1984 Is Here In Australia…Govt Unit Un – Masked!

1984 Is Here In Australia…Govt Unit Un – Masked!

Did you know you’re to stupid to look after yourself? Of course you didn’t you’re stupid. Your decisions in life need a little ‘nudge’ in the right direction according to our government. We have a team here in Australia that draws on research into behavioural economics and psychology to influence choices in civilian decision-making. So what decisions have they had influence on in the past few years, well read on to find out.


“By focusing on the social, cognitive and emotional behaviour of individuals and institutions it suggests that subtle changes to the way decisions are framed and conveyed can have big impacts on behaviour.” – bi.dcp.nsw.gov.au


The Behavioural Insights Team grew out of the “nudge unit” in the UK, it currently advises Australia’s federal and state governments on experimental nudges that are already influencing Australians to;

  • Exercise More
  • Get Cancer Check – Ups
  • Attend Hospital Appointments


Sounds good right? Well I guess so, but do you feel comfortable knowing that there is a federally supported unit with the power to use methods that include testing to see how the nudges, or unconscious pokes and prods, “subtly influence people’s decisions, pushing you towards what it believes are your (or society’s) best interests”…or society’s how very socialist of you, oh it is in societies interest that those of a certain age pass away into the night, here’s an unconscious prod to hit up that euthanasia, Australia’s population is becoming too large…here’s an unconscious prod to turn you off having babies, same – sex marriage isn’t a popular decision…here’s an unconscious prod to change that. Of course these aren’t all true, but the way our society is going there may come a day where what you just read won’t seem ridiculous at all.


Remember the compulsory fitness scene in 1984…


This is where it gets really good…the BI (Behavioural Insights) team in Australia tried to tackle the classic left – wing rhetoric of gender diversity in the workplace….it backfired brilliantly. 


How did they do it? Blind Recruitments


Blind recruitment is the practice of only selecting from CV’s that have completely eliminated name, gender, ethnicity and background…The reason the ‘blind recruitment’ method is seen as a waste of time by those in the know, is because it does nothing more than attempt to shine a light on a non – existent problem.


Furthermore, the man in charge of the trials, Professor Michael Hiscox, said the aim was to reveal the fact that without gender on the CV’s females would experience a higher employment success rate…oh how he was wrong.


“We anticipated this would have a positive impact on diversity — making it more likely that female candidates and those from ethnic minorities are selected for the shortlist,” he said.


When actually assigning names to the CVs that revealed gender, the trial found assigning a male name to a candidate made them 3.2 per cent less likely to get a job interview. Adding a woman’s name to a CV made the candidate 2.9 per cent more likely to get a foot in the door. HA !


The Professor released a statement following the results, scared that an actual truth would be revealed about the sham that is inequality.


“We should hit pause and be very cautious about introducing this as a way of improving diversity, as it can have the opposite effect,” Professor Hiscox said.


The “nudge unit” public service leaders are scurrying to hit the pause button on the trials, because the revelations from it supported just the opposite of what it intended. “We found the opposite, that de-identifying candidates reduced the likelihood of women being selected for the shortlist.” The professor said.


name_blind_CVs (1).jpg


Let’s not put lipstick on the pig here, we have a government unit who’s sole responsibility is to influence us psychologically via unconscious prods into a direction that they deem good for society, sure it starts with agreeable influences like cancer check – ups, lowering domestic violence but gender diversity? In fact at one stage the unit was looking to implement a “sugar tax” justifying it through experiments in hospitals, where fizzy drinks were purposely set at higher prices…where does it stop? We live in a free society, freedom of thought, opinion, expression, lifestyle why in the world do our leaders believe this unit is in alignment with those values?

Let’s look at our neighbour China, where they have a social crediting system

“Beijing wants to give every citizen a score based on behavior such as spending habits, turnstile violations and filial piety, which can blacklist citizens from loans, jobs, air travel” – The Guardian


Is this something you’d like to see in your country? One thing to remember is that the standards of good behaviour are set by the state…this is nothing short of an authoritarian stance on society and personal freedoms…if it gets out of hand. I sat down with Warren Wang a Shanghai student who came to Australia after he noticed something very similar on the 20th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square…watch my interview with him below to find out what it was;



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  1. Great stuff.
    Every day, we are puzzled at the acceptance of socialism in Australia.
    And every day we search for more ways to make the public aware.
    Thank you.

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