boy for the socialist movement we are seeing here in Australia. He has been a quiet contender for the last decade, staying out of the lime light, slowly plotting his climb to the top of the ladder, but do we truly know everything about Shorten? I don’t think we do. After a bit of research into the opposition leader a few things came up that will send shockwaves through a number of people, who knew Bill could be this prudent?


What you are about to read will confirm what most of us already knew…Bill Shorten is one of the most two – faced politicians we have ever known. From his days as a union leader, a time that was under scrutiny during the royal commission due to shonky dealings. Allegations that he sold out those he represents still linger everywhere he goes. But did you know that the honourable Bill Shorten (to few) fell victim to a Wikileaks leak?


August 30 2011, a confidential cable leaked by WikiLeaks from the US consulate in Melbourne. The leak contained a portrayal of Bill Shorten as nothing more than a man thirsting for power, a person who appeases important people in order to gain advantage, and here it is;


Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 7.24.42 PM.png
Excerpt from WikiLeaks email dump…



“Shorten, who is rumpled in appearance” bad start there Shorten. However it is later on in the email that things get really interesting. “He is able to skilfully steer away from topics he prefers to avoid,” well there you have it, even the Americans can see how Shorten seems to always avoid the hard hitting questions.


The leak goes on to discuss Shortens “lukewarm” relationship with Kevin Rudd, interestingly back in 2011 the US consulate could tell just how ambitious he was…they knew the type of politician he would become, a master of the back stab!


Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 7.25.33 PM.png


The ambitions are even more prevalent in the second paragraph of the leak. Shorten is described as having “no bones about his ambitions in Federal politics.” Interesting in all these leaks, the US consulate notices one thing, a more with blind ambition, however not once does Shorten come across as someone who has a will to create a better Australia…Instead he is seen by those in the know as a vengeful, prudent, and almost machiavellian politician.


The third excerpt of the leak re – enforce all of those traits;


Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 7.24.59 PM.png


“Highly critical of Australian Union leadership.” HA! We’re talking about the same Shorten right? Close to the late packaging mogul Richard Pratt, and claims “he is willing to listen to business concerns…” Malcolm labelling Shorten as a sycophant is an understatement, it is clear from these leaks Shorten will say anything and do nothing…which is more than I can say for most politicians in all honesty…


Ex – union boss, Labor politician, wanting to listen to business concerns? Let’s have a look into that for a second, it’s now 2017 elections are around the corner how has Shorten assisted small business? Oh I know how, by proposing an increase in company tax, and creating a whole new tax! Just today Senator Cormann spoke to Sky News saying;


‘The truth of the matter is that Bill Shorten is hitting small business across Australia for six… he is of course giving them the double whammy,’ he said,

‘Not only once does he want to increase the corporate tax for small businesses; he now wants to hit them with this additional tax as well. ‘



Senator Cormann has highlighted Shortens hate for small business…


What’s with his name – dropping of Richard Pratt? Was he trying to impress the US with the fact he deceived the Australian public to the point that they believed he was for the rights of workers, but actually lapping up to billionaires and corporations? If you don’t remember the royal commission into the unions that saw Shorten being dragged in and questioned all you have to do is read it by clicking here…


I think judging by the language of the leaks, the US are quite acute to the fact the man says some things to some people depending on who he’s speaking to. Not only does this pathetic attempt to make himself seem rational to the consulate harm US relations when the truth comes out, but it also shows the sheer duplicity the opposition leader has…a trait common amongst the worst politicians in history.


The Machiavellian traits are uncanny!



So take from this what you will, the truth always comes out! It’s not like we didn’t already know this about Shorten, but it’s good to see the duplicity as concrete evidence! For more information like this and to be a part of the movement for freedom and against government control don’t forget to subscribe by clicking here, oh and one more thing…If you scroll down, the revealing of the loud libertarian will take place, enjoy our very first episode of the TLL webseries!!!!




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4 thoughts on “WikiLeaks Reveals Two – Faced Shorten!

  1. When Shorten is finally gone from the stage of Australian politics, a day which will never come soon enough, they could make a lengthy documentary or even a yes minister type mini series about him, so that future generations can shake their heads in wonder at how this lame & cheap imposter ever managed to worm his way so far up the political ladder and stay there for so long, despite the fact that most Australians could clearly see him for the opportunistic, vote scavenging con artist he really was.
    Quite frankly, he should be considered as an embarrassment to the labor party. Kevin Rudds rule change to protect labor leaders from being backstabbed out of office by their underlings, has served Shorten perfectly.
    It has helped him to cling onto the leadership & even command loyalty, despite whatever temptations his underlings must surely have, to replace him with someone far more qualified & popular.
    I hoped like hell the royal commission would be the end of him, for sure.
    But, no. He wormed his way out of all the flack that should have followed from that commission, by claiming to the news crews on his way out that he had..”just proven his innocence”.
    In fact, the commission had just proven his guilt, on live TV, but without an official verdict, the media could see that they were never going to get an admission of the truth out of this bloke, so they backed off.
    I was so angry at Turnbull, in the last election, going so soft on Shorten, when he could have so easily torn Shortens credibility to shreds. The result is that shonky shorten is STILL there.
    I desperately hope that labor not only get defeated in the next election, but absolutely smashed to pieces.
    Only this way, can labor have the top to bottom clean out they so desperately need to be a party of substance for the people, again.

  2. I called it right. I wrote to the Labor State politician Tom Kenyon, a decent bloke, and told him that Shorten was dodging the flack, playing sides, so he could take the Leadership. This is before and during the Rudd/Gillard infighting. A snake in the grass is not always easy to spot but he shone out.

  3. Shorten looks set to become Australia’s hitler ! Well short of getting a
    Labotamy….what could be worse for this country a guy only interested in his own ego .

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