4 Year Old “Sexists” To Be Targeted By Vic Government!

4 Year Old “Sexists” To Be Targeted By Vic Government!

Have you seen a headline like that before? No you haven’t, unless you went to school in the Soviet Union. Never have I seen such ridiculous proposals by a state government, and of course it had to be coming from Victoria, after all look at who’s in charge over there. 


In a “crusade against family violence” the Victorian education department has looked into targeting “sexist” 4 year olds. The proposal includes methods to ERADICATE gender norms in the classroom. In plain english, a proposal to indoctrinate our children into the normalisation of gender neutrality…


4000 childhood educators will attend education sessions in the next year and then sent back to their respective pre – schools to socially engineer your children in a way that re – enforces gender equality. That’s right, our literacy levels have dropped dismally in the last decade but at last your son will know boys can wear dresses and your daughter will know girls can identify as boys.




Andrews Labor government are dipping into the $21.8 million stock pile of tax – payers money reserved for the Respectful Relationship Package, of which around $3.4 million will be used for the program (great use of my money).


“It will build the capacity of ­educators to use reflective practice to critically evaluate their work with children using anti-bias ­approaches specifically regarding gender bias.”



As it was unveiled last year it was meant with instant backlash, main criticisms included worries this idea would push the concept of “male privilege” into classrooms, that young boys would be made to feel guilty about their genders from the get go. Not to mention how similar these re – education programs are to that of Soviet – Union – like classrooms, where science was abandoned for pseudoscience, in this case “gender studies.” Oh and which academic came up with pre – school education being the driving factor of family violence?


Labor MP Andrews continues to wow us with his policies and proposals!!



According to SkyNews Senior Research Fellow Kevin Donnelly of the Australian Catholic University has been critical of the new plan saying;


“Why are we indoct­rinating kids to believe that being a boy, or being a girl, is abnormal? It’s actually quite dangerous,” he said. “This is simply extending that gender and sexuality theory to preschool and kindergarten.”


Now the comparisons made to that of state – run Soviet Education is hard to ignore, the concept was quite simple back then, education was a way of indoctrinating the youth to grow in a certain way, social engineering is most effective on the young as their developing minds absorb that of which authority figures teach. So I thought we would look into the propaganda and indoctrination the Soviets used on their citizens and compare it to modern – day Australia.



Anti – Religion (Soviet Union)

Early in the revolution, atheistic propaganda was pushed in an attempt to obliterate religion. Regarding religion more as a class enemy than a contender for people’s minds, the government abolished the prerogatives of the Orthodox Church and targeted with ridicule. This included lurid anti-religious processions and newspaper articles that backfired badly, shocking the deeply religious population


Anti – Religion (Australia)

The Australian has revealed that the suggestions of a report brought forward by the Queensland education department include that of discouraging Christianity references, as part of a crack down on what they describe as “junior evangelists.” Why? Out of fear that it would be imposing on non – Christians…


Internationalism (Soviet Union)


Internationalism by the way is another word for globalism…Even before the Bolshevists seized power, Lenin proclaimed in speeches that the Revolution was the vanguard of a worldwide revolution, both international and socialist. The workers were informed they were the vanguard of world socialism; the slogan “Workers of the world, unite!” was constantly repeated.


Globalism (Australia)


One need not look past the Labor government to understand the push for socialism&globalism combined. Penny Wong said to commit a future Labor government to strong support­ for globalisation, an open economy and low trade barriers, in a speech to the Lowy Institute. Labor will commit a ­future government to supporting international institutions that argue for “the benefits of globalisation and open trading systems”.“We are supporters of an open economy and an open trading system,” she will say, adding that “globalisation brings great economic opportunities”. WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!


Anti – Facism (Soviet Union)

Anti-fascism was commonly used in propaganda aimed outside the USSR during the 1930s, particularly to draw people into front organizations. The Spanish Civil War was, in particular, used to quash dissent among European Communist parties and reports of Stalin’s growing totalitarianism.


Anti – Facism (Australia) AKA ANTIFA…














Existing materials aimed at the foundation level cautions teachers against phrases such as “boys will be boys’’and reinforcing stereotypical labelling “boys are strong, girls are gentle”.

So how does it make you feel? Knowing that your child will be part of what is nothing short of cultural marxism, a way for the state to be seen as the parent, to have more influence over your child then the family unit. Australia is going down a very dark path, if we continue to let these intrusive programs be introduced into classrooms of children as young as 4…then sorry to say, the youngest generation may be lost to an ideology of loving, obeying and defending the state. The next time your kid hears you say “boys will be boys” like a scene out of 1984, you may be called a thought criminal.


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4 thoughts on “4 Year Old “Sexists” To Be Targeted By Vic Government!

  1. Im not an expert on all this, but from what I can gather, they are trying to eradicate male violence against wimen, by targeting males when they are young boys, and retraining their brains to make them soft pliable little pansies so that they grow up harmless & compliant to the wishes of others???
    Is that the general gist of it all ???
    I hate blokes who use violence against wimen. Apart from being so cowardly & wrong, and the damage it causes to others, it also, in the end, makes life worse for men in general. All men seem to get suspected or blamed for the wrongs of a relative few. Laws get changed & become harsher, for all men.
    The result is that the rights & importance of men in relationships, are gradually eroded, whilst the rights & importance of wimen, in relationships, becomes the only thing that matters.
    I believe it all started with the rise of feminism, which has always sought to increase the rights & importance of wimen, in any situation, whilst degrading the rights & importance of men.
    The result of this, has been to make many wimen more bold, more confident, to have higher expectations & demands in relationships, with the sure knowledge that the law will always be on her side, if things go wrong, or if she just wants to get her way. Most men know that most wimen have no qualms about using this extra legal power, if needed, to win arguments, or settle disputes.
    For guys in relationships, this can easily increase their feelings of insecurity & powerlessness.
    My solution is to stay away from any woman who shows feminist tendencies. Don’t get involved.
    But for younger emotional guys, its not hard to imagine a situation, in a relationship with a feminist type woman, turning violent, knowing as I do, how provocative feminists can be at times, whether they realise it or not.
    I know I can’t blame the woman for a mans violent behaviour, but I do partly blame feminism for the rise of male violence against wimen, and that “feminizing” young boys is not the answer.
    Young children are not animals to be trained to suit other peoples preferences & purposes.

  2. This article makes me CRY, for our little ones & our youth. What a SICK society we have allowed to sprout & grow in this wonderful country, sick, immoral & perverted. let’s keep the FIGHT going, if not for ourselves, at least FOR OUR CHILDREN. VOTE NO, a HUNDRED TIMES OVER.

  3. Cultural Marxism marching in Victoria. Guns not allowed – plenty of hormones for little boys to “become” little girls. Watch Australia crumble as everything is Opened to the winds. Thanks Bill, Dan and George Soros.

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