Facebook Jails Aussie Student For WHAT!!

Facebook Jails Aussie Student For WHAT!!

Heard of “Facebook Jail” ? I know my readers/listeners have, if the jail was real half of my facebook friends would be ex – cons. Well, things took a turn for the worst the other day when a conservative Australian campaign was banned and the owner was sent straight to the naughty corner…


If you’ve seen this before, you’ve been targeted by FB’s thought police!



Maybe I would expect this sort of situation if I was in communist China, where internet censorship would see things like Winnie the pooh images taken down (actually happened). But to see an Australian man be BANNED FROM FACEBOOK because of an alternative opinion to same – sex marriage, that’s beyond ridiculous.


If your campaign supports same – sex marriage GREAT! Your posts will remain un – touched, facebook will let you be, the thought police will turn their eye as you live up to their “community standards”. 


An Australian man was banned from Facebook after publishing a post asking people to enrol to vote, so they can vote ‘no’ in the upcoming same-sex marriage postal vote. From a conservative stand point, this is not a one – sided issue, debate, discussion, and exchange of ideas should not be banned.


Don’t you dare disagree with your facebook overlord!!!


Want to see the post that was too stressful for trendies who viewed it, and thoughtpol who banned it?


‘Here is our chance. Make sure that you are enrolled as a voter by the 24th of August to participate in the upcoming postal plebiscite. Help your neighbours and friends to enrol also if they have not already,’ the post read.


How dare he express an opinion that differs from that of the left, the cultural elite! Quick before flash – backs of the QUT racial discrimination case comes back, where a student was dragged through federal court after a facebook post about a computer room.


What the hell is going on? Freedom of speech is a right the West has fought for over many years, protection of it deserves just the same effort! Today I interviewed Warren Wang a Chinese – born student who stood up to the communist party of China, the thing that woke him up to the injustices of the socialist regime, was on the 20th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square. Every social media site was down due to “maintenance”, when in actual fact it was the CPC stopping anti – government commentary online…the comparisons are hard to ignore!




‘They told me that I violated some community standards, but they never explicitly explained what it is,’ the accused student said.


Vote ‘yes’ campaigns have remained in tact, do I have to tell you that? Surely they’ve dominated your newsfeed for the last week. With people like Sam Dastyari yet again using identity politics in his predictably boring videos.


After backlash facebook have since re – instated the profile of the student, apologising for taking it down in the first place. Which proves one thing my friends, the power of the people when used can always expect justice.


Facebook’s position on the movement towards protection of freedoms has never been so obvious, they like the elite want you to act in accordance with their ‘Standards’ because if you don’t you’ll be punished. The backlash of silicon valley against conservatives is a very dangerous game, and if they’re not to careful it will do nothing but give birth to new social media sites like minds.com where freedoms are respected and debate is encouraged. If you too believe in the protection of our rights, the protection of debate, discussion, opinion and diversity of thought then don’t forget to subscribe for free by clicking here! 








3 thoughts on “Facebook Jails Aussie Student For WHAT!!

  1. I received a 30 day prison sentence yesterday, looks like Muslims are now a protected species on Farcebook, you can not say a bloody thing against them or the PC brigade.

  2. I posted this and I am serving a 30 day ban:

    A small percentage of the population has this problem, there are much bigger issues need attention other than same sex people wanting to call what they do a marriage. Gay people mock the mainstream and they think they are mainstream and try desperately to align themselves with mainstream people. They won’t, they can’t and they never will. Their life will never be normal thats why they can never call it a marriage. They can call it something but it will never be a marriage. They call it out as marriage equality, my marriage of many many years is equal and always has been, they can never understand that, but their rhetoric suggests it is unequal and that by some different role in nature they think their life will be more equal than mine. It never will. Gender is not fluid, the science is settled by chromosomes based on a scientific fact, transgender is a made up word to suit a trend and the word gay was stolen from Noddy books.. ………. “’Sex change is biologically impossible,” people who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Claiming that this is a civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.” So why is “Safe Schools” promoting puberty blocking drugs and taking away the rights of the children and parents in Australia? I say this is ‘child abuse of the most horrible kind’. Who else but a confused Cultural Marxist would want to de-gender children and break up families and abuse the most vulnerable in our society? Gay people and gay marriage make children second class citizens who must sacrifice their relationship with a mother or father in order to protect adult relationships. Dr B.

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